This Couple Built Their House Inside A Greenhouse

Sweden is known for its cold temperatures and frigid winters. It can be difficult to heat your home in these low temperatures. This couple had an amazing idea to build their home inside a greenhouse to keep their home warm without using oil or coal.

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Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto were tired of high heating bills in their Stockholm home. So, they discovered an environmentally and wallet-friendly option.


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Stockholm, Sweden is known for its long and frigid winters. The residents have to make sure their heat is in working order.


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Charles and Marie were fed up with their expensive heating bills and cold nights that they decided to try a crazy idea.


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If you looked at their home from the outside, you wouldn’t think anything of it. Your perception would definitely change after you went inside of it, though.


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The couple built a gigantic greenhouse around their home. This would allow the house to have a consistent climate that was perfect for growing plants.


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This was a great idea, especially because the average temperature in Stockholm is 27 degrees Fahrenheit.


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The couple was able to save money on their heating bill because they were able to use natural sunlight and greenhouse gases. They called the home Naturhus, which translates to “nature house.”


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Charles and his architect friend, Bengt Warne, created the idea of a greenhouse exterior in 1974. Other people had the greenhouse before Marie and Charles.


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Four-millimeter thick glass surrounded the house. They made the greenhouse much bigger than the house so that they would be able to walk around in it.


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Now that their original house was protected from the elements, they were able to leave the wood siding untreated all year long.


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They installed sliding doors into the glass greenhouse so that they could open them up and have some fresh air during nice weather.


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While the house was saving money and the environment, it also looks aesthetically appealing!


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Marie and Charles knew how important it is to get outside and breathe some fresh air, so they were adamant about the sliding doors installed in the greenhouse portion of their home.


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Now that they live in a greenhouse, the couple is able to grow their own food, which also saves money on their grocery bill.


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They grow a variety of veggies and fruits in their greenhouse. This is a cheap alternative to buying organic food at the grocery store.


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This also allowed the family to relish in their love of gardening as well as eating healthy.


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When Marie and Charles first thought of living in a greenhouse, they realized that there were more good reasons than bad reasons. “It’s not just to use the nature, the sun and the water,” Charles said.


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He continues, “It’s all a philosophy of life. To live in another world, in fact.” Marie and Charles were able to build their own world that is environmentally friendly, saves them money, and helps them produce their own organic food.


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Bengt says, “Living in a greenhouse gives architecture a fourth dimension, where time is represented by movements of naturally recycled endless flows of growth, sun, rain, wind, and soil in plants, energy, air, water, and earth.”

The family couldn’t be happier with their decision to live in a greenhouse.