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Women Uses Coupons To Save On Black Friday And Says Everyone Needs To Take Advantage Of These Coupons

Amanda Creen is a normal stay at home mom who hated paying full price. In 2019, her husband Jeff was laid off after working there for nearly 20 years. The family was in shambles, often struggling to pay rent and having to borrow money from friends and family. Amanda knew she had to do something or her family would be out on the street with nowhere to go.

One day she decided to turn on the TV and the show Extreme Couponing on TLC came on. She saw how these regular people like me and you were savings so much money and essentially getting food and home goods for FREE. They were getting coupons from top brands like Walmart, Amazon, CVS, Costco, and most grocery stores.

However, one thing they didn’t reveal on the show was how to actually find these coupons, so she knew she had to find the answers or her family couldn’t survive.

She spent day and night scouring the internet and found a few sources that she thought would actually pan out, but most didn’t work for her. She was devastated, but knew she had to keep pushing on and find only the ones that actually worked. She eventually stumbled upon a few gems and instantly knew she had winners.

Before Amanda began couponing, she was spending $600 to $1000 a week on groceries for her and her family. Now, with these ‘secret’ coupons, she spends between $20 to $55 a week for her home. Amanda says she’s now on a mission to help spread the word about these sites she calls her “saving grace”.

“All I did was sign up for free and literally had access to hundreds of dollars in savings. It was so easy! ” Amanda said.

Amanda and her mom with their haul before checkout.