Everyone knows that bananas are not only yummy, but good for you. It’s rich in potassium, has 15% of our daily need of vitamin C, and only contains 30 grams of carbs (grr evil carbs!). So you are happy to peel a banana, indulge in it’s sweet, sweet, healthy goodness guilt free, and toss away the peel knowing everything is right in the world. But wait! Just like there’s more than one way to peel a banana, there’s more than one use for that peel, and I don’t mean putting it on the kitchen floor for some good old slapstick comedy. “What use is a banana peel?” you may ask?


1. Tenderizing Meat


Tenderizing Steak


No, no, no, I’m serious. Just lay a peel along top of your chicken breast or roast while it cooks. Your meat absorbs the oils and moisture from the peel. Also, the citric acid will keep it tender. No more tough and chewy dinner for you!


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