Better Than Botox Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

Aging is apart of life, and with age comes wrinkles and grey hair. However, to keep those grey hairs and wrinkles away you won’t need to spend money on overpriced serums, plastic surgery or even creams. Instead, just drive down to your local salon and get a new hairstyle that will make you look young again.

You’ll be amazed how much younger you can look with a fresh new hairstyle. Getting a new hairstyle can seem like a big change, and that’s why we had an app developed where you can scan you face with you phone and test out how you’d look with a new hairstyle before your hairstylist starts to cut. You can find it on the last slide, and don’t worry it’s free 🙂

Reese Witherspoon, 40


This lob is perfect for any age, especially with the side bangs that create a youthful look. With the fringe at the ends, it also creates a less straight, and edgy look.

Lucy Lui, 47


Oil production decreases with age, so be sure if you are keeping your hair long and sleek, you also keep it hydrated. This look is instant botox for anyone that rocks it, so be sure if you don’t want to part with long hair, you keep it sleek.

Oprah, 62


For all the women with curly hair, mid length will keep you looking youthful! The subtle layering rounds out the face resulting in that youthful appearance.

Connie Britton, 49


This is a simple long length with heavy layers, easy to manage in the morning, and is an attention grabber.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 51


Simple long length without layers is another great way to tighten up the face. Just add a few face framing highlights, and you’re all set to go!

Gabrielle Union, 43


Eye level waves in conjunction with soft highlights create a full look that will never look flat.

Jennifer Aniston, 47


This A line bob is sexy, sweet, and youthful! The flirty do promotes movement and volume.

Judi Dench, 81


Pixie cuts are a wonderful easy was to brighten, lighten and tighten the face. They are easy to manage and low maintenance.

Kristen Chenoweth, 48


Short Bob is always a classy way way to spruce up any look. This too is super low maintenance and is always a crowd pleaser.

Jennifer Lopez, 47


This light caramel color is perfectly youthful when paired with any haircut! Be sure to ask for highlights and low lights to get this perfect young look.

Rachel Weisz, 46


Retro-inspired hair will take you back in time without looking older. IT frames the face and adds volume.

Julianne Moore, 55


This voluminous updo with the swept across bangs makes Julianne look way younger than 55!

Nia Long, 45


Perfect dark ringlets are great to turn any look into a younger one! This cut is great because you can style it like this in a causal outfit, or dressed up.

Cameron Diaz, 43


Short with edgy layers is borderline pixie, but we love it. It is super simple and very manageable, there isn’t a color that would look bad with this style.

Jennifer Garner, 44


The light ombre is a subtle way to look younger. It isn’t too ‘in your face’ and with or without curls the light caramel color at the bottom really brings out the youngin’ in you!

Helen Mirren, 68


A short body wave perm, there is nothing better than easy manageable curls.

This look is elegant, and easy. With the perm all you’ll need is some curl serum and you’re out the door!

Michelle Pfeiffer, 58


This messy blonde lob is perfect for anyone with naturally straight hair. Add some light curls to it, and wah-la! You look ten years younger.

Sanaa Lathan, 44


This half up, half down look is formal and sophisticated. It gives just enough facial framework without being overwhelming.

Sandra Bullock, 52


Dark brown with caramel facial highlights, love it! Sandra really pull it off in this photo, the subtle color change really sheds off the years.

Queen Latifah, 46


With darker skin, lighter hair always makes you appear younger. There is nothing more beautiful than this contrast! This is probably one of our favorite youthful looks.

Britney Spears, 34


Flatironed bangs are always a no-go. They are no longer soft and break up her pretty face.

Zooey Deschanel, 36


Straying away from your signature look is always a bad move. See how Zooey is almost unrecognizable without her full bangs.

Anne Hathaway, 33


This is a perfect example of why pixie cuts need bangs. This look is totally different without them.

Katherine Heigl, 37


This is a horrible case of volume going wrong. This look is overly teased, so beware of the overdo.

Jennifer Lawrence, 25


This is just an epic fail! When you get this drastic pixie cut and you don’t have the right face, you end up looking like a soccer mom.

Camilla Belle, 29


This is another cases of bangs gone wrong! This cut makes her look way older than she really is, and it is very harsh.

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