These Church Signs Will Have You Cracking Up Laughing


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People have this idea that the church is strict and has no sense of humor at all. These church signs prove them all wrong! More and more funny church signs are popping up for passersby to admire and laugh at. There really should be an award for this type of thing! Check out some of the funniest church signs around and try to contain your laughter.

Titanic vs. Ark

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Architects and engineers were the butt of this insult. All you can do is shrug your shoulders because, well, it’s true. The Titanic was supposed to be the unsinkable ship, but sunk during its first voyage. Meanwhile, Noah’s Ark, which was made out of wood, saved him and his entire family along with thousands of animal species as the world flooded for 40 days. Whose boat would you rather be on?

Fiery Pits of Hell

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When people imagine Hell, they imagine wild flames and an excruciating heat. Sadly, stop, drop, and roll won’t help the people who end up here after death, unless they start going to church and living by God’s laws at least. This church scares people into coming in and joining them during their service so they won’t end up in Hell.

Dog Guilt

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Dogs think of you as their loving and guiding light. You are perfect in their eyes! Only you know that you are far from perfect and maybe even a bad person. So, instead of being an imposter, go to church and live up to how your dog sees you!

Taking a Stab at Santa

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Christmas is a difficult time for the church to make people realize what the holiday is actually about. It’s been so commercialized with different characters and traditions, some may forget that it’s Jesus’ birthday! So, rather than playing along with Santa and his elves, this church decided to take a stab at him. No, Santa isn’t Jesus and die for our sins, but he does bring us presents once a year!

A Message from Satan

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This is more of an endorsement to go to this church than an insult. If Satan hates it, then it must be a good one! It’s hard to tell if the church decided to put this on their sign or if it’s a prank done by a bunch of kids. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious.

The Scandalous Sign

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Children can read, you know! We all know the struggle of getting up in the morning to go to mass, but we get the feeling this sign is insinuating something else, something a little scandalous. This is definitely a daring sign to put outside of a church. Did they take it too far?

Spiritual Fruit

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People can get carried away by religion sometimes and could be referred to as “religious nuts” or “holy rollers.” It’s great and all when you feel the power of God and want to be a great Christian, but sometimes it’s taken too far. This church encourages people to go to mass and learn to be a spiritual fruit instead.

Who Did This?

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This sign is pretty funny to married couples. The ultimate choice someone makes in their life is whom they will marry. That being said, husbands don’t criticize your wives!

Word Play

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This church got creative and clever with their sign. They must have an English major working with them to create these signs. This is just another example of how churches are going the extra mile to get people to attend mass. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely stop in just because of this sign.

Rhymes All Day

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Playing off of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song, this church tries to get down with its followers. It’s pretty clever! When life gets a little crazy, just follow Jesus and he will show you the way. It’s as simple as that!

Satan vs. Voldemort

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This speaks millions to the Harry Potter fans out there. Voldemort is the most evil person in the Potter world, so if he is being compared to a kitten, then Satan must be a pretty evil person! All Potter-lovers should be running into this church fast.

Keeping Warm

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Oh the trickery here! People are expecting a good funny church sign, but all they get is this. It’s a great way to lure people into the church, though. Props to them for the cleverness.

Real Threats

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One of the Ten Commandments is not to use the Lord’s name in vain. So why do we do it so often? How many times a day do you say or hear “Oh my God” or “Oh God?” Probably too many for the church’s liking. That being said, this church takes a threat straight from God that would make anyone unhappy. Better start watching your language!

Forbidden Jam

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Don’t give into temptation. This clever pun refers back to Adam and Eve’s consuming of the forbidden fruit, an apple. Take some advice. Don’t’ eat forbidden fruit (give into temptation) because you’ll just get many jams (too many bad situations.)

Jurassic Park

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Who wouldn’t want a pet dinosaur? This sign plays off of one of the most important lessons we can learn. History repeats itself. That means we have to learn from past mistakes to avoid situations and make progress in our world.

What Happens in Vegas

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless God is watching you, then he knows exactly what happened in Vegas. If you’re Vegas weekend got a little too out of hand, God is here to forgive you for any sins you may have committed in Sin City. You just have to go to church!

Where Are You Sunshine?

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This church’s town must have been experiencing a few days of rain. Just look at those dark clouds in the picture. After a few rainy days, people get anxious and just want to feel the warm sun on their faces. So, whoever has been praying for rain can stop according to this church sign.

More Than Just Saving

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Americans love going to Walmart because they have fantastic prices and you can end up saving a ton of money. You can get almost anything there! Except spiritual advice. You’ll have to go to a church to get some spiritual guidance and learn how to live the Lord’s way.

Mosquitos Not Welcomed

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This sign plays a joke on Noah’s Ark. During the 40-day flood, Noah had to bring two of each animal on board his Ark so they can repopulate the Earth. It’s too bad that he decided to bring on those two mosquitos. Nobody likes an itchy mosquito bite. Next time, let’s leave them off the boat.

Details Inside

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First, it was too cold to change the sign. Now it’s too hot to change the sign. Either way, if people are looking for more details, they should stop inside the church and discover them. The gist of it all is “sin bad Jesus good.” Straight and to the point!

WiFi Connection

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Who needs WiFi when you can have a direct connection to God through prayer? No wires, cables, or bills required! This church knows how attached people are to their computers, social media, and cell phones, so they make it clear that the best connection in the world is through prayer. Avid texters and Tweeters will understand just how important a good connection is.

Unsharpened Pencils

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What’s the point of having an unsharpened pencil when you need to write something? What’s the point of living life without God? There’s no point to either of them! This church’s sign is both punny and true. Make your life meaningful by going to church and living God’s word.

Personalization is Everything

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Everyone loved that Coca-Cola personalized their sodas with their names on them. Everyone went out to look for their name and it became a whole sensation. This church is asking if people can find their names in the Book of Life, otherwise known as the Bible. I guess they’ll just have to read through it and see.

Sundae or Sunday?

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Everyone loves a good pun. This church recognizes that they aren’t the beloved Dairy Queen ice cream parlor, but they do have pretty hoppin’ Sundays! Everyone gets together to sing and socialize. Sometimes, there may even be donuts afterwards. If a donut isn’t filling enough, you can always stop by DQ for one of their sundaes.

Special Kind of Lifeguard

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This sign is perfect for a hot summer. People just want to lay out by the pool and relax, but you need a lifeguard to keep everyone safe. It’s a good thing Jesus can walk on water! He would make the best lifeguard in the whole town. What’s even better is that Jesus can save you from more than just drowning.

Trick or Treat

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When Halloween approaches, kids can get carried away with their costumes. You see lots of witches, vampires, and even devils walking around the neighborhood looking for candy. This church sign reminds people to keep in God’s good graces and remember that Heaven isn’t a trick, and Hell definitely is no treat.

Kneeling is Healthy

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This clever church sign says a lot in just a few words. They are saying that when life gets tough and you don’t know what to do, sometimes the best thing is to kneel down and pray to God. He works in wondrous ways and may even help you in a tough situation. Next time life is too hard to stand, try kneeling.

Honesty is the Best Policy

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This church doesn’t sugarcoat things. They decide to be honest. It compares their church and parish to fudge. It’s mostly sweet, but sometimes there are a few nuts mixed in. It’s all okay though! They make it more interesting.

Extended Hours

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Too many people only go to church on Christmas and Easter, which are the most important holidays in the Christian religion. This church just wants to make a public service announcement that they are open every Sunday between those two holidays, so stop on in and say “hello.”

Custody Battle

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Nowadays, almost half of married couples file for divorce. It can get super messy, especially if kids are involved. So, this church plays off of the custody battles parents go through to get their children during a divorce. They say, “God wants full custody, not just weekend visits.” We aren’t sure if they are saying that people should go to church every single day or just keep God in mind and live his teachings every day. Either way, this will definitely make someone stop inside.

It’s All in the Numbers

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The phrases “highway to hell” and “stairway to heaven” are pretty common thanks to some popular songs. Typically, highways are made because there are a lot of people traveling in the same direction. They make it easier and allow traffic to move quicker. The church is insinuating that there are more people going to hell than to heaven. Just imagine following millions of people up a staircase, it would take forever! Which way would you rather take?

One Way Ticket to Jesus

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Texting and driving is no joke. Not only do you put yourself in danger, but other people on the road too. This church wants you to realize just how dangerous texting and driving is by letting you know that if you do it, you will probably meet Jesus soon after. So, do yourself and everyone on the road a favor and don’t text and drive.

Termites on the Ark

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You probably never thought about termites being on Noah’s Ark during the flood. In a boat made of wood, you would think they would be in wood heaven and eat right through it! Noah was definitely a brave man for bringing them aboard. Too bad they stuck around. I’m sure there are plenty of homeowners who wish they had been left off the Ark.

A Sign from God

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Many people ask God for signs when they need to feel comforted or need to make a decision. Well, this church helps him out by putting out a sign of their own. So, if you’ve been looking for a sign from God, here it is! Go to church.

Hide and Seek

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Every Christian knows that there will be a second coming of Jesus. We just don’t know when or exactly how it will happen. So, the church wants people to be ready at all times for the coming of Jesus. That means living his teachings and going to church. Because if you are ready or not, he’s coming either way.

The Heat of Hell

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It can get pretty hot during the summer. According to this funny church sign, that is nothing compared to the temperature down in Hell. So why not save yourself from the fiery pits and start going to church? Work hard so that after death you are accepted into the gates of heaven where there is a nice cool breeze and perfect weather all the time.

Don’t Wait

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Nobody wants to show up to church dead, right? So why not go to church before your funeral? The best time to go is when you’re breathing! It’s incredible the amount of people who never step foot in a church during their lifetime, but once they die, they have their funeral in a church. Ironic, isn’t it?

Parishioners Only

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This church doesn’t mess around! If you aren’t attending their mass and parking in their lot, then prepare to be baptized. It isn’t the worst punishment for trespassing. At least you’ll be forgiven for your original sins. Who knows, this may be your ticket to living a meaningful and holy life.

No Messing Around

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This church didn’t want to get creative with their sign. Rather, they wanted to get their message across plain and simple. “Just come to church.” It’s that easy! Just walk in during service, sit down, and listen to the sermon. I wonder just how effective this sign was.

Snow, Snow, Go Away

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Some winters are much worse than others. In this town’s case, they were pummeled with a ton of snow! So, the church takes it upon themselves to ask whoever is praying for the snow to stop immediately. They’re done!

Big Brother

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A lot of people want their privacy. Unfortunately, privacy doesn’t exist in the eyes of God. He is always watching, no matter where you are or what time it is. God sees everything. This church offers a gentle reminder that everything you do is seen by God, so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want him to see.

Hellish Summer

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This sign will make you laugh so hard you’ll start to sweat. It was so hot during the summer that this church decided to put “Satan called he wants his weather back” on their sign, directly under a thermometer. You can’t get any cleverer than that!

Rush Hour

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We all know the story of Moses parting the Red Sea so the Jews could escape Egypt. So, where is he during rush hour traffic on highway 6? He could definitely be helpful when you’re running late to your first meeting of the day.

Sometimes Life Stinks

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There are times when life isn’t holding up to your expectations. Things can go wrong or opposite of how you expected. In other words, life can stink. It’s a good thing churches are full of pews! When you’re feeling overwhelmed or helpless, stop by the church to get some comfort.

Go Packers!

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It’s understood that God doesn’t pick favorites. He loves everyone the same. That is one thing that separates humans from God. As you can see on the sign, the human who put it together just had to give a shout out to his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. We still have a long way to go.

Make Your Dog Proud

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This church sign also wants you to live up to the expectations that your dog has of you. Be a good and happy person. Help out others. And go to church. It isn’t that hard! Don’t disappoint your little pooch at home.

They Noah Guy

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Oh the pun on this sign is incredible! It deserves an applause, really. Apparently this town has been experiencing some pretty heavy rains and are starting to think they need an Ark. It’s a good thing they know a guy to help them out!

The Golden Rule

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With social media and plenty of animosity online, people can be pretty harsh towards others. In fact, there are plenty of cases each year about cyber bullying. God’s golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” relates nicely to the social media world. This church just wants to put out a gentle reminder to be nice to others.

No Judgment Here

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Depending on your church, there may be a stigma against homosexuals. There are some churches who believe that it is not their job to judge people and how they live. Love is love. Just look at Jesus! He turned just fine having two fathers.

A Clean Ride

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Just how God is always watching, Jesus is always watching too. You want to live the best life you can and show them that you are a good person. So, “Don’t let Jesus catch you riding dirty.” You’ll definitely have some explaining to do once you meet him.

Born Again

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There is always a chance to start over with the church. Born-again Christians are able to start with a fresh slate and make their life the way they want it to be. That probably means going to church regularly and living the true word of Jesus. You can always have a second chance in the church!

Classic Knock-Knock Joke

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How do you know Jesus if you haven’t been to church in a while? The answer is, you don’t! So, why not stop in and get to know him a little? This knock-knock joke is a hilarious way to get more people coming to church.

The Best Vitamin

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This just might be the cleverest sign a church can put out on their lawn. They must have had a lot of new visitors, because this sign is pure genius! The best vitamin for a Christian? Be one! We love it!


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Church Signs:dribble-ball.jpg

Is life worth living if God isn’t in it? This church definitely doesn’t think so. They compare it to “trying to dribble a football.” It’s useless and doesn’t work out very well. Which is why you should live with God in your life and start going to church.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

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This church just wants to keep up with the times! This church invites you to drop your sins at the altar and start fresh. That’s the beauty of God. He will forgive you for your mistakes and sins if you show that you are truly sorry.

The 2016 Election

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Almost everyone has cringing memories and anxiety from the 2016 election, no matter whom you wanted to win. This church prayed for Jesus to come before the election so we could forget about it for a while and focus on something good and miraculous. Too bad that didn’t happen. One can only pray.

Try GPS if You’re Lost

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Do you feel lost? Try out this church’s new GPS! No, it isn’t Google Maps or a TomTom, it’s God’s Plan of Salvation. If this sign didn’t make you curious as to what exactly this plan is, you probably don’t need it.


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Church Signs:someday.jpg

Too many times we put things off for tomorrow or say we’ll get to it someday. This church likes to point out that “someday” isn’t an official day of the week. So, why not start now? Rather than saying you’ll go to church someday, go today! They’re always open and welcoming new people.

Exercise Daily

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It’s important to stay active and exercise regularly. It’s a good thing Christians have to run from the Devil and walk with God daily! We’re sure it keeps the pounds off. Not only are they in shape, but we’re sure their consciences are clean as well.