A Cat Adopted an Orphaned Bunny and The Pictures Will Make You Cry

Life isn’t fair. In just a few seconds, your whole life could change unexpectedly. That’s what happened to this baby bunny one day. He was left alone and orphaned, until a friendly cat decided to take him in.

Orphan Bunny

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Shortly after this bunny’s birth, its mother passed away. He was left all alone to fend for himself. His chances for survival were very slim.


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Without his mother there to protect and feed him, there was a very low chance that the baby bunny would survive. One of the biggest factors of the bunny’s survival was staying hydrated.

Bunny Milk

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For the first 8 weeks of a newborn bunny’s life, they rely on the milk provided by their mother. This natural milk helps the bunny build a property immune and digestive system to carry them through life.

One Week Old

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The baby bunny was just one week old when its mother died. This was much too soon for the bunny to survive on its own. While the chances of survival were slim, the universe decided to help him out.


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A family in Rotherham, U.K. found the baby bunny disheveled and alone. They knew he couldn’t stay out in the wild by himself, so they decided to take him in and nurse him to health. You won’t believe the name they gave him.


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The family decided to name the baby bunny Bubbles. Soon after his discovery, the family introduced Bubbles to another member of their family.


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Snaggle Puss is the family’s beloved cat. She recently gave birth to a litter of kittens, so she was already in maternal mode when she met Bubbles.

Maternal Instincts

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When Snaggle Puss saw baby Bubbles sitting on the couch, her maternal instincts kicked in immediately. You will never guess what happened next.

Carrying Bubbles

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Snaggle Puss lifted Bubbles by the back of his neck and carried him over to her new litter. She adopted him to be part of her family! Bubbles had a new mom.

Family Snuggles

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Bubbles quickly became part of the family. He felt at home as he snuggled up with his new brothers and sisters and his new mama. Snaggle Puss paid extra attention to Bubbles to make sure he had everything he needed.

Taking Care of Bubbles

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Snaggle Puss would make sure that Bubbles was cleaned and well fed. His new brothers and sisters quickly accepted him into their family too.

YouTube Video

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The family found the adoption of Bubbles so cute that they had to share it with the Internet. They posted a YouTube video in 2008 of Bubbles and his new kitten siblings. Now, they are all grown up.

Uncommon Behavior

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Many people questioned whether it was uncommon behavior for cats to adopt another species into their litter. It turns out that it isn’t as unusual as you think.


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There have been plenty of cases where cats have taken a maternal role for other animal species and abandoned kittens. One example is when a cat decided to mother a batch of ducklings.


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A cat living on an Irish farm decided to adopt and mother a bunch of little ducklings. Ronan and Emma Lally had been waiting for the ducklings to hatch for weeks now.

Checking on the Eggs

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When Ronan and Emma checked on the eggs one day, they discovered they had gone missing! After a closer inspection, they discovered a bunch of broken shells, but no ducklings.


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The couple searched frantically for the newborn ducklings around their farm. They finally found the ducklings in the most unexpected place.

Farm Cat

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A farm cat started mothering the ducklings and let them nurse from her. There was more than enough milk for the newborn ducklings as the cat had just given birth to a litter of kittens previously. Her maternal instincts kicked in when the ducklings were born.

Adopted Family Members

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Ronan and Emma couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The mother cat and her litter quickly adopted the ducklings as one of their own and took care of them.

Motherly Instinct

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It seems like the maternal instinct runs strongly in the cat species. They are willing to take in other species that have been abandoned and raise them as their own. Nature is truly incredible!