80 Stunning Hairstyles For Women Over 40 That Will Make You Feel 10 Years Younger

As you start to age, you often wonder what you can do to your look to make it more youthful. Your hairstyle is one of the big keys to your image, so you should choose which one showcase your best light.

After 40, many women consider this to be the time to live life to the fullest. You don’t have to choose something different from what you liked before just because you are over 40 though. No matter how old a woman is, she remains a woman. Go ahead and pick your favorite bob, pixie or graded cut because they are timeless. Simpler styles are what you should stick to the older you become. Soft lines that keep locks off the face and clean cuts should be your preference. Though there’s no need to give up the idea of wearing bangs. Model Kris Jenner by wearing wispy bangs that reach your eyebrows or soft side waves like Kathy Hilton’s.

Try a short-to-medium version of a cheeky pixie or a bob haircut if you have fine hair. Tease it at the roots for some volume. Layered medium/long styles lend themselves to thick hair, but you can also try long bobs and extra short pixies.

All women over 40 have the common problem of grey hairs. Most women opt for a blondish or caramel hue because lighter tones are easy to maintain, but a fair amount opt for intelligent shades such as dark chocolate, auburn, or burgundy. Try to avoid drastic highlights- the idea is to look modern and elegant.

#1: Medium Layered Haircut

Fair complexions will look great with this stunning cut. It has subtle honey highlights and discrete layers. The seamless style is achieved by having top layers cut shorter with the longest locks grazing your shoulders. This ‘do is easy to maintain while still looking great. Style the tips with a round brush and complete the look with side-swept bang.

#2: Short Auburn Bob with Layers

Make sure if you choose a layered bob, that it is styled to show the dynamic cut. These shorter brushed back layers create a cool variant of feathered hair.

#3: Medium Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

Age doesn’t make you have restrictions on hairstyles. If it fits your hair type, personality, and flatters your face, go for it! But one rule women in their 50’s have lived by is to go with short and medium voluminous hairstyles. Take a look at this layered style with soft highlights.

#4: Sleek Blonde Bob with Elongated Front

If you’re looking to keep your hair in the short to mid-length range, you might want to consider an elegant long bob. An asymmetrical angled bob is a great choice for women with round face shapes. It adds structures and adds a little lift to your look. Blend long layers in the front into your hair to finish the look.

#5: Straight Blonde Bob with Bangs

This bob is a classic style that works for every ago. Though it is important to find the right length, shape, and color that plays up your features. To finish out the look, add a fringes and soft highlights around your face.

#6: Medium White Blonde Feathered Hairstyle

Women over 50 can transform their medium-to-short hairstyles with strategically cut layers. To give your mane some volume and lift, feathery layers are a great option if you have fine, thin hair. This is a very popular style among ladies over 50. It is low maintenance and helps retain that youthful goal.

#7: Hairstyle with Feathery Layers and Nape Undercut

Older women that are tired of the upkeep of longer tresses should consider choosing to keep the hair short and tidy. To keep some volume, the feathered stacked layers are paired with cute side bangs.

#8: Brown Blonde Layered Hairstyle

This seems like a complicated style to do at home due to the way the layers fall, but it isn’t! Opt for some feathered layers in your mane so when you’re blow drying just use a round brush to flick the ends to the back. To finish your look, spritz with hairspray.

#9: Soft Curly Blonde Bob

Curly or wavy-haired women would benefit from a style that embraces the natural texture of their hair. The only thing you have to do is wash and go.

#10: Mid-Length Hairdo with Bangs

In over 50 hairstyles, sometimes longer hair isn’t the most flattering, especially if you have finer hair. But if you still love long haircuts, opt for the right layering like in the photo below. Hairstyles just a few inches past the shoulders are great.

#11: Medium Blonde Balayage Hairstyle with Dynamic Layers

Middle aged doesn’t mean boring hairstyle. When you’re 50 plus, there’s many things you can do with medium hairstyles. Maybe try sassy layers and some highlights to add brightness to your style.

#12: Blonde Cropped Hairstyle

You don’t see your style from the back most times, but the right cut will look good from all angles. Opt for a style with feathered layers that gracefully tapers towards the neck. It creates a thicker head of hair.

#13: Short Crop With Side Bangs

Women over 50 love short haircuts for a rease. Try something cropped short in the back with the bangs kept longer when considering your favorite short style. The pixie below is a beautiful example.

#14: Platinum Balayage Bob with Flicked Ends

Blend your natural grays into trendy color jobs using balayage to melt darker blondes or browns with your gray. Create soft movement by cutting in long layers.

#15: Medium Hair with Sweeping Layers

A sophisticated polish comes from being styled with a brush. They add a bit of movement by being gently brushed back off the face.

#16: Over 50 Medium Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

You have the freedom let your curls loosely fall on your shoulders with medium length hair. Add in long layers and light blonde highlights to add more dimension to your curls and tie the style together. For a 1970’s shag vibe, pair a point cut fringe with your ringlets.

#17: Short Layered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

It is important to know how layers work with your style- long or short. Bring the perfect evenness and smoothness by opting for a long straight pixie with layers.

#18: Choppy Bronde Pixie

If you prefer to maintain a cropped cut, the classic pixie style is for you. To prevent your thick hair from filling out the pixie cut too much, opt for choppy layers.

#19: Mid-Length Hairstyle with Overlapping Layers

It’s important to add flow and movement to your cut with mid-length styles. This haircut is easy to style and the overlapping layers have a nice wave effect.

#20: Short Piece-y Crop

Piece-y crops can be just as elegant as sleek crops. To enhance texture and define layers, use a mousse or styling gel. This creates a totally cool look.

#21: Reverse-Ombre for Short Grey Hair

A traditional ombre starts dark at the top and ends in a lighter hue, but if you reverse the ombre, it makes everything brighter and adds depth. The contrast helps maintain a youthful look while its perfect if you’re not ready to go grey all over.

#22: Medium-Length Golden Bob

Most people assume you have to sacrifice length and color for women over 50, but they’re wrong and this golden bob is evidence.Paired with a sleek, voluminous bob, blonde balayage creates a sophisticated and chic vibe perfect for any woman.

#23: Short-to-medium Hairstyle with Layers

If you aren’t ready for a pixie cut, but you want a cropped style, the in-between collar bone length is perfect. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a weird length when you throw in some swooping layers.

#24: Shoulder-Grazing Wispy Cut

Choose a style that works with texture if you’re dealing with fine hair. A layered, wispy cut will put movement into boring strands.

#25: Warm and Wavy Lob

Consider this if you’re in search of modern ‘dos. The lob lends itself to a lived-in look due to alternating curls, but the side-swept bang gives a polished feel. A youthful energy is given by the brunette shade.

#26: Long Feathered Pixie with Sideburns

Sideburns are definitely for ladies. This can be your new go-to style with it’s sassy take on a classic pixie cut. The voluminous feathered layers balances in femininity with men’s style.

#27: Feathered Blonde Balayage Pixie

Don’t have the added stress of fussing about your hair when you’re constantly on the go. This is a stacked pixie cut that’s perfect for thin hair. With a boost of volume and a flattering shape due to the feathered layers, you’ll have way less work to do.

#28: Buttery Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Grey roots respond better to bleach than being covered with color which makes blonde a popular choice for older women. The stunning blonde looks great at any age, and the re-growth is less noticeable against a lighter hue.

#29: Long Bombshell Red Locks

Over 50 haircuts and styles don’t have to be boring with this vivacious, spunky hairdo. Blonde accents with a red base warms up your complexion, too!

#30: Brown Hairstyle with Flicks and Bangs

Romantic side-bangs and a flicked-out style livens up a collarbone-length hair. Layer in caramel highlights for a pop of color to brighten up your face and make you youthful.

#31: Choppy Tapered Hairstyle for Women Over 50

There is a distinct texture and appealing shape to modern short haircuts. This is a pixie style makes a statement with a tapered silhouette that arches above the ear.

#32: Blonde Pixie

For good reason, most middle aged women choose a pixie cut. The feeling of length on the top and in the front that the tapered silhouette gives is chic. It’s important to keep the hair at thenape short, but otherwise, there’s little daily maintenance.

#33: Over 50 Messy Pixie Bob Hairstyle

This messy long pixie isn’t meant to look polished, it’s meant to embrace the undone look. The movement comes from the staggered layers and the perfect imperfectness comes from the irregular part. For long faces, the layers and waves helps balance the length of the face.

#34: Medium Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Short and medium ‘dos are much more popular with older women than long hairstyles.

If you still want some length for free-flowing hair, ask for layered collarbone cut that will liven up your thin hair, boost texture and make it really cute.

#35: Mid-length Hairstyle with Body-Building Layers

Opt for a cut that has smart layers to build the necessary volume if your hair is not naturally that voluminous.Pair them with bangs so then all you have to do is tousle the lengths, tease the roots and dust with some hairspray for an easy, effortless-looking style for women over 50.

#36: Medium Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

You can have beach-worthy hair everyday with long, angled layers and a seamless side bangs. Give a strawberry blonde a try if you are needing an update on your color.

#37: Round Brush Bob

There are short womens hairstyles that can help soften an angular face. After a quick round brush session, this layered bob is sure to have gentle, curved lines perfectly complimenting your features.

#38: Layered Bronde Bob Over 50

A multi-toned color and some choppy layers make this bob crop. The pixie-cut vibe comes from the texture the layers give without having to give up the collarbone-length.

#39: Long Bangs, Short Crown

Don’t like the up keep of long lock, but love face-framing layers? Here’s a style for that. You can still run your fingers through it and tuck it behind the ear if you keep the front of your hair long and sleek, but opt to have short layers in the back to elevate your crown.

#40: Blunt Nape-Length Bob

There are always ladies out there who prefer a precise haircut even though tousled hair is in. If you want a accurate and smooth cut for thick straight hair, try this chic bob.

#41: Layered Auburn Hairstyle

Turning 50 doesn’t mean getting rid of long hair. This is the look for you if you have always wanted bangs and tousled layers falling just below the shoulder line. The deep layers create a contrast with your skin tone perfect for anytime.

#42: Highlights and Lowlights in Medium Length Cut

You don’t have to go super short if long hair isn’t your thing. This look has fullness and dimension at the perfect medium length. Light and dark strands mixed throughout soft layers is a perfect haircut for older women.

#43: Blonde Graduated Bob

Over 50 doesn’t have to mean complicated or even boring hair. This is a lift on a modern day bob that has a pearl blonde base with stacked layering to add height. There are some easy styling options that are sure to have you on your way in no time.

#44: Bold and Spiky Pixie

To highlight your natural beauty use color to emphasize a minimalist cut. It may look sophisticated but it’s incredibly easy to style. Style with wax to get those sassy spikes and a swept towards the front look.

#45: Shiny and Short Bob with Long Layers

When you’re aiming to be on trend, but not look like you tried too hard, this cut and color is for you. It is simply elegant and modern. The undertones are slightly darkers on a light base and the fresh feel comes from the long layers and slightly angled cut.

#46: Medium Style with Blonde Highlights

There are plenty of stunning medium and long options even though a lot of hairstyles for women over 50 are cropped. If you want some length without being Rapunzel, something that hits around the shoulders is perfect.

#47: Blonde Lob with Long Bangs

If you’re still not sure whether a long bob is for you, talk to your hairdresser. They can show you different options, but if you want layers around your face and some swooping bangs, this look is a good option.

#48: Layered Bob with Highlights

There are so many different bobs, but it is amazing how adding some layers can amp up an old style. They can be angled and they work for both thin and thick hair.

#49: Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Flicked Out Ends

Overly complicated is not needed here. Aim for healthy hair with a nice finish like this hairdo. The ends have been layered which works for formal or regular work days.

#50: Soft Layered Nape-Length Bob for Blondes

A smooth bob is a great option for showing off your color with blonde hair. You don’t want a choppy but to distract from your color, so keep your layers simple. Your color does all the work with this cut.

#51: Short Hair with Long Multi-colored Bangs

This is a short style with a edgy twist that is a great look to show off a face with glasses. Fun hair can still happen even in short styles for women over 50. This look proves it with the multicolored bangs and the shine that bounces off the burgundy base.

#52: Long Platinum Pixie in a Tousled Style

Fine blonde hair is flattered by a long tousled pixie. If you have the right amount of volume and texture, the style looks current and delicate.

#53: Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers in the Back

To look nice and purposeful, ‘dos for women over 50 often incorporate gray into the color job. Show off your natural color with this cut. The natural grays are blended with subtle highlights and the layers are cut shorter in the back for some lift which makes this a great ‘do.

#54: Layered Graduated Bob

It’s still a popular idea that short to medium hairdos that are filled with volume tend to work great on middle aged women. If you’re looking for this, add more layers and gradually go short. But hey, age is just a number.

#55: Textured Razor Cut Bob

This sassy look will grow with you whether you have blonde balayage or dark hair. It is perfect for those 50 year olds that still want to show off their sexy side. Add a little bit of styling product and thrown in some waves with a curling iron and you’re ready to take on the world.

#56: Layered Bob with Blonde Baby-lights

This adorable cut is perfect for 50 year olds utilizes loads of layers that remove weight from heavy, thick hair, add movement, and provide height around the crown for a face slimming effect. Make the layers pop by adding blonde babylights at the tips.

#57: Neat Layered Two-Tone Bob

When choosing a haircut for your 50’s, polished is sometimes the way to go. Get sleek layers on a cropped bob to stay hassle-free. At a little bit of personality by added a sophisticated balayage.

#58: Wispy Balayage Bob

Youth is synonymous with youth so consider a style with piece-y layers that you can push off your face for a fresh feel. You’re likely to shave ten years off your appearance if you pair that with a balayage.

#59: Short Blonde Hair with Long Bangs

This cut looks beautiful with light hair and is so simple and modern. This style is easy to maintain with shorter strands in the back that lengthen as you come towards the face. To add some contrast, throw in some soft highlights.

#60: Long Hair with Bangs for Over 50

This style shouts femininity and romance. Rock it as long as you want if you commit to healthy tresses. The youth and structure comes from soft piecey curls and the bangs!

#61: Wavy Bob Haircut with Heavy Fringe

If you’re looking for a youthful look, a wavy finish is a good choice. Play up the tousled texture by adding some beach blonde highlights.

#62: Choppy Stacked Bob

The biggest appeal to stacked bobs is their ability to be wash and go. Thin hair types and thicker hair can all benefit from the chunky layers that make the hair voluminous.

#63: Bob with Bangs for Middle Aged Women

Think about a sassy short to medium haircut. A razored bob that is playful and flirty isn’t just for the young. Falling anywhere between the shoulders and the chin, medium length hairstyles are a superb idea for customizing a classic cut. Frame your face with choppy ends and a dark chocolate color and you’re fabulous.

#64: Tousled Haircut with Dark Underside

One unexpected element is all it takes for short haircuts to be modern and cool. Stick with this simple rule and hairstyles for women over 50 are a breeze. The contrasting underside in this short layered cut is a fresh take on a classic bob.

#65: Light Copper Bob with Blonde Highlights

Give a new shade a try if you want to keep your style looking fresh and young. You could easily have rocked this in your 20’s with the thin blonde highlights and copper tones, but no one’s stopping you now.

#66: Medium Layered Haircut with Feathered Bangs

A teased crown and medium layers paired with feathered bangs that sweep above your forehead is dramatic and fun. Cut the layers as choppy as you wished because this style for older women will still look great.

#67: Short Feathered Gray Hairstyle

Channel past decades with a twist. Teased roots and feathery layers brings back the ‘80’s with this do that is perfect for your natural gray.

#68: Cute Layered Gray Pixie

If you want to compliment your favorite frames, a layered pixie is the way to go. The side bangs completes the crop with V-cut layers and creates a flattering structure like no other.

#69: Blonde Slanted Bob with Layers

Layers and highlights are a dynamic duo that easily amps up styles for women over 50. Flattering both straight and curly textures, this slanted bob is a great choice.

#70: Choppy and Wavy Bronde Lob

If you’re not ready to cut your hair short, try this youthful modern lob. Add in light brown and sandy blonde highlights give a great bronde effect.

#71: Sassy and Sexy Pixie

This style is a raven pixie that has a feathery finish that is irresistible. It’s just a bit sassy and contemporary, perfect for a woman over 50 looking for class and style.

#72: Flipped Blonde Lob

This style has a dignified feel with the clean lines and classic hairstyle. It is made lovelier by the layering through the mid-ear point.

#73: Lisa-Rinna-Like

Opt for layering down the mid-ear point for a signature style that is perfect for medium thick hair. Add in texture and dimension with medium brown highlights.

#74: Classic Blonde Bob

This ageless bob is perfect with its side parting and grading that frames the face and suits older women with straight fine hair.

#75: Elegant Off-Centered Downdo

Introduce some face framing grading for thick and medium length hair. The illusive highlights compliments beautiful tresses looking very sun-kissed.

#76: Sassy Silver Over Pixie

Gray hairs appear in sassy, modern styles despite being a fear of most older women. Shattered outlines in this chic pixie is a perfect choice to embrace the gray.

#77: Shoulder Length Waves

Round and square faces lend themselves to center-parted waves that just barely kiss the cheeks. To refresh the look and bring out your eyes, opt for subtle caramel highlights.

#78: Smart Ultra-Short Bob

For oval faces, very short bobs with graded edges and volume on top are a perfect match. Bring out your dark brown eyes with chocolate feathers in black hair.

#79: Edgy Layered Hairstyle

For women over 50 that understand their age is just a number, try a layered razor cut. If you opt for a noble hue like burgundy you are sure to turn heads.

#80: Enhanced Elegance

For fair skin and green eyes, long golden blonde is perfect. Add long side-swept bangs and supple curls for a beautiful elegance.

These were some great pictures to take to the salon. Bring out your personality and choose a style that reflects it. You are charming, young, and jovial, so show the world!