This Man Does Something Crazy When He Sees a Flock of Bald Eagles

It’s an extremely rare occurrence to see a bald eagle in nature. They are listed on the endangered species list. Imagine seeing a whole flock them! This man did something insanely crazy when he saw a flock of bald eagles.

The Bald Eagle

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Since the 1700s the bald eagle has been the United States’ national symbol. Its graceful flight and strong mannerisms make it the perfect symbol of freedom and democracy. However, they haven’t always been treated well.


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Hunting bald eagles was a popular sport over the years. It’s hard to believe that in the 1700s the bald eagle population was between 300,000 and 500,000.


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During the 1950s people noticed another decline in the bald eagle population, but this time it wasn’t from being hunted. Thanks to high amounts of a chemical called DDT, bald eagles were dying. Experts started to worry that bald eagles may not be around for much longer.


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Thanks to the help of conservationists and making people aware of the endangerment of bald eagles, they have been able to survive over the years. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect to see an entire flock of them flying above you.


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Bald eagles are carnivores. Their diets consist of snakes, fish, rabbits, and muskrats. They’re pretty intense hunters.

The Flock

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Imagine a flock of bald eagles flying around you. You’d probably be a little scared and amazed at the same time. That’s what happened to Jessie Peek, a fisherman in Alaska. As he was standing on a dock, a flock of bald eagles landed. They started to gather around Jessie.

Acting on Instinct

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As a fisherman, Jessie was used to one or two birds landing on the dock or his boat. He had never seen this many birds, especially bald eagles, though! He acted on instinct when he saw them.

Capturing the Moment

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Thank goodness Jessie decided to capture the moment on camera or else nobody would believe him about what happened next.

Just the Beginning

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It started out with just one bald eagle landing on the dock. When Jessie saw the bird he brought out a bowl of fish to feed it.


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Jessie threw a fish to the eagle, which he gobbled up quickly. The next thing Jessie knew there was a whole flock of bald eagles coming his way.


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Jessie kept throwing the birds fish from his bowl. Then he does something a little dangerous. He gets down to face level with the birds.

More Birds

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More and more birds came to join the feast. Jessie kept throwing fish to the birds for them to eat.

Getting Closer

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Jessie tried to feed an eagle directly from his hand at one point. The eagle stared at the fish, but didn’t take it. Jessie ended up throwing it.

Still Eating

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The birds kept on eating the fish that were being thrown to them. What happens when Jessie runs out of food?

No More

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Eventually Jessie ran out of fish. The eagles still seemed to be hungry, but they didn’t fly away. They just stood on the dock.

Never Satisfied

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The birds were still hungry. Some people thought that they might attack the men on the dock since there wasn’t any food left. You won’t believe what happened next.

Going Viral

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Jessie couldn’t believe what had happened to him with the eagles. He was so glad that he caught everything on video. It was too precious not to share! He decided to upload it to YouTube where it went viral.

8 Million Views

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The video gained over 8 million views! People were amazed at the flock of eagles and how brave Jessie was to go face-to-face with the birds to feed them.


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One viewer wrote, “I can’t tell you how much I respect what you guys do. Watching this makes me want to come out there and just take in all its majestic! Stay safe and may good weather bless your fishing!”


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Another viewer commented, “You, sir, are amazing. Kudos to you for feeding these beautiful birds a shrimp dinner.”

Endangered No More

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The bald eagle species was removed from the endangered species list in 2007 thanks to conservation efforts. While they aren’t classified as endangered, the species is still threatened.

Disappearing Habitat

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The biggest threat to the bald eagle is the disappearance of its habitat. People are cutting down forests, leaving eagles nowhere to live. It’s good to know that there are still people to care about the species and will help it every chance they get.