Halloween is always fun as a kid. Ryan Bowen was ready to give his six-month-old son, Geraint, the costume of a lifetime. Ryan put together the most epic robot costume for his son. You’ll be impressed at the hard work he put into it.

For many thousands of years, people have dressed up in costumes. It comes from the Pagan practice of commemorating their dead and wearing disguises. They would celebrate at the end of October, hence, the beginning of our modern Halloween.


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Today, you’ll see a variety of costumes on Halloween. From witches to skeletons to the most ridiculous pop culture personalities. However, modern Halloween costumes started in the 19th century. Now, it’s a $2.6 billion industry.

Halloween costumes can get expensive, so some parents decide to make their children’s costumes at home. Ryan Bowen decided he wanted to make his son’s first Halloween costume in 2014.

Ryan and Cassandra had welcomed their newborn son, Geraint, just six months ago. However, Ryan had been thinking about his new son’s Halloween costume way before he was born.

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