The 33 Brightest U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score



Gerald Ford- IQ 127

Before becoming president, Gerard Ford was reading books and playing football. He attended South High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he was a member of the honor society and went on to become an All-state football player.

Herbert Hoover – IQ 129.77

Despite his IQ of 129.77, the 31st President of the United States had some trouble bringing to life many ambitious programs during his presidency. He had a rough time during his term which perhaps could be related to the Great Depression.

Ronald Reagan – IQ 130

This Hollywood actor turned POTUS is a Republican favorite. Donald Reagan served in office from 1981 to 1989, before that he was a highly intelligent actor in the silver screen.

George H.W. BUSH – IQ 130.1

Even though his popularity was badly injured by the economic recession at that time, George Bush Senior managed to launch successful military operations when he was president; such as against Iraq and Panama.

William McKinley – IQ 130.2

Unfortunately assassinated only six months into his second presidential term, William McKinley was the holder of a law degree from Albany Law School. Interestingly enough, he had actually dropped out of Allegheny College before, but later on continued his education and earned his degree.

James K. Polk – IQ 130.2

James K. Polk had many successes during his term as POTUS. He managed to overhaul the country’s finance system, presided over the Mexican War and was able to expand the size of the country. For these reasons, some call him the “least known consequential president”.

Grover Cleveland – IQ 130.9

Grover Cleveland couldn’t afford a college education, however he went on to become a president with outstanding honesty and work ethic. His lack of college education didn’t stop him from having the successful life he deserved.

Richard Nixon – IQ 131

Richard Nixon holds a law degree from Duke University which he eventually used in court when he was impeached for obstruction of justice. Best known for his Watergate Scandal involvement, having an IQ of 131 didn’t stop Richard Nixon from defending himself in front of the House of Representatives.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – IQ 131.9

Before he became president, Dwight Eisenhower was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II. He then went on to become president and desegregate public schools and protect African-Americans’ right to vote during the Civil Rights Movement.

Benjamin Harrison – IQ 132.2

President Harrison is a proud graduate of the Miami University, he had a successful career as an attorney before becoming a president and even after his presidency. He also represented the Republic of Venezuela against the United Kingdom.

George Washington – IQ 132.5

Even though George Washington had only elementary school education, he rose to the highest office in the world and became the first President of the United States.

Martin Van Buren – IQ 133.4

Not attending college didn’t stop President Martin Van Buren. He began studying the law when he was only fourteen years old and was admitted to the bar seven years later.

Rutherford B. Hayes – IQ 133.9

Even though President Rutherford B. Hayes struggled to reconcile the country after the Civil War, he was an intelligent student who graduated from Kenyon College.

William Henry Harrison – IQ 133.9

William Henry Harrison had an amazing military career for which he gained a lot of fame. He actually dropped out of Hampden-Sydney College and sadly died of pneumonia only a month into his presidential term.

Franklin Pierce – IQ 134.8

Franklin Pierce was another bright US President. However, in spite of his high IQ and Bowdoin College education, he couldn’t deal with slavery. This issue escalated to the outbreak of the Civial War.

Millard Fillmore – IQ 136

Even though President Millard Fillmore never attended college, he was bright and had a high IQ. He even helped found the Buffalo University.

John Tyler – IQ 136.2

Even though his presidential term was pretty unimpressive, John Tyler was bright and graduated from the College of William & Mary. He even had a rather successful political career before he was elected President.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – IQ 139.6

Frankiln D. Roosevelt is one of America’s most important presidents. The man who served 12 years as POTUS is a graduate of Harvard with a degree in history.

Abraham Lincoln – IQ 140

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous US presidents. The man who helped free the slaves never attended college and never received Ivy League education. However, he continually expressed the need to learn in his life.

James Madison – IQ 141.3

James Madison was a brilliant president. He graduated from Princeton University and is even known as the “Father of the Constitution”.

Chester Arthur – IQ 141.5

Even though he’s considered as an inconsequential leader, Chester Arthur graduated from Union College and he was actually one of America’s most intelligent presidents.

James Garfield – IQ 141.5

President James Garfield graduated second in his class, at Williams College. He was so intelligent that he’s thought to have been able to write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other.

Theodore Roosevelt – IQ 142.3

Theodore Roosevelt graduated from Harvard University. Not only is he an American president, but he’s also a prolific author who has published 35 books.

John Adams – IQ 142.5

The second POTUS was also the vice president of George Washington. John Adams received a degree from Harvard and used his amazing negotiating skills to avoid a war with the republic of France.

Barack Obama – IQ 145

The first ever African-American president was a very bright student. He graduated from Harvard Law School in the top 15 percent after receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Columbia.

Jimmy Carter – IQ 145.1

President Carter started his education and Georgia Tech and finished his schooling at the Naval Academy. In 2002, he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to civil rights reform and human rights.

Woodrow Wilson – IQ 145.1

Before serving as President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson earned a PhD in political science and was chosen to be the president of the prestigious Princeton University.

Bill Clinton – IQ 148.8

Mostly famous for his Lewinsky scandal, the 42nd president of the United States served as an Arkansas governor before finding his way to the white house. President Bill Clinton is one of the smartest presidents with an IQ of 148.8.

John F. Kennedy – IQ 150.7

One of the youngest people to become POTUS, John F. Kennedy was also one of the brightest. He was unfortunately assassinated, America would’ve probably been different had that never happened.

Thomas Jefferson – IQ 153.8

Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, this proves he was extremely intelligent. He was a great leader and he helped improve the country’s early days.

John Quincy Adams – IQ 168.8

Even though Adams only served one presidential term, he also served for the House of Representatives for eighteen years, all the way until his passing.

Donald Trump – IQ 156

When he was young, Trump (center) attended the New York Military Academy. After that, he entered Fordham University and then transferred to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where he pursued real estate studies.

That concludes our list. Were you surprised by the results? Yep, we were too.

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When we elect a President, we expect them to be reasonably smart. They are President of the most powerful country on earth, of course. However, do you actually know how smart they actually are? You’re in luck because every US President that’s entered office has taken an IQ test. Here’s our list of the 33 brightest Presidents ranked by IQ


Georges W. Bush- IQ 124

Even though he was often made fun of when he was president, George W. Bush is not as unintelligent as many Americans seem to think he is. His sense of humor and frequent slip ups earned him a goofball reputation, but in reality, he has an IQ of 124 which is well above the standard for college graduates.