Forrest Gump Producers Hid 25 Things From Fans

Forrest Gump is a comedy movie which premiered in 1994.  It’s based on a novel called Forrest Gump which has been written by Winston Groom.  It was rated very highly by viewers and it turned into a huge hit.  The primary actors were Sally Field, Tom Hanks, Mykelti Williamson, Gary Sinise and Robin Wright.

However, there are a couple things about this movie that will certainly surprise you.  This report concentrates on what Forrest Gump directors concealed from their fans.

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1. Forest’s Most Famous Lines Weren’t His Own


Forest’s famous line, “My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump,” was never really in the movie’s script. Tom Hanks ad libbed the words through filming to the scene and director Robert Zemeckis liked it so much that he felt forced to keep it in.

2. Tom Hanks Was Choosy

Tom Hanks wasn’t entirely on board with the role when he first signed on. Although it only took an hour and a half of reading the script for him to determine what it might mean for his career, the actor only agreed to take on the role under the condition that manufacturers made sure the movie was historically true. In reality, most of the events in Forrest Gump are at the very least loosely related to real events.

3. Almost No Accent

Tom Hank was not completely on board with Forrest’s Southern accent. He really had to pattern his own accent to that of Michael Conner Humphreys who played with youthful Forest and actually talked that way.

4. Forest’s Famous Speech

At the Vietnam rally in Washington, Forrest gets up to talk before the audience but eventually, the microphone plug is unplugged and you cannot hear him. Tom Hanks later shared the words he says that supposedly are: “Sometimes when people go to Vietnam, they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don’t go home at all. That’s a bad thing. That’s all I have to say about that.”

5. Forest Gump Without Tom Hanks?

John Travolta, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase all turned down the role of Forrest Gump. They were among the very first people to be approached to act in the movie. However, they all did not accept the offer.

6. Big Money

The movie earned over US$677 million. However, Tom Hanks did not get paid for acting. He only accepted percentage points that in the end, earned him $40 million.

7. John Goodman

The writer of the book that inspired the film, Winston Groom was vocal about his desire for John Goodman to play the role of Forest Gump. In his mind, Goodman could have been a great Forrest Gump.

8. Fake Ping Pong Scenes

Tom Hanks isn’t actually as good as a ping pong player as his role in the film might indicate. In reality, during the ping-pong matches, Hanks didn’t even play with a ball at all. The ping-pong scenes were completely CGI to meet the celebrities’ paddles.

9. The Ultimate Oversight

Forrest’s New Year’s Eve party occurs in 1972. From the scene, however, Forrest beverages a Dr. Pepper with a symbol which didn’t come out before the mid-1980s.

10. Lieutenant Dan’s Necklace Belonged to a Vietnam Vet

Lieutenant Dan wears a rosary around his neck with a Saint Christopher medal, inscribed “Protect Us In Combat.” In fact, the necklace was worn out by Lieutenant Dan actor Gary Sinise’s brother-in-law- Jack Treese in Vietnam.

11. Wrong Date

In the movie, Jenny dies on a sad Monday on March 22, 1982. However, the real date was, March 22, 1982, which was a Sunday

12. Eyes Closed

It’s nearly unbelievable that Forrest had his eyes shut in most of the photographs found in the movie. This is very intriguing, especially for a lead actor.

13. How Old Is She Actually?

According to the movie, Sally field is apparently very old compared to Tom Hanks. However, in reality she’s only 10 years older than him.

14. Blue Checkered Shirt

In every transitioning point, Forrest was wearing a blue checked shirt. Is that a coincidence or was it intended?

15. Small Crowds

There wasn’t a Massive turnout in the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool on the Afternoon Forrest spots Jenny in the peace rally. The massive audience of people was really created with the support of visual effects. Over the two-days of filming 1,500 extras were utilized to produce the packed spectacle. For every successive shoot, the extras were moved into various quadrants in the scene and made to seem like one massive audience of several hundred thousands of people.

16. Who’s Elvis ?

Elvis Presley voice has been provided by Kurt Russell. According to several sources, Kurt Russell was never known for the voice of Elvis. This is very frustrating especially because the movie was a hit for the industry.

17. Tourist Reporters

After Tom Hanks visited Washington DC following his visit in Vietnam, there was a scene which had a reporter. The reporter wasn’t an actor. He had been a tourist who was curious. He was only given the script and asked to read it.

18. Stolen Line?

Forest’s famous line about life being like a box of chocolate is not so original. Albeit, marginally different, the line has been utilized in a British movie called The Likely Lads at 1976. The expression in the movie is chocolate box of existence.

19. Ready to Eat Shrimp

The scene in which Forrest catches his initial batch of shrimp around the boat is probably one of the biggest oversights of the movie crew in the movie. When the net drops the shrimp on the deck, it’s simple to see that not only are they already dead, they’re also headless and processed.

20. Robin Wright

In Robin Wright’s famous nightclub scene in which she sings in the nude. She was actually pretty sick during filming. Despite being ill with the flu the actress was able to sing on her own and perform through a 24 hour non-stop shoot.

21. Dave Chapelle Turned Down Bubba

Dave Chapelle was initially asked to play the role of Bubba, but thought the movie would be a box office flop, so he turned down the role. He later acknowledged that he regretted his decision.

22. Those Aren’t Blue Leggings…

In the scene where Gary Sinise had no legs, blue tights were used, so they could be digitally removed during editing.

23. Forest Never Carried Bubba

The scene where Forest carries Bubba away after the attacks on the unit didn’t actually occur the way they looked. Bubba was actually supported by a cable wire while Hanks ran with him.

24. FNG’s

When Forest and Bubba get to their new unit LT Dan says “You must be my new FNG’s” What FNG stands for is F*cking New Guys

25. The Award

When Forrest meets Lyndon B. Johnson to collect His Own Medal of Honor the image from the scene Is Really Just One from the Medal of Honor ceremony held for Sammy L. Davis. The American soldier and author was awarded the medal on November 19, 1968 because of his role in Vietnam a year before. Tom Hanks’s head was superimposed on Davis’ body to the scene.