A Tough Kitten To Adopt Becomes Perfect

This little kitten was brought to the vet’s office with a strange condition that would have confused most. He was lucky though that the vet knew how to help him, heal him, and get him to a forever home.

20. Getting Him Help


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Roger is this sweet kitten that needed help getting a real chance at survival. This adorable face needed help by someone committed to getting him through his problems.

19. Animal Services


Dr. Arnold was working as a vet at Kern Country Animal Services when a tiny and sick Roger was brought in for help. When Dr. Arnold noticed the swollen head and infection in his eye, he new how he needed to start the treatment.

18. Head Larger Than Normal


It was apparent quickly that Roger suffered from hydrocephalus, which is water in his brain, and would need medical attention before the condition become fatal.

17. Understanding The Problem


This water on the brain causes extra pressure against the skull. The pressure would need to be relieved as soon as possible to not cause bigger problems.

16. Problems


These problems kept Roger from being a kitten that people wanted to adopt. Because of his large head and potential medical needs, he wasn’t a cat that people were choosing to take home. Luckily, Dr. Arnold could help.

15. Medications


There many ways to treat Roger’s condition and one of those is by giving him specific medications.

14. Surgery


Finding out what caused the swelling was important before they could move on with more treatment. If it was a tumor that caused the swelling and fluid, then medication wouldn’t work and Roger would require surgery.

13. Getting Better


While they tried to figure the hydrocephalus out, it was important to note that Roger appeared to be healthy and strong. Most kittens that are born with this condition do lead normal and happy lives.

12. Strong Personality


Roger impressed every one quickly with his strong personality and fierce playfulness. Roger’s condition wasn’t hindering his daily life at all.

11. Treatment


Roger is doing even better now that he as treated by Dr. Arnold. Now, this kitten won’t stop purring and loving those around that helped him.

10. Finding Him A Home


Roger needed to move to a foster home first to relax while his forever home was being found. His foster family fell in love with him too and everyone wanted to be around him. His snuggles made him instantly a hit.

9. A Tough Kitty


Roger continues to grow and get stronger. He is playful and happy in his currently surroundings. His condition is improving. There are other kittens like Roger, born with this odd condition.

8. Kevin


Tailah worked as a vet nurse when she discovered Kevin in a parking lot. Because of his head being so oddly shaped, she brought him to the office to get him seen quickly and to get help.

7. Very Sick


Kevin’s initial diagnosis was much worse than Roger’s, even though they had the same condition. Tailah was told that Kevin wouldn’t make it five more months, but that didn’t mean that Tailah had to give up.

6. A Miracle


Tailah took care of Kevin and knew that he was a special cat. Even though he was almost completely blind and deaf, they figured out how to make things work.

5. Hope


Tailah had fallen in love with Kevin as soon as she saw him and knew that she had to do everything that should could to help him. With her care, Kevin ended up being a lot stronger than people initially thought.

4. Strong


Tailah believed in Kevin while everyone else watched in amazement. Kevin kept fighting to stay alive and get stronger and it was working. When he reached his 6-month-old day, they were all thrilled and surprised.

3. Tiny


Tailah continues to spoil her cat Kevin and he is a happy kitten with her. He is a tiny kitty that fits wherever she wants to take him.

2. Happy Cat


He is a silly cat that loves to play and has his own sense of humor. Tailah is happy that she found him in the parking lot that day and feels that special cats just need that little extra amount of love.

1. Five Years Later


Now, Tailah is able to hold Kevin five years later while they are both still thrilled to be together. Kevin surpassed all survival odds and Tailah learned that her instincts and caring saved a cat’s life. They are inseparable now.