The Funniest Sunday Comics To Date

Before there was social media and memes, people looked forward to reading the comic strips in the Sunday paper each week. We comprised a list of the most hilarious comics from the Sunday paper to date.


The Wall

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Political cartoons always have some kind of truth to them. In this case, we have Donald Trump wanting to keep immigrants out of America, but not in the way he originally promised.

College Graduate

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The cost of college tuition is through the roof. We’re sure most students would return their diplomas if they could get their money back.

Married for Too Long

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Old married couples are known to feel some sort of animosity towards each other. This wife knows exactly how to get rid of her husband, though.


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Believe it or not, there are still some people who disagree with equality for all when it comes to marriage. This artist plays off the idea that kids can be influenced to become homosexual. News flash, that’s not how it works.

Circle of Life

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Bullies will always be bullies. From stealing lunch money to robbing convenience stores, this bully will never change.


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What if everyone referred to creatures by the size of one of their body parts? People would be pretty offended.

Hunting Season

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Even hunters can feel guilty about killing a poor defenseless animal. This cartoon has a hunter justify his killing spree though. Whatever helps him sleep at night.


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Where did the inspiration for The Raven come from? This cartoon artist has one theory.

Racist Santa

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Santa is supposed to love all children equally. However, the elves noticed that his habits may be just a tad bit racist. No racist will ever admit that they are racist though.

Good Vibes

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If you’re wondering how to actually send physical good vibes to your friends, this person has the right idea. Just send a box full of vibrators to them. We’re sure they’ll have a good time.

Hang Man

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Remember that fun game we played in school called hang man? Well, this is another interpretation of the game. A little bloodier, but it works.

The Myth is True

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We all have heard that hundreds of spiders crawl into our mouths while we sleep. This cartoon is from the spiders’ point of view. Who is more scared now?

Doggy Court

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Imagine if dogs had a courtroom drama. This is exactly what would go down. We do love the puns in it though.

Gym Rat

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This play on words is genius! We all know someone who is a little bit of a gym rat. All they can do is talk about their progress at the gym and go to the gym and well, that’s where they basically live. It’s quite annoying if you aren’t keen on going to the gym.

Get to Know Me

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People are quick to hate bugs and little creatures that aren’t necessarily fuzzy or cute. This poor guy is experiencing some heartbreak after inviting this snail into his home though.

Overripe Bananas

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Rather than calling someone a bad apple, call them a bad banana. These bananas definitely need an attitude adjustment.

The Internet


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You’ll never know what you will come across while browsing the Internet. From cute animal pictures to terrible news headlines, it’s got it all.

The Reason

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If you’re a believer in everything happens for a reason, then you’ll definitely get a laugh out of this cartoon. Just because someone is a mother doesn’t mean they are mature.

Animals vs. People

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Some people love people. Some people love animals. You just have to make sure you’re hanging out with the right the person.

Bad Burger

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Have you ever told a waiter that the food they brought you was terrible? It’s a little awkward, especially when you’re the waiter.

The Wild Wild West

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If you’ve ever drank some orange juice after brushing your teeth, you know just how much of a badass this cowboy is. He isn’t afraid of anything.

Running with Scissors

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Kids never want to listen to their parents. They are more inclined to disobey their parents when they tell them not to do something than to let them figure it out on their own.

Great Aim

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No words. We have absolutely no words for this comic strip except that we feel for this poor woman.

Sex is Like Math

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When it comes to sex, there are a lot of factors that go into it. This guy is still trying to figure out the equation.

Better Than You

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When you think about it, only a handful of people have seen the Earth from space. You would think they would be humbled by it, but not this astronaut.

Plenty of Love in the World

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What do fish say when they are broken up with? There are plenty of humans on land! It works both ways.

Hot Guys

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You can’t always make generalizations about a group of people. You’ll most likely be proved wrong at some point.


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This guy knows exactly what his talent in life is. Hopefully his job can support that talent.

Pity Win

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If you think about it, you really are one in a million. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the strongest in a million, but you’re pretty special.

Truth About Teachers

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This should raise some red flags when it comes to what being a teacher means. They are the ones shaping the future generation! We should definitely give them some more credit and resources.

Magical Fish

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This cartoon took a very unexpected turn. At least the fish and fisherman are on the same page at the same moment.

Treasure Hunting

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If you spend your time looking for a buried treasure only to find out that there’s nothing in it, you’d be pretty upset, right? Well, this artist took that idea to a whole new level.


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Comic Strips:dark-humor-cartoons-extra-fabulous-comic-zach-89-585be223ddb81-png__605.jpg

Some people truly believe that they will be part of the earth and reincarnated as a tree. While this idea is sweet, the logistics just don’t really work out.

Being Social

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If you’re an introvert, you understand this cartoon perfectly. Sometimes just going to the store and interacting with a cashier is enough socializing for some people.

Words Hurt

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Little kids can say the darnedest things and sometimes they can really hurt. While we shouldn’t let their words hurt us, we just can’t help it at times.

The Real Question

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In what world would he think a woman would answer in the negative? He’s got to get a better pickup line than that.

Dumb Girl

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Let’s be honest, how many people were thinking this during the movie? How dumb could she be not to date Batman? He’s a superhero!

Two Weeks to Live

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It’s pretty morbid to hear that you have a specific timeline on your life. However, this character sure did go out in an exciting way.

Urine Trouble

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Does anyone know the answer to this question off the top of their head? Unfortunately the consequences to failing this P.P. Exam are dire.

Fairytale Ending

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This immortal couple will be together forever. That’s a lot of time together. It looks like they can handle it though.

Late Night Cravings

There is nothing more relatable than this comic. We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night craving a decadent midnight snack.

Lesser of Two Evils

This comic artist describes what they think Heaven and Hell are like. Apparently they are both full of music.

Adventure Time

This older couple taking a road trip passes by a hitchhiker and think, what if we let him in? Don’t we all wonder that when we pass by a hitchhiker?

Breaking the Rules

We’ve all had that urge to disobey a sign. This museum patron decided to act on it.

Clever Marketing

Well, that’s one way to get some new customers.

Einstein’s Revelation

Albert Einstein had a magnificent revelation; time equals money.

Uh Oh

We wouldn’t want to be caught in the passenger seats of this airplane.

Be Different

This comic is both hilarious and motivational. You can be anything you want to be!

Pet Detective

It turns out the saying is true; curiosity surely did kill the cat. Well, cats in this instance.

Something’s Fishy

Marriage is no easy task. This fish wife has figured out the secret to her marriage. Get rid of her husband.

Monkey Business

This gorilla was caught monkeying around by his wife.

Prison Break

These escaped prisoners are in for a big surprise.

The Start of Evolution

Nobody knows exactly how we evolved to be where we are today. This artist believes it all started with a simple party trick.

First Impressions

Even aliens are clumsy sometimes. So much for making a good first impression.

Decisions. Decisions.

We all know that one person who is very indecisive. You should send them this cartoon.

Terribly Inconvenient

What is the opposite of a convenience store? An inconvenient store.

Wrong Button

Imagine being a passenger on this aircraft. But then again, imagine being the copilot.

Don’t Smoke

We still aren’t sure how the dinosaurs became extinct. This comic offers a theory.

Herding the Sheep

Sheep need to be given some type of direction, even if they are attending a party. In comes the sheep dog.

Discouraging Words

These cowboys only need encouragement. Haven’t they heard of “Home on the Range?”

Hell is Terrible

This artist imagines Hell as a place where everything we hate exists at once rather than fiery pits.

Stuck in an Elevator

The last kind of animal we would want to be stuck in an elevator with is a lion.


It was a good effort. Too bad all that hard work will be gone in seconds.

Rocket Scientists

It isn’t just a saying, rocket science is actually pretty difficult.

The Ultimate Plan

What’s more impressive? The fact that the dog came up with such a clever plan or that the cat can read?

The Greedy Mosquito

This cartoon teaches a valuable lesson: don’t get greedy.

The Couch Potato’s Hell

Those couch potatoes who end up in hell definitely won’t like their aerobics classes.

Flirtation at Its Best

We’ve all seen that beautiful person we want to talk to. Zero teaches us how to work up the courage and go for it.

Hägar the Horrible

The only thing tying these vicious and brave Vikings down are their wives.

Cul De Sac

This family sure does go all out for their home videos.

All About Money

Even Gurus need to make a living wage. They can’t just stand out here all day helping people with their problems. They have their own problems to manage.


How many of us can relate to Garfield on a Monday morning?

The In Laws

This cartoon shows the true relationship of old married couples.

Guilty Pleasures

We’ve all had those moments where we indulge in our sweets and then feel a little guilty about it later.

The Irony

The irony here is incredible. An enemy of the country is killed by the country’s flagpole. You can’t get any more ironic than that.

Mistaken Identity

The rivalry between cats and dogs stays true even in comic strips. However, this cat isn’t as clever as he once believed.

Saving the Earth

Did someone say litter? Environmentalists are not about that litter life.

Meet Greg

We can’t help but chuckle at this silly comic strip.

Corporate America

We’re sure there were many people who work in corporate America and middle management can feel the frustration in this comic strip.

A Mother’s Love

Mother’s will always see their children as just that, children. No matter what age they are, they will always be little in a mother’s eyes.

Fun Puns

Comics are the best when they have a hilarious play on words.

Too Cold

Runners and non-runners will both understand this comic. Even with the slightly racist undertone.


This comic was created by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. You can see the similarities in the art.

Inside Joke

True comic lovers and followers are the only ones who will get this inside joke from Krazy Kat.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Even cartoon characters can break the fourth wall and talk directly to their audience. Who knew?

Cat Got Your Tongue?

There is so much going on in this cartoon. You could spend a whole afternoon trying to unpack it.

The Peanuts

The Peanuts may be the most famous cartoon out there. The little gang always got into silly trouble with their wise little beagle.

Hard Headed

Sometimes you just have to give up on hard headed people.

Idle Hands

The saying can’t be truer, especially when it comes to Calvin and Hobbes.