This Young Mom’s Worst Nightmare Became a Reality. However, She Chose to Fight Back


Monster Nanny Caught

Is having a nanny for your child ever completely safe? How can you know if the person you are entrusting with your baby is a good person and professional? Whitney and Chris Matney took all the safety measures needed to make sure that their precious child would be in safe hands. Whitney published the position on Facebook and got in touch with Melissa Medema, her old high school schoolmate. It seemed like this was the dream candidate but would end up being a nightmare that would change the Matneys forever.


1. A Healthy Baby Girl!

In 2011, Whitney and Chris from Springdale, Arkansas got a brand new addition to the household; Whitney had Raylee, a healthy, lovable, and vibrant infant daughter. The brand-new mom and dad were thrilled to bring her home and begin a better and brand-new life, now as a family of three.

Monster Nanny Caught After everybody adapted to the brand-new reality, it was time for Whitney to resume her dream of going back to law school. It is hard for a working mom to leave her child for the very first time and delegate her in the hands of a care provider. In Whitney’s case, exactly what must have been a hard yet healthy shift ended up being a nightmare.

2. A Great Nanny Is Found.

Whitney approached her nanny-hunting as vigilantly as possible, taking all preventative measures under the sun to make sure Raylee got the care she genuinely should have. Believing that interesting pals initially would be the best choice, she published the position through Facebook

Monster Nanny Caught


Quickly she got a message from previous high school schoolmate, Melissa Medema, who told her that she’s extremely interested in the position and wishes to meet Whitney. Whitney was more than happy to offer her a chance, after all, Medema had an edge on the other prospects, is the two had gone to the very same high school.

3. What is Safe?

There isn’t a one hundred percent method to ensure that you’re employing a good nanny. Some individuals make great impressions, however, are poor at their tasks. Some may have perfect employment history and references. However, something may have happened to them that has made them unsuitable or even a danger.

Monster Nanny Caught


The child care expert Susan Tokayer told ABC news that you “really can’t do too much to confirm that you’re hiring the right person… You need to do a diligent background check and digital digging.”

4. Dangerous Nannies

There are many stories about nannies who have stolen, seduced, abused, and in some terrible cases, even killed. Every once in a while, a nightmare story surface on the news.

Monster Nanny Caught


No moms and dad actually believes that one day such a catastrophe may occur to his or her own household. The inhumanity of it appears so remote that you cannot envision any genuine live individual, in fact, doing such terrible things. How could Whitney guarantee she was employing the ideal individual?

5. The Meeting

Whitney seemed to do things exactly right. She got access to Melissa’s facebook and then she called her references. The references provided a very positive referral. She then set up a meeting with the baby as a sort of trial run.

Monster Nanny Caught


Whitney set the date, when the day came, she was delighted to see that her child and the future baby-sitter truly appeared to hit it off. At this moment, there was no need to believe anything may fail, and Melissa was employed.

6. Day One

After lots of months of staying at home and looking after a baby, any mom would be exceptionally delighted to return out into the world. For Whitney this special day had actually shown up, she was returning to pursue her plans of going back to finish her law degree.

Nanny Monster

Naturally, she experienced a great deal of stress and anxiety– she was leaving her baby girl for the very first time. However, she advised herself that it needed to occur at some point and besides, she had done all she could possibly do to make sure that the right nanny was hired. When Melissa reached the Matneys’ home, Whitney and Chris anxiously set out, trusting her with their precious Raylee.

7. Strange…

When they returned that day, it all looked like it had been a great day. All their stress and anxiety was for nothing; Melissa had actually done her task, the home was standing, and in good shape, Raylee appeared healthy, and the earth did not stop spinning. Monster Nanny Caught


Later on that night, Raylee acted strangely. When Whitney entered her room, she right away began shouting and weeping, as if the idea of somebody approaching horrified her.8. What Is It?

Whitney had no idea what to make of this at the time. It could be that Raylee hadn’t slept and was tired, or maybe she was getting ill. It was unsettling for sure; however it might be circumstantial, it does not have to have something to do with Melissa.

Monster Nanny Caught

Whitney could not combat the suspicion that Raylee’s shift in habits had something to do with the unexpected modification in her life. Her mom was away for numerous hours a day, and she needed to get used to a complete stranger’s existence. Little did Whitney understand the horrible truth.

9. More Warning Signs

The next thing to happen was the parents were told that Raylee was napping for four hours.This struck Whitney as extremely uncharacteristic because Raylee never ever took more than an hour-long nap.

Monster Nanny Caught


When it pertains to your kid, your very first born, you pay a great deal of focus on every little thing that your baby is doing. For Whitney, Raylee was the center of the world, and these little modifications in behavior appeared serious to her. She could not reconcile them and chose to look for aid.

10. Anxiety?

To be on the safe side, Whitney took Raylee to the physician, to make sure that she wasn’t missing anything and to be on the safe side.

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The physician analyzed Raylee and discovered absolutely nothing physically incorrect with her. There was no need to believe that the kid is getting ill or experiencing any sort of discomfort. After learning more about the situation, he thought that maybe little Raylee is simply going through separation anxiety.

11. Normal

Separation anxiety is a common occurrence that takes place when a young one displays severe stress and anxiety when parents leave even for short amounts of time. It typically starts at around 6 months and reaches a peak in between 10 to 18 months.

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This stress and anxiety typically manifest itself with the baby sticking on to the moms and dads, shouting and sobbing in a panicked way when they leave, along with having sleep problems. Was this the answer?

12. Suspicion Mounts

Sure, it was plausible that these little things pertained to the separation. When next Raylee started to reveal behavioral signs that might be indubitably traced back to Melissa, Whitney might no longer neglect the possibility that she may be to blame.

Monster Nanny Caught


Every time Melissa would show up to take care of Raylee, the latter would run to her moms and dads and conceal behind them. It’s either that Melissa’s arrival signified Raylee that the moms and dads were about to leave, or that Melissa simply frightened her.

13. What Was To Be Done?

Whitney wasn’t about to take any possibilities when it came to her kid. There were a lot of warnings, something was wrong– and one way or another, she will learn exactly what it was. Therefore, Whitney prepared a sting operation and set a baby-sitter camera in the living-room.

Monster NAnny caught


It appeared like simply another run of the mill radio clock, however, it had a camcorder inside and a little, practically undetectable lens on the side of the gadget. It was ready to catch anything untoward that this nanny may be doing?.

14. On Camera The First Day.

The very first day where Whitney utilized the electronic camera was the last day that Melissa would ever work for the Matneys. Exactly what it captured was absolutely dreadful, criminal, and downright violent. The anxious mom was shocked to the very core.

Monster NAnny Caught


The minute Whitney entered her home, she began shivering. The baby-sitter webcam had been completely turned around and was now pointing to the wall. Did Melissa know that she was being taped?

15. Worst Fears

Overtaken in with stress and anxiety of exactly what the gadget had caught, Whitney hurried to her computer system. In her wildest worries, she could not envisage what Raylee had been submitted to all this time.

Moster NAnny caught


The innocent, helpless baby was consistently abused by Melissa, who ended up being a monster. Melissa, the old schoolmate with the radiant referrals, had in just one day of being caught on tape, done horrible and abusive acts..

16. Extreme Disregard.

As it ended up, Melissa had actually dealt with Raylee as if she weren’t alive. The camcorder had actually caught Melissa leaving Raylee in her jumper for 2 hours straight.

Monster Nanny Caught


What effect this had to have had on Raylee. All her requirements neglected, thirsty, hungry, helplessly stuck in the exact same position for hours, while the Nanny set about her service, neglecting the young child in her care. That was the least of her sins.

17. Violent Spanking and Shaking.

In front of the webcam, Melissa was seen holding Raylee in her arms and strongly spanking her, so she will stop her yelling and weeping. Raylee kept wailing from the pain and panic.

Monster nanny Caught


Next, as a much more severe method to silence Raylee, Melissa was seen holding her at waist height and shaking her strongly from side to side and in circles, up until the lightheaded and stunned baby stopped weeping.

18. A Syndrome Called Shaken Baby

There is, in fact, a syndrome called Shaken Infant Syndrome which can have extremely severe effects. At that age such shocks might trigger inner damage in the brain that might not have apparent physical indications, however, can prompt long-term issues, and in many cases, even death.

Monster Nanny Caught


When an infant is shaken it might trigger tears in the brain, the nerves, or the blood vessels. Seeing how the baby-sitter dealt with Raylee, the horrified Whitney feared her child may suffer from this horrible syndrome.

19. Distraught Trip To Emergency

Whitney was terrified. She hurried to her child and took her immediately to the emergency clinic, fearing the worst. After little Raylee went through substantial assessments, the physicians broke the news.

Nanny monster Caught


There was no apparent damage to Raylee that was immediately detectable. Still, Whitney could not relax. How could a baby get over such horrible treatment?

20. Call To The Cops

Her child was safe, and she appeared alright in the meantime. However, Melissa was still at large. Whitney called the cops and told them what had actually taken place. She made plans with the officers to arrest Melissa if she came back for her next shift.

Monster Nanny Caught


In the recording Melissa is seen holding up the camera, looking directly into the lens, and turning it around towards the wall. Had she recognized she was being recorded and understood exactly what had been caught?

21. The Ambush

The next working day got here, and to everybody’s utter surprise– Melissa appeared. As if absolutely nothing had actually taken place, the brazen baby-sitter believed she might simply resume her task as if absolutely nothing had actually taken place. This time she would not even get to see her victim.

Monster Nanny Caught


As Melissa got out of the automobile, cops surrounded her and made the arrest. She was taken to the station immediately, however not prior to Whitney taking a picture of her arrest through the house window. Melissa would get exactly what’s coming to her.

22. Good News But Bad News

An officer who saw the video of the abuse had informed Whitney how fortunate she was to have actually captured it. He stated that if this had not happened as rapidly as it did, she might have returned home to an unalterable catastrophe.

Monster Nanny Caught

Whitney got some bad news. Yes, she had actually captured the abuse in time, and yes, Melissa remained in custody. To her discouragement, however, she discovered that Melissa might just be accused of a Class D felony.

23. First Offense

Given that it was Melissa’s very first offense and she had no police record, she might just get the lowest felony charge, that of “threatening the well-being of a small child.” This charge implied that Melissa would never actually spend any real jail time for her horrific acts.

Monster Nanny Caught


Melissa would just have to serve 3 months in prison and be have probation of no more than 3 years if discovered guilty. And the most troubling feature of these bitter news, was that in 3 years Melissa would have her record entirely expunged.

24. Shocking Research

Whitney was enraged. An outrageous prison sentence, a brief probation duration, and an expunged record; did all this mean that in 3 years’ time Melissa could be totally free to resume her work taking care of children? Certainly, there was a method to make sure she would never ever be a nanny after this.

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She started to look into the topic, and what she discovered entirely blew her away. There was no nationwide computer system registry for child abusers, implying that once the probation duration was over, there was no chance to ensure that other households will not employ her.

25. Telling Her Story

The worried mom felt that she had an obligation here. She needs to do anything in her power to ensure that it is extensively understood that Melissa is a kid abuser, ensuring she will never ever have the chance to abuse another kid again.

Monster Nanny Caught


The first thing to do was to ensure that the public knew the story. Using whatever medium she could possible use she had to let people know about Melissa. If she could get the media and individuals to broadcast the message widely and share what they knew then she could potentially stop further tragedies.

26. A Larger Issue

Was that actually adequate? Not everybody would get exposed to her story, no matter what sort of attention she would have the ability to get. And exactly what about the bigger issue at hand?

Monster Nanny Caught

If Melissa could return to being a Nanny after getting captured red-handed on cam, exactly what did that mean for other abusers? Who else is out there, able to commit horrific abuse as nannies without any protection?

27. Getting Things Changed

Whitney made a decision that a smarter option should be discovered, one that includes the whole problem, not simply her case particularly. She rolled up her sleeves and put her brand-new law degree to use.

Monster Nanny Caught


She campaigned, she collected support and set out to alter the situation in Arkansas, and after that, who is to say how much of the nation she might change. This needed a great deal of persistence and preparation.

28. Pressing For a New Law In Arkansas

Whitney told an ABC reporter that Arkansas would the first state to have a registry that will list anyone who has been convicted of a crime.

Monster Nanny Caught


This will be a huge triumph if the law is passed. This would not just ensure that Melissa, who inflicted tremendous injury to Whitney’s household, couldn’t ever be a nanny again, but also ensured that other monsters with convictions could not.

29. Enigma

What struck the Matneys had actually taken place lot of times previously, and a great deal of the times had ended in tragedy. Whitney’s fast action and resourcefulness had actually stopped an utter catastrophe from happening.

Monster Nanny


Melissa’s side of the story was never heard. She chose not to cooperate with the media or offer any explanations. Her character and intentions will stay mysterious to the general public, however, what we do know is– she will never ever again be a nanny.

30. And Raylee?

What about little Raylee? Well, Raylee has grown up healthy and wonderful. She appears to have entirely overcome the terrible abuse she had suffered at the hands of a monster.

Monster Nanny Caught


You might see Whitney’s face lighting up as she informs ABC News press reporter about her child: “She’s terrific. She is energetic, sassy, constantly smiling.” Despite the fact that issues may end up surfacing later in life, for now at least, it appears that Rylee is OK!