Rescuer Finds a New Friend When She Rescues a Baby Deer

20. Near Yellowstone

Image: Bop the Blog

Darius Sasnauskas, from Lithuania, was just hanging out in his backyard located near Yellowstone National Park when he saw something he absolutely couldn’t believe.

19. Deer in Labor

Image: YouTube/honeysada

As he sat there watching, a deer was about to give birth. He realized this pregnant deer was about to deliver while he watched from his yard.

18. Recording

Image: YouTube/honeysada

He grabbed his camera so that he could record this miracle. As he was filming, he quickly noticed the trouble and that this newborn fawn was hurt.

17. Couldn’t Keep Up

Image: YouTube/honeysada

One of the fawn that had been delivered couldn’t keep up. This baby that had just been born had an injured leg and was falling behind while the mother was moving.

16. Injured

Since the fawn couldn’t keep up with the mother, the mother ended up leaving it behind. Darius knew that he needed to do something to help the injured animal, but he didn’t know what.

15. Rescue

He quickly grabbed the fawn and brought it in to his home. He knew with all of the potential predators that live in and near the area that the animal had little chance of survival without his help.

14. Getting Comfortable

The fawn got along with the other pets that Darius had and even slept on a t-shirt that he kept near his bed. The baby deer seemed to be right and home eating and living among everything going on in the home.

13. Helping The Leg

Darius used an oatmeal box to make a splint for her leg. This would help the injured leg heal and keep the fawn from moving it.

12. Feeding The Fawn

He had to research how to do it, but Darius fed the fawn every four hours so she could keep up her strength. There was a lot he needed to learn to continue to care for her.

11. Learning

Eventually, the fawn started to be able to walk on her own and continued to make herself at home. Darius had a dog, Mack, that quickly befriended the deer and made her feel welcome.

10. Puppy Help

Mack took a special interest in the visitor and watched her closely from the beginning to make sure she was okay.

9. All Better

As hoped, the fawn completely healed and was able to move around completely on her own. Since he knew this time would come, Darius had worked out a plan to release her back in to the wild.

8. Setting Her Free

Darius took her to the woods to release her. At first, the fawn didn’t want to leave him and run free.

7. Returning

Darius had to take her out daily to try and release her. Any time he tried to set her free, she just turned around and came back to him.

6. The Mother Came Back

One day, the small fawn noticed her mother in the woods. The deer was able to run off and return to her family again to live. Darius was thrilled.

5. Released

This was all Darius could have hoped for. He always wanted her to be able to be set free. He did stay slightly concerned that she would try to return to his home though.

4. Survival

He was concerned that she had become to comfortable in his home or that she wouldn’t be able to survive on her own. Any instinct chance because of domestic living could make her an easy target.

3. Coulnd’t Name Her

Trying to keep her as a wild animal also kept Darius from ever giving the fawn a name. She lived with him over two weeks and he had to consciously keep her from becoming and acting like an actual pet.

2. Occasional Sighting

Darius does see the family moving around close to his home occasional. The mother is probably staying in an area where she feels safe and has found that near Darius.

1. Happy

Since he is able to see them move around nearby, Darius gets the wonderful feeling of knowing the fawn he saved his safe and mobile. He gets to see her happy and moving around in the wild.