Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium bob hairstyles are diverse and can never go out of style. They are both classic and classy with many styling options. They can look very different denting on whether you have wavy or straight hair, a symmetrical or asymmetrical cut, a shaggy or sleek look. Since you can’t go wrong with a medium bob hairstyle, we have compiled the best versions for you to try. Here are 40 beautiful and convenient medium bob hairstyles…

Textured wavy mid-length cut:

blonde layered bob for thick hair

This bob has been aptly cut, tousled and toned in order to look this good. You can try a bob with angled front pieces with length at the nape. If you happen to have thick hair, styling this haircut will be easy and the result amazing!

Tapered auburn bob:

auburn layered bob for thin hair

If you have fine and medium textured straight hair, this is the haircut for you! For an even classier look, think about pairing your haircut with a rich monochromatic color and go for a lot of volume at the roots when styling it.

Shaved back bob:

bob with nape undercut

Not only will your hair feel super lightweight, but it will hide a surprise with its nape undercut. Since it’s hidden under a top layer of hair, this style is ideal for women who want something edgy yet need to appear conservative for their jobs.

Blonde balayage bob with soft layers:

Blonde Lob With Long Layers

A balayage is really complimented on a bob hairstyle. The effortless look is even more amplified if the haircut is paired with different shades of blonde. Layers, when added, enhance the dimension of the look.

Messy brunette bob with caramel balayage:

Brown Wavy Bob With Highlights

The highlights brighten the dark strands and the loose curls give the hairstyle some texture. For an even more fun and flirty look, you can tousle your hair with mousse.

Choppy inverted bronde bob:

Angled Razored Bob

Why decide between brunette and blonde if you can be both? The bronde trend is here to save your ordeal! To make your original hairstyle even more special, you can go for messy layers teamed with a stacked back.

Classic bob with full straight bangs:

A-Line Bob With Bangs

The bob hairstyle is pretty sophisticated on its own. However, if you want to make it even more stylish, you can add a fringe! Full bangs help keep the haircut looking fresh while adding additional volume to your locks.

Dimensional Blonde Balayage Lob:

Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

This iconic cut can be styled in so many exciting ways. An inverted cut and high contrast balayage can help bring it to life. The final result will not only look cute and feminine, but it will give your hair more movement.

Blunt cut bob with textured layers:

Platinum Collarbone Bob

This accurate cut will greatly benefit from some crisp, blunt ends. The different layers and lengths will make the look less bold, while adding cuteness and a modern finish to it.

Feminine Rosewood Bob with Caramel Balayage:

Layered Rosegold Bob

This cut is classy and feminine. The color is enhanced with the caramel hue. Of course you can experiment with different shades of colors, it will exude girly vibes!

Curly mid-length hairdo:

Curly Dark Brown Bob

This hairstyle might look formal, but it can look great on any casual occasion as well. The curls add fullness to this mid-length haircut, making it suitable for everyday, even more so if you add different brown highlights to it.

Finely chopped honey blonde hair:

Choppy Caramel Bob

This style is elegant and edgy at the same time because it mixes feminine waves with layers. It can be dressed up or down, worn for formal or casual occasions, making it versatile and gorgeous at the same time.

V-cut and razored blonde bob:

Blonde Angled Lob

Teasing out your hair is a good idea to give it extra body and texture. This will make your hairstyle cuter; set it with hairspray for all day volume, especially if you have straight flat hair.

Textured medium hairstyle:

Choppy Bob With Brown Balayage

This above the shoulder hairstyle has obviously been made by a professional. This wavy bob has distinct colors, yet they melt together to produce a subtle and harmonious look.

Wavy shoulder length bob:

mid-length wavy bob with highlights

Hair falling just above the shoulders can gain some extra body by giving it loose waves. Using a large barrel curling iron, the loose waves can help frame the face and show off the highlights. For an even softer look, you can add bangs to it.

Discrete Brown bob for fine hair:

Side-Parted Sleek Blunt Bob

This brunette bob color is subtly lifted by the babylights. These colors melt in seamlessly, adding dimension to the otherwise blunt haircut. That’s another thing to consider to lift up a color, layers and volumes aren’t the only way to do that anymore!

Voluminous layers and dark roots:

Choppy Platinum Bob

A high contrast palette will definitely make a statement. The deep roots and the platinum ends give the haircut so much life and charisma. The volume and added layers amplify its sexy look.

Shaggy bob with Point cut bangs:

Textured Brunette Bob Cut

If you have naturally straight hair, layers and bangs are a good haircut to try. Because straightening bangs when you have naturally curly hair is difficult, and straight hair definitely needs the texture and the body that layers give it.

Inverted blonde bob with messy finish:

Choppy Wavy Blonde Bob

The luscious waves and the bright blonde color give the haircut west coast vibes. It is a warm weather hairstyle, even if you’re not sipping a cocktail on the beach; this haircut will make you believe you are.

Classy angled bob with choppy ends:

Slanted Bob With Textured Layers

To achieve more depth in your hairstyle, ask your stylist to pair a balayage with lowlights in your medium bob. This multidimensional style will give your locks the illusion of being fuller. The effect of fullness is amplified with layers and choppy ends.

Pretty Brown bob with sun-kissed highlights:

Wavy Messy Brunette Bob

If you’ve been growing out your balayage and you’re ready to change your hairstyle, this is the look for you! This bob is elevated with the subtle blonde highlights. You can chop off the bleached ends and give your hair a break from color…. Until next time!

The blunt bob cut:

Blunt Bob With Layers

This classic and easy style never fails. For an even fresher finish, you can brighten it up with platinum highlights. This beautiful haircut is low-maintenance, and easy to wear for day to day looks.

Classic bob for thin hair:

Sleek A-Line Bob

If you have thin hair you can give your strands a boost with this haircut. The layers, when concentrated around the ends, give your hair the appearance of being fuller. This makes thin hair have more body and movement.

Cropped shoulder length cut:

Layered Brown Balayage Bob

A shoulder length bob is many people’s favorites for two reasons: It is short enough to be called a short hairstyle, yet long enough to be styled in different ways. If you are a low maintenance woman who wants an interesting hairstyle but isn’t willing to spend more than 5 minutes in front of the mirror in the morning, this may be the hairstyle for you.

Chic bronde bob for straight hair:

Blunt Side-Parted Bob For Straight Hair

Changing to a side part is a fast and guaranteed way to upgrade any bob. The flipped to the side look is classical and adds romance and flirt to any look. While the blonde color gives the final look more depth and charm.

Disheveled bob style:

Wavy Angled Bob With Platinum Highlights

Bob cuts amplify the texture of your hair, this way you won’t have to worry about frizz of flyaways. A comb and mousse will keep your locks tame and gorgeous.

Flawless caramel brown bob:

A-Line Bob For Straight Hair

This sleek and natural look is perfect for women on the go or those who just want an effortlessly polished look. This caramel hued mid-length bob is the best for busy days.

Tousled sandy blonde bob:

Blonde Balayage Bob With Stretched Roots

The blowout elevates the cut, while showing off the dye job. Blow out your bob every time you need a classy yet simple hairstyle.

Messy blonde bob with jagged ends:

Choppy Wavy Collarbone Bob

Perfectly imperfect waves make any look instantly prettier. To recreate this bob, use a large barrel curling wand on medium heat. Start by wrapping small sections around it and hold for a few seconds. After you’ve done all your strands, comb the curls through with your fingers and voila!

Grey bob with layers:

Ash Brown Layered Bob With Highlights

Aside from the grey color, this bob is unique because it benefits from wispy layers that have been brushed away from the face. It is longer in the front and shorter in the back, just like a lot of layered bob haircuts.

Long choppy platinum bob:

Gray Choppy Lob

A bright platinum color is the perfect idea to brighten up this classical look. Added benefits of the hairstyle include how bold and daring it is, as well as its ability to cover up any grey hairs.

Delicately layered messy brown bob:

Layered Bob For Wavy Hair

Layers add movement and volume, they also help accentuate the balayage colors. A little tousle gives the bob a cool and modern finish, while the layers and color make the end result livelier and more romantic.

Choppy Brown blonde balayage bob:

Choppy Brown Blonde Balayage Bob

This hairstyle might be simple and natural, yet it definitely makes a statement. Free flowing bobs are versatile, when paired with highlights and lowlights they make for a classy yet romantic style.

Angled Sunny blonde bob for straight hair:

Slanted Lob With Textured Ends

A sleek bob hairstyle is a great way to showcase a hair color. In this case, it emphasizes the boldness of the hairstyle while complementing the shape of the cut and the svelte modern allure of the haircut.

Collarbone honey blonde bob:

Side-Parted Bob For Fine Hair

Medium length bob haircuts are stylish, versatile and super feminine. It has endless styling options and a beautiful sweep. If you find yourself missing those extra inches, go for a long bob or a lob instead.

Curly asymmetrical cut:

Blonde Wavy Angled Bob

This style goes with an asymmetrical cut and side swept layers, because it takes a cue from the direction of the hair’s natural wave. This bob style really flaunts the natural kink in any hair.

Wild chopped bob with disconnected layers:

Messy Edgy Bob

This cut would be standard if it weren’t for the wispy layers and the messy waves. The subtle caramel hues help create a balanced and sophisticated hairdo.

Classy rounded bob:

Brown Bob With Subtle Highlights

This cut might be classic, but it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. Mermaid hued highlights help add a bit of personal style and personality to an otherwise flat hairstyle. You can try pink, lavender or even teal, there is no right and wrong!

Ash blonde razored bob with bangs:

Blonde Bob With Long Side Bangs

This hairstyle is contemporary yet classy at the same time. It goes well with any face shape, and is a universally flattering style. The gray and platinum colors help give the look a modern and edgy feel.

Gorgeous bob with enhanced crown:

Voluminous Angled Lob For Fine Hair

This cute medium bob has one rule: the bigger, the better! It has a lot of volume because of the many layers. The high crown effect can be further amplified by teasing the hair section at the crown of the head.