Dad Goes All Out for His Son’s Halloween Costume

Halloween is always fun as a kid. Ryan Bowen was ready to give his six-month-old son, Geraint, the costume of a lifetime. Ryan put together the most epic robot costume for his son. You’ll be impressed at the hard work he put into it.

For many thousands of years, people have dressed up in costumes. It comes from the Pagan practice of commemorating their dead and wearing disguises. They would celebrate at the end of October, hence, the beginning of our modern Halloween.


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Today, you’ll see a variety of costumes on Halloween. From witches to skeletons to the most ridiculous pop culture personalities. However, modern Halloween costumes started in the 19th century. Now, it’s a $2.6 billion industry.

Halloween costumes can get expensive, so some parents decide to make their children’s costumes at home. Ryan Bowen decided he wanted to make his son’s first Halloween costume in 2014.

Ryan and Cassandra had welcomed their newborn son, Geraint, just six months ago. However, Ryan had been thinking about his new son’s Halloween costume way before he was born.


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Ryan was always a lover of robots, especially Sunders, a 90-ton robot from MechWarrior. The video game first came out in 1989 and Ryan played the game throughout high school. Ryan knew that his son’s first Halloween costume had to be a robot, after his love for Sunders. While Cassandra was pregnant, Ryan started drawing up plans for the costume. Thanks to the baby gifts and boxes they came in, Ryan received the materials he needed to make this epic costume. After Ryan collected all of his materials, he was ready to start building.


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Ryan used PVC tubing to create the frame of the robot. He then used cardboard to cover the frame and make it look more like a robot. He carefully cut through the cardboard and painted it. He also used foam board in his project. To make the costume movable, he used Velcro to make the joints flexible. He even used Velcro to secure the head of the robot. He wasn’t finished just yet, though. Next, he had to add the limbs of the robot. He added legs that dangled from a hidden belt and arms with blasters on them.


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The costume, nearly finished, stood at seven feet tall. That would definitely be too large for a six-month-old baby. Ryan explained on his YouTube channel how little Geraint would fit into the costume. Thanks to his video, MechDaddy 2014, viewers could finally see where little Geraint fit into the costume after a dramatic entrance of Ryan in his costume.


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Ryan placed the baby right in the middle of the costume so that it looked like he was driving and controlling the robot. Genius! Some were worried that it was unsafe for the baby, but as you can see, he is strapped in tightly and looks pretty comfortable. Ryan spent a lot of time, planning, and effort into making this genius costume. It all paid off.


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It’s no surprise that the video went viral. With more half a million views on YouTube and 600,000 likes on social media, Geraint was an icon. “Dad of the year? I think so,” one viewer commented on the video. The costume was a hit! Another commenter said, “I never give candy to the parents who only bring a baby out, but I would give my whole bucket to this guy.”


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“This is how you DAD! Well done that guy,” one person on Reddit wrote. Ryan definitely deserves the recognition he’s getting. Cassandra is proud of her husband for putting so much time into the costume for their son. “[Ryan] did a wonderful job and I am so proud of him. It looks amazing and Geraint loves it!” she said. Now that’s a great dad!