Hiker Is Shocked By What He Finds In An Abandoned Mine

Hiking is a favorite pastime of many people. It can be exhilarating to come upon nature’s beauty. However, hiking alone can get pretty dangerous. This solo hiker heard a noise coming fom an abandoned mine and was shocked to see what was inside.

The Hike

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Preston Gladd from Park County, Colorado decided to take a hike in October 2017. He decided to explore the beautiful greenery of Pike National Forest. However, he was more interested in exploring off the trail.


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Rather than keeping to the trail, he decided to explore some abandoned mines. He had no idea of the danger he was about to encounter.


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While the danger Preston found himself in wasn’t due to a hidden shaft or gases, it was still very real.

Hearing Strange Noises

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Preston told a CBS News station in Denver, “I just heard growling and animal sounds. So, I thought I was something living in the mine.”


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Preston was scared off by the noises he heard coming from the mine. He decided to continue on with his hike, but the noises still haunted him.


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Preston couldn’t forget the noises from the mine for the next few days. “I’ve been wanting to go in and explore the cave and I like animals a lot so I couldn’t stop thinking about the animal,” he said.

Going Back

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Still thinking about the noises, Preston gathered his hiking gear and two dogs, Lola and Meeko to check out what was in the mine.

New Noises

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This time, Preston heard a completely different noise. He heard barking coming from the mine. “So, I crawled down into the mine and looked down the shaft and saw there was somebody’s dog with a collar stuck at the bottom running around.”

The Rescue

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Preston new he had to rescue the helpless dog. He called his friend Gannon Ingels to come help him.

Phoning a Friend

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“Gannon, that mine I was exploring the other day? There’s a dog down here. Get the gear. We’ve got to save it,” Preston said over the phone.

Gannon’s Response

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“I was stoked. I was like, ‘What? Puppy to save? For sure, way better than the nap I was going to take.’” Gannon and Preston’s then-girlfriend, Portia Scorn, made their way to the mine to help the little dog.

Rescue Crew

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Once everyone was together, they made a rescue plan. They had to get the dog who was 25 feet below.

Plan in Motion

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The three went through with their plan. Gannon lowered Preston down the shaft. Preston would then wrap a rope around the dog and pull him up.

Successful Mission

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The crew was able to successfully lift the dog up from the mine. It was so shocked to see sunlight for the first time in a long time.

The Essentials

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Luckily the crew came prepared with food and water for the lost pup. She gobbled up the food happily and drank all of the water they brought.

Bath Time

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The crew brought the dog home and cleaned her up with a bath. They decided to take her to the vet and have her checked out.

The Vet

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“She was not as bad as I expected,” Preston said after taking the dog to the vet. It was now time to find the dog’s owner.

Using Social Media

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Portia took to social media to find the owner of the lost dog. Over 750 people shared the picture of the dog. Cheyenne, the dog’s owner, contacted Portia immediately after seeing the dog’s photo.


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They scheduled a day for Cheyenne to come and get her dog. It was a heart-warming reunion.


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Preston was so brave to go down into that shaft and save the little dog. Cheyenne was overwhelmed and grateful for the group who rescued his dog. He was so happy to be reunited with his pet.