Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplets, Then The Nurse Notices Something Strange

The Happy Couple

In 2015, Tim and Bethani Webb lived near the British Colombia border in Hythe, Alberta, Canada. The small town of less than 900 survived off of agriculture products to stimulate the economy. Shortly after, the Webb’s would help put their town on the map for a different reason.

Going to have a Baby

Even though they had planned to wait a year before starting a family, the Webb’s got a wonderful surprise of being pregnant about three months after getting married. They were about to realize that nothing about them starting their family was going to be part of their plan.

Getting the Ultrasound

Bethani was excited as she was going to her ultrasound to make sure that her baby was healthy. When she got there, the ultrasound technician let her know that not only was there one baby hanging out, there were four. Bethani was pregnant with quadruplets!

Completely in Shock



Being pregnant with quadruplets would be a surprise to anyone. In Bethani’s case, she was 22 and not on fertility drugs at all. This was highly unlikely for someone her age and without taking medications.

Now They Wait


Bethani had to completely focus on getting rest, eating well, and staying hydrated. The community pulled together and helped her with donations and fundraisers.

All Girls


They became very excited once they realized that they were having all girls. Bethani said that it was definitely odd feeling the babies move around her stomach and she never knew where the kicks would be coming from.

They Needed Names


They had to complete the task of picking name for their coming baby girls. They did know that they wanted to choose classic names for each girls, but they still wanted them all to be different. Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla were the names they chose and the baby girls were getting closer to their arrival.

Overwhelming Support


Baby items starting pouring in quickly as more and more people learned about the coming quadruplets. Donations of diapers, clothes, and toys were being brought in by the community, as well as offers for assistance with baby care and help around the house.

Delivery Date Getting Closer


With quadruplets the delivery date was going to be much sooner than 40 weeks. The doctors for Bethani’s care decided she should stay in the hospital starting at 27 weeks with the hope of keeping the babies from coming before a schedule C section at 32 weeks. She was stuck in bed for a while, but she was still able to keep people updated, give interviews, and continue to prepare for their arrival.

Planning the Cost


Bethani began to calculate all the things that she would need to buy and maintain to keep up with four babies. She would need up to 48 diapers a day just to keep them all changed and that definitely wasn’t the only new or large expense that she had coming. Nurses and area businesses helped out as much as they could. Four car seats were donated to the Webb’s and diaper drives were held at area hospitals.

Moving for Assistance


Bethani was clearly not able to work, so currently Tim was the only income. With four babies on the way, the Webbs decided that it was time to move in with Bethani’s parents for a little while. Since they were living with them, they would be able to get back on their feet and have help with their new arrivals.

Delivery Time


On May 6, 2016, Bethani and Tim prepared to finally meet their new daughters. Doctors prepared for the worst while still delivery four healthy girls, one at a time, to give it all a happy ending.

Four New Babies


With all the girls weighing between 3 and 4 pounds, the pregnancy and delivery was definitely a success. Bethani and Tim had to find ways to balance and share their attention between four new babies immediately now that they wanted to hold them all.

Overnight Big Family


They waited patiently for their new arrivals, but the shock of immediately having four babies was still a lot to take in. Each new birth gave them a bigger family and a brighter, more exciting future that seemed a little surreal and hard to take in.

More Secrets


These girls were even more special than everyone previously realized. These sweet new babies were actually identical quadruplets. This happening naturally was against all odds and, according to doctors, only had a 1 in 67 million chance of happening to them.

Exactly Identical


Tim and Bethani continued to stay with her mother and every one helped to take care of babies. They used a color system and nail polish to tell the babies apart and ensure that they were tall taken care of.

First Birthday


Everyone in their family is healthy and all of the babies are happy. Tim and Bethani were finally able to move in to their new place and a van was donated to help them get around town. People still continued to help them out and donated, so these wonderful baby girls will always be provided for.