According to Celebrity Hairstylists, Your Hair Needs Argan Oil

Most adolescents use various types of chemical-based products to strengthen their hair. But Argan oil for hair is the only product that can take care of your strands. Most of the celebrity hairstylists consider Argan oil derived from the kernel of a native tree to Morocco, Argan tree, as the most beneficial oil for hair.

The reviews of some of the celebrity hairstylists including Kevin Hughes and Andrew Fitzsimons have been provided here under to understand the benefits of Argan oil for hair.

According to Kevin Hughes, the artistic director of Moroccanoil, and Andrew Fitzsimons, Argan oil offers a number of benefits for your hair as it is richly composed of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. You should use this oil if you want to make your hair more manageable and soft.

Hughes said that Argan oil is being used for a long time for a number of benefits including softening and hydrating hair with the help of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants found in it. It can also restore shine and elasticity in your insensitive and dull hair as its powerful antioxidants can also neutralize free radicals, and protect your hair from UV rays.

Fitzsimons was of the view that the richness of antioxidant properties and vitamin E in Argan oil can help in neutralizing the damage to hair caused by free radicals as well as chemical treatments, hot tools, and day-to-day pollution. It can protect your follicles from breakage and splitting due to vitamin E present in it.

Ways to use Argan Oil

According to celebrity hairstylists, Argan oil for hair can be used in different ways to get the most out of it. You can use Argan oil as:

A heat protectant spray: Fitzsimons said that the health of hair means a lot for his clients. In order to ensure the best condition of their hair, he has to find products like silk protein that can protect their hair as much as possible. So, to protect their hair from the heat he uses Argan oil as a heat protectant as it not only conditions their hair but also nourishes them to provide them easily styling silky hair.

A conditioner: Fitzsimons further said that richness of vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, and nutrients like omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid makes Argan oil the best hair conditioner. It makes their hair shinier, softer, frizz-free and easily manageable due to all of its nourishing elements.

A hair oil: Hughes said that to maintain the health and shine of the hair it is necessary to use oil-based high-quality products like Argan oil so that they can enter into the strands.

A hair mask: He further said that for damaged hair the hair mask of Argan oil can be the best treatment as worn-out hair shafts can be smoothened due to vitamin E in it. Moreover, omega fatty acids in it can strengthen your hair by wearing a mask for 15-30 minutes only.

A scalp treatment: Hughes also said that the richness of antioxidants in Argan oil can help in treating the scalp effectively. It can reduce itchiness, dandruff and other problems caused by inflammation of the scalp.

A styling product: According to Fitzsimons, Argan oil is the best to define curly strands due to its anti-frizz properties. It is also good to give shine to their hair.