Modern Layered Bob Styles That Are Not Only Beautiful But Low Maintenance

Is there any woman who has never tried a bob style? There is for sure a bob that fits every face and hair type. To increase or reduce volume, most modern on-trend bobs opt for layering. Think about how to style a cut when you choose it. More and more celebrities and bloggers are rocking bob hairstyles with highlights, natural looking finishes and grading. Follow the trend setters in this matter and take a look at all the modern, chic bobs we’ve compiled here.

Many red carpet regulars sport nonchalant styles. Everyone wants to look fresh from a resort these days. The choice in styling solutions is a perk of layered bobs. There are lightly tousled ‘do’s, sleek flat styles, and curly voluminous locks all at your disposal.

The most stylish bobs leading the pack are shorter cropped and chin-grazing cuts. They have fun asymmetry, cool fringy edges and beautiful texture. “Demi bobs” have a bit more length but can still be worn in chic updos or loose styles. In addition to the many styles and cuts, the most popular bobs often feature ombre or highlights.

Pretty Pale Blonde

short tousled blonde bob

You don’t need dye tricks to make strands look fuller if you have thick hair. Try a solid color instead like this romantic pastel blonde. Perfect if you are seductive and sweet.

Modern Blonde Bob

Try a deep side part and long bangs for a layered bob with urban appeal. For helping the layers stand out, there are lots of options. Use pomades for short hair or sea salt spray. Really just experiment to see what works for you.

Stylishly Wispy Bob

If you need to feel modern and girly at the same time then this bob cut is for you. Some wispy pieces give it a soft feel, but it’s mostly one length. The swooping hair in the front and the volume in the back are what really pull the cut together.

Chopped Tousled Bob

The chopped tousled bob is a great low maintenance cut that’s super cute and wears well with most outfits. Multi colored bobs are even better and help add depth and layers.

Bob with Sophisticated Subtle Layers

The subtle layer bob is simple yet elegant. The perfect cut for women who want to look good all the time, but don’t have the extra time to put into maintenance.

Bob Half In The Shadow

If you want dimension, but still an overall one length look, then short layers are great. This bob has stunning color from orchid to white and deep purple to fuchsia. With the dark colors on the under layers, it provides even more dimension and interest.

Touchable Easy Wear Bob

You’ll be playing with your hair all day with this look. Go to the best stylist you can find for a cropped cut with expert layers. Be confident they can do the style you’re looking for by checking them out on social media.

Lavender Tousled Feathers

Bobs used to be considered a mom cut, but lately bobs are having a movement with a younger generation. This is because it is so freeing. Everyone’s doing it. Even these lavender, pink and blonde colors are worth a try.

Cut Straight Bob

Go for hair that is slightly longer near the ear with side bangs and add body in the back with soft layer. There are endless styling options with this style. Part it deeper on the side and add some texture for a more modern look.

Messy Extra Short Nape Chopped Bob

The short nape chopped bob is perfect for that messy rocker girl look and super cute and low maintenance.

Layered Teased Bob

This style is simply flattering because of its volume. The goal is to make you feel like a million bucks. When the hair is short it is lighter making it easier to get body. Tease it sky high and rock your look.

Highlighted Curly Bob

Opt for layers that reveal high and low lights for a dimensional and stunning bob. The curls become swirls when there’s this much color. Alternate directions of the curls on top and in the middle, but curl the ends under for a gorgeous style.

Cool Toned Highlights with a Curly Bob

With chunky layers and blunt cut ends, this gorgeous bob is a modern style. The balayage and ashy tone is stunning. Don’t forget to mirror the cool tones in your make too for a lovely color combination.

Layered Wavy Bob

This cinnamon-honey color would be life changing for someone with brown hair. Isn’t it so adorable? This haircut will be as close to wake up and go as you can get for women with naturally wavy hair.

Purple Layered A-line

A spunky cut with a cheeky color is all out fun. Ask your stylist to see what color would look best with your new cut based on your skin tone and daily life.

Chin Length Bob

If you have naturally straight hair, this short layered bob is as easy as it gets. To get the tousled look all you’ll have to do is shake your head. Revealed roots are for short hair, too.

Layered Wavy Crop

Hair that is either completely unnatural like a wild color or completely natural hair like this style is on the rage. Use a large barrel curling iron after using texturizing spray to style your new long bob.

Silver Blue Curly Bob

The silver trend looks better when it’s a silver-blue or silver-periwinkle. Bobs make the maintenance of pale hair colors way less work. A colored bob is super chic in its own way.

Long Bangs with a Layered Bob

A short layered bob is sassy, sophisticated, flattering, and easy to style. Use a round brush to blow dry hair with a soft undercurl after showering. Then for the perfect bang pieces, use a straightener.

Chic Piecey Bob

If you want to try out blonde, but you have dark hair, try these fine highlights that still let your base color shine. Use a straightener to flip ends straight out or down to style a cute bob with layers. To hold them in place use a texturizing mousse.

Pretty Layered Bob

While layered bobs can be experimented with, they can also be simple and easy. Though you won’t have to do much every morning, you will have to get trims about once a month.

Pearlescent and Posh

The color inspiration for this look is a black pearl. Depending on the angle and the light, the black and silver will look different every time. This style alternates between shades of gray, silver and blue. With so much going on, keep the cut neutral.

Edge That Is Editor Approved

It is easy to see why Kahlana Barfield is a very well known editor in New York. She has the perfect, signature choppy bob. It is silky with just the right amount of texture. While still remaining edgy, bold purple lips give a pop of color.

Nape-Length Stacked Bob

This stacked bob exposes the nape of your neck and is easy to maintain which makes it perfect for summer months. The bottom is cut blunt, but the layering spreads from the crown to the nape. Enhance the dimension with highlighted and colored sections.

 Razored Black Bob with Bangs

A one-length bob can look boxy, but this razored black bob with bangs has a feathered, airy feel to it. The razor cutting creates movement and allows lock to lie naturally. To style just define the ends of the layers with styling wax.

Asymmetrical Tousled Bob

When layered bob cuts are worn messed up, they often make the most impact. Stand out even more and opt for an asymmetrical bob like this one. One side might be longer than the other, but it’s extremely versatile.

Amber Choppy Bob

Choose a bob with plenty of choppy layers for a statement. Amber is a hue that fits many skin tones and color palettes. So make even more of a statement and go amber all-over.

Razored Inverted Brunette Bob

The hair is just below the chin in the front but trimmed short in the back for an inverted bob. It can also be razored throughout to be spiky and bold.

Side-Parted Polished Lob

This long bob is perfect for those who want to keep their length. It prevents limp hair with the side parting and looks flawless and polished.

Thin Sliced Layered Short Bob

No matter how much natural volume you have, short bobs work on almost any type of hair. If you have thick tresses and want a blunt cut, however, combline the blunt edges with long shaping layers

Tousled Wispy Bob and Gray Balayage

When trying to create volume for thin locks, wispy choppy layers are brilliant. Go for a distinguished and ultra-modern effect by opting for a gray balayage.

Minimal Layered Black Lob with Bangs

This black lob is understated and doesn’t take away from the bangs or strong hue. It is stunning no matter which way you wear it- tousled, curly, or straight.

Finely Chopped Short Bob

For bobs that lack body and fullness, finely chopped layers are key. These cuts are easy to maintain and look mature and elegant. Depending on your mood, you can wear it spiky or smooth!

There is no type of hair or face shape that can’t find a bob best friend. Take one of these inspirational pictures to a stylist and make a change to your hairstyle!