Trump Supporter Gets a Liberal Waitress, so He Leaves This On The Table

Two Polar Opposites

What does a 37-year-old Trump supporter from Texas have in common with a left-wing African-American waitress? Not much. However, this Trump supporter shocked everyone in the restaurant once he left the waitress with a note on the receipt that she’d never forget. What he left her is telling of what could still occur even in the middle of our politically-charged environment.

A Progressive Restaurant



The encounter takes place at Busboys and Poets, a restaurant located in Washington D.C. This eatery is a very liberal environment that promotes community and the expressions of the arts such as poetry, diverse culture and political conversation. People from all walks of life are made to feel welcome and thirty year old Rosalynd Harris happened to be waitressing that day.

Surrounded By Art


During her shift, three men walked into the eccentric restaurant sporting red “Make America Great Again” hats on their heads. Needless to say, this was a tell all signs they were Republican voters. The three men were to be served by Harris and the walls by which they were sat were decorated with paintings of famous African-American icons. Colorful paintings of Obama, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman hung over their Republican heads.

Traveling For Trump


The three men, including thirty-seven-year-old Jason White, had travelled to Washington D.C. in honor of Donald Trump’s January 21st inauguration. During their trip, they tried to stop and see all the touristic landmarks in Washington such as the Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Two days before the Woman’s March had also occurred in Washington.

Served Them Without Judgment


Surely, the Trump supporters may have seemed out of place in the left-wing restaurant. However, despite very conflicting differences, Harris served the three men as she would have anybody else even commenting on the fact that she could tell they were Trump fans by their hats and the looming inauguration.

Women’s March


It turns out that Harris had attended the Women’s March days before in protest of many of Trump’s controversial and offensive remarks he had made towards women and their rights.

A Country In Political Turmoil


One thing that this past election brought about is a level of tension and conflict between opposing ends of the political spectrum never seen. The whole time there were angry, violent protests from both Democrats and Republicans stating their claims. It appeared as if America was split into two sides. Two sides that quite frankly would never be able to see eye to eye. However, what happened in this restaurant proved that maybe all hope wasn’t lost after all…

Different Beliefs


Based off their attire, Harris could tell that these men supported Trump and would probably completely disagree with her own political beliefs. Nevertheless, despite being from two very different backgrounds with opposing beliefs, she still treated these men with respect and served them with a smile; completely disregarding their differences.

The Usual Tip


After a great meal, the men’s bill came out to around $73 and it was now time to tip Harris. A regular tip for any waitress or waiter is 20%. Some get lucky and get about 25% and the not so lucky, get cheated with a 10% bill. Harris was realistic in her expectations and expected the men to tip her about $14 for their meal.

What She Got Instead


Because of Harris’s ability to put their differences aside and provide impeccable service to the three men with clashing political views. White who paid for the bill for he and his friends left Harris with a whopping $450 tip because of her kindness. Harris was shocked by the gesture as she really did not think she did anything special; she treated them as she would anybody else. The note on the receipt said, “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless!” White said that it was Harris’s kindness that inspired him to make this kind gesture and little did he know how badly Harris was in need of this kind of money…

He Didn’t Know How Much He Was Helping Her


Harris had been picking up extra shifts at the restaurant in order to hopefully be able to move into a new apartment and Whites gesture really helped her out. White truly appreciated the level of respect Harris had towards them knowing that she probably did not agree with everything they believed in. Speaking to The Washington Post White said,“We have to think about being better Americans, we have to look into ourselves and how we treat one another. If everyone did a little something to show respect… we can love one another,”

A Financial Weight Is Lifted


White also had no idea that waitressing was Harris’s second job that she got in order to afford all the expenses in her life. She’s actually a professional dancer however that wasn’t enough to pay for the moving costs and her new rent. White’s gesture had lifted a huge weight off her shoulders.

We Are All One


This random act of kindness definitely reminded Harris not to judge a book by its cover. She easily could have judged these men solely because of who they voted for and treated them badly, served them with an attitude because their political views were different than hers. However, she did not and it showed that Republican or Democrat we are all good people.

A Quiet And Humble Act


In an interview with Fox News she said, “The simple fact that he didn’t want to create a scene but just wanted to let me know that this was a great experience and this is what he hopes for people in general – it was very touching. It’s really amazing and makes me want to go about my interactions with that kind of energy more often.”

The Big Picture


This encounter reminds us all of something we often forget when it comes to politics: at the end of the day Americans are all Americans. It doesn’t matter who you support, your race, religion or gender. We are all members of this great country despite our differences and we must respect each other in light of these differences.

It’s Never Too Late To Make A Change


White goes on to say there is definitely a major problem with accepting others and their opinions in America today. Far too many people rely on their preconceived notions of someone without even bothering to get to know them and this causes a lot of conflict between Americans. Love is the way; however, some people still indulge in hate.

Boston Free Speech Rally


A violent protest in Boston this past year proved that differences of opinion, racism and hate are still a big problem in America. However, what happened at this Trump rally in August proved there’s still hope out there.

A Recent Example Of Love


A liberal at this Trump rally helped Trump supporters navigate their way through the crowd avoiding all harm. She didn’t have to do this at all however she made sure everyone made their way unscathed.

One Woman’s Decision To Show Compassion


Her name is Imani William, a twenty-seven-year-old from Connecticut. When asked about why she did what she did, this is what she had to say: “You know, I don’t believe in this right-wing narrative of the alt-left and how we are crazed and looking to get violent. What better way to show them they are wrong?”

Fighting The Hate With Love


This rally had happened because of the racially charged events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia and Imani saw this moment as the perfect way to raise awareness to the fact that we do not need this level of animosity between Americans.

Setting A Good Example For Others


That being said Williams acknowledges, had she been dealing with white Trump supporters as an African-American female she would not have received the same treatment. They for sure would have treated her horribly however she says that we should aim to be the bigger person and not treat them how they treat us no matter how badly we want to. As Gandhi once said, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”