Woman is Shocked at What She Finds Inside a Suitcase

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We’re always told to never leave our bags unattended. One person did not follow this rule and left a suitcase by some train tracks. A woman saw it and decided to investigate.


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One day a woman from a small town in rural England took her dogs for a quick walk. It was routine, always going the same route. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Usual Route

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Part of their route was alongside some train tracks. She would never walk too close to them in case a train went by. Today was an exception.

Leading the Way

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The woman let her dogs lead the way. They pulled her in the direction of the train tracks.


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The woman saw something strange sitting between the train tracks. It was a suitcase. Nobody was around to claim it.

Going Wild

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The dogs were going crazy over the suitcase. The woman wondered what could possible be inside that would make her dogs act like that. Then she heard a noise coming from inside.


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Stepping closer to the mysterious suitcase, the woman heard what sounded like crying coming from inside of the suitcase.


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Just as anyone would be, the woman was nervous to see what was inside the suitcase. She knew she had to open it. There was something living inside of it!

Opening the Suitcase

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She built up her courage and slowly unzipped the suitcase. She couldn’t believe what was inside.


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To her surprise, she found eight little kittens all trapped in the suitcase. She couldn’t believe that someone would trap these kittens in a suitcase with no air and leave them on train tracks. It’s a good thing she worked as a veterinarian technician.

Bad Shape

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The woman could tell that these kittens weren’t in good shape. They were malnourished and extremely skinny. She could see their bones almost.

Calling for Help

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It was too risky to move the kittens on her own, so she decided to call a local animal shelter for help.


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As soon as the shelter’s employees arrived at the scene, they took the kittens to Cats Protection’s Hornchurch and District Branch.

Medical Exam

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As soon as they arrived at the shelter a vet examined them. “Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them,” the vet informed the woman.

Planned to be Found

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The shelter suspects that whoever put the kittens on the tracks wanted them to be found and helped by a stranger.


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“They seem to have intended the kittens to be found as the suitcase had been left near the home of the veterinary nurse, who is well known locally. But with kittens this young and vulnerable, the outcome could have been awful,” the shelter said.

Nursed Back to Health

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It would take some time for the kittens to recover. They would need to be hand-fed since they are so young.

Potential Homes

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The kittens were put up for adoption and some of them even have their homes waiting for them already. However, they need to stay at the shelter until they are older and healthy enough to go to their new homes.

A Shelter’s Pleas

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Shelters around the world are asking people to drop off their unwanted pets rather than leaving them alone in the wild. It isn’t fair to the animals. In a shelter, they will be taken care of.


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Nobody knows what would have happened to these kittens if the woman and her dogs didn’t find them in time. She truly is a hero.

Second Chance

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These kittens are pretty lucky. Now that they have recovered and gone off to new homes, they have a second chance at a wonderful life.