70 Light Medium Layered Haircuts For Women Who Know They Are Fabulous

When taking into account hectic modern life, every woman wants a practical hairstyle that shows off their femininity. In this article, you’ll see today’s most popular and universal medium length layered cuts. You’ll be shocked at the different styles and colors this base will cater to. And of course you’ll certainly find one that is right for you. However there are a few simple rules to looking chic everyday.

Layered haircuts are most interesting than one-length as a rule because they have much more versatile shapes. There should be at least two layers with shorter tresses around the face to be considered a layered haircut. However, you can have as many as you want. Don’t forget to consider your ends.Do you want them blunt and choppy or smooth subtle with thin delicate feathers. You can come up with so many styles you haven’t tried before by experimenting with layers and finishes for your ends.

#1: The Perfect Bedhead

medium layered haircut for thick hair

Layers add volume, texture, and depth which make them a great choice for mid-length hair. It gives you a touch of variety without sacrificing length. For brunettes, subtle highlights in brown tones are a nice touch.

#2: Feathered V-Layers

Reminiscent of a horse’s mane flying in the breeze, this v-layered style is majestic. Medium layered haircuts are manageable in length with enough to work with. Longer layers in the back draw the eye downward while the short feathered layers frame the face.

#3: Shoulder Length Haircut with Flicked Ends

Consider spicing up your medium to long cut with flicked, choppy ends. Though layers add interest and definition to all styles, flicked ends are perfect if you like just a quick blow-dry styling. The flicked out layers are held best by thick hair types.

#4: Swoopy Layers for Mid-Length Hair

Incorporate swoopy layers to your mid-length hair to add some definition. If you face shape is oval or long, this layered style lends itself, but it can actually work on almost every face shape.

#5: Layered Wavy Lob

Long bobs are versatile, modern and flattering on everyone. Featuring shorter layers in the back to add volume without weighing it down, this hand-painted lob is beautiful and flirty.

#6: Long Layers for Messy Lob

So many women gravitate to the lob because it lets you keep length while wearing your hair short. Opt for longer layers versus a blunt cut to be playful and polished.

#7: Choppy Waves Ahead

Take this example if you want to create a new style with layers. The dimension of layers is eye-catching, but the longer side bangs give a it more height in the top. For a look that is bright and bouncy, use a light blonde highlight all over.

#8: Mid-Length Haircut with Side Layers

To get dimension, layers are great, but they don’t have to go all over your head. Side layers frame your face with this mid-length style. It particularly lends itself to oval face shapes or long necks.

#9: Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

If you are look for a bold look, feathered layers are at the top. With fine hair, this look can fall flat, but for ladies with textured, thick hair this style lends itself. Ask your stylist to create your layers with a razor to get the feathered look.

#10: Wispy Layers for Wavy Haircut

Try out some wispy layers if you already have some natural wave to add just the right amount of texture without overpowering the style of your hair. With dimensional highlights and mid-length tresses, this style lends itself to you.

#11: Medium Hairstyle with Layered Bottom

If you concentrate the layers at the bottom of your tresses, even straight hair can benefit from them. This works especially well if you have thick hair to lighten it up.

#12: Medium Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair becomes best friends with a medium layered hair style. With this fresh cut, your hair won’t appear heavy. Some much needed movement comes from layers in thick hair, otherwise you could end up with a blocky look.

#13: Two-Tier Lob for Thick Hair

Thick hair has some room to play around in the dimension category. A polished appearance comes from a two-tiered lob that avoids choppy layers. Consider this cut if you wear your hair straight.

#14: Point Cut Bob with Caramel Balayage

If you’ve got plain, straight hair and are bored, try to soften it up with a point cut bob. If you cut the hair at an angle it has instant texture. Fresh caramel balayage looks great with a point cut bob, but it can really work with any hair hue.

#15: V-Cut Layers for Thick Hair

V cut layers are a great option for medium length layered cuts. Layers surrounding your face draw towards the longer back for a beautiful style that lets the v-cut layers shine.

#16: Swoopy, Dynamic Layers

A better swoop comes with bigger hair. For hair with volume and texture, layers of this nature are perfect. The hair looks sleek and full of movement with the swoopy layers.

#17: Layered and Flipped

If you medium length hair looks heavy or you want to make your long hair shorter, this is a style for you. The layers start in the middle of the length and continue down in stacked pieces. The result is an adorable, bouncy haircut that has plenty of volume and movement. Use a straightener, curling iron or blow dryer with a round brush to really flip those ends.

#18: Sleek, Straight, and Layered

The upkeep and styling are easy with this simple, sweet cut. Create a sassy, tousled ‘do by using your blow dryer and some product to keep layers distinct. This style even works during a growing out process.

#19: Long Layers for Medium Length Hair

In medium hair that falls past the shoulders, long layers are lovely and a bit subtle. The reverse ombre is also subtle but oh so pretty.

#20: Caramel Lob with Delicate Layers

You don’t have to go crazy with layers to have a layered hairstyle. For fine hair, delicate layers work best. Use layers like highlights- only use them where they add interest and dimension.

#21: Shaggy Lob with Beach Waves

For a girl who desires a medium cut with layers, beachy waves are an easy go to that takes away the stress of styling. To achieve a laid back effect, layers don’t need to be curled or blown out, they are more organic in nature.

#22: Medium Hairstyle with Perky Feathery Layers

For a woman seeking pizzazz, medium hair is ideal. For a woman with the weight of long hair, or a shorter style, the feathered layers might overpower or fall flat, but a medium length holds the layers well.

#23: Soft Medium Length Shag

Color with a layered haircut is a beautiful combination. Take this honey blonde layered bob for example. The balayage highlights are face framing and adorable. The texture, color and length can’t be beat!

#24: Fringy Layers and Dimensional Highlights

You’ll need layers to match the variety if you have more than one tone in your hair. Multi-dimensional color comes to life with fringy layers.

#25: Layered, Flipped and Tousled

This style may look effortless, but it actually requires some heat styling. However, with some practice, it can be perfected within 20 minutes or maybe less.

#26: Bob Cut with Symmetrical Swoopy Layers

This unique layered hairstyle plays on symmetry rather than variety. Consider consistent, even layers if you want a polished medium length hairstyle.

#27: Mid-Length Cut with Curled Layers

Try some curl and volume to dress up a mid-length style. Give lift to the roots and flick the ends by blow drying with a round brush. Or instead of a round brush, use a curling iron to define the ends for some added texture.

#28: Shoulder Length Cut with Jagged Ends

Ask your stylist to use a razor on your mid-length hair to create jagged ends that provide emphasis rather than falling flat like blunt ends. Blow out to make your layers pop or let it air dry for a relaxed vibe.

#29: Layered Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

If your hair is extra thick, layers can add style to the hair. Throw in some lively flicked layers to create shoulder length hair that wows. Enhance the layers with caramel highlights to really amp up your look.

#30: Loose and Layered

This cut is elegant, simple and easy to style. There are just enough long layers to create lift, bounce and much needed movement.

#31: Curly Layered Bob

Incorporate layers in your hair when you have volume in a short style. It provides a more modern and flattering shape for the bob and also keeps the attention on your stunning face.

#32: Platinum Layered Side Part

Medium length styles can be transformed to suit any style which makes them super popular. A classy option for everyday wear is a side part balayage style.

#33: Medium Coffee Colored Bob

You need volume to keep your hair from looking flat if it’s fine. The solution is choppy layers that gives the appearance of lightness, movement and thickness.

#34: Medium Cut with Side Bangs

Without the right color and style, texture does not look it’s best in medium haircuts. With face framing layers and a rich polished shade of brown undone waves are a chic, effortless look.

#35: Middle Part and Medium Length

If you love versatility in hairstyles, medium long cuts are perfect. To thin the ends, use a razor to do the layers. It will make you hair more flattering and won’t take away from your face.

#36: Contrasting Medium Layered Cut

With this look, you won’t have to choose between warm tones and cool tones. It is amazing for women who have warm complexions that want to have warm tones in their layers by give the desired effect without making you look orange.

#37: Chic Medium Shag

The chicest looks are the most effortless looks nowadays. Layered hairstyles makes even the messiest cuts appear elegant. Pair with a soft red lip and flirty lashes and you’ve got a chic, effortless look.

#38: Messy Medium Layered Cut

When you have fine hair, always remember to give texture to the ends to give the illusion of thickness. Long and light layered bangs blend really well with the rest of the hair.

#39: Blonde Bombshell Layers

This layered hairstyle has longer layers that create lines flowing towards the back, making it a perfect 10! Red undertones with a golden overall color is guaranteed to turn heads.

#40: Heat-Free Layered Hairstyle

This messy textured style doesn’t require hot tools or a lot of time. A haircut with structure and a texturizing spray is the key to this wash and go style.

#41: Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Create lift, body and shape with V-cut layers. Essential for medium length and long tresses, layers keep hair from being too heavy. A fresh take on the shag, layered hair is a cute look.

#42: 70’s Layers

There’s so much less to work with when you have fine hair so it can be tricky. A variety of layers sit on the shoulders, while long tapered bangs frame the face. Both pay homage to the age of discos and roller skates.

#43: Salty Beach Blonde Layers

A choppy style is fun and easy to maintain which makes short-to-medium layered hairstyles great. Use a sea salt spray to give texture to the back. To brighten and finish the look, opt for blonde highlights.

#44: Gentle Waves and Curls

If you are looking for a new medium hairstyle, this one’s for you. These chocolate waves are boosted by chestnut highlights while the ends are fringed to great texture.

#45: Medium Length Bedhead

Mid-length hair is easy to style and completely versatile. Once you have layers in various lengths, just give them a tousle and you’re good to go. It takes no time, but is effortlessly sexy.

#46: Medium Length Waves

Typically, the shorter hair is, the longer it will hold curls and waves. Waves and loose curls like these will last and last if you have layers within a medium length cut.

#47: Layered Radiant Orchid Hair

This shoulder length hair is a masterpiece. Layers become dimensional when enhance by color. This means you dive right into them with your eyes.

#48: Brown and Blonde Feathers

Layered cuts are cut and can work for all hair types. Create this look by feathering the top layer while adding chunky, longer layers in the back.

#49: Shag with Bangs

Complete a wild style with bangs. Light, thin layered strands peek out from the back and the sides while the bangs are combed down from the crown for a fun and flirty look.

#50: Back Angel Wings

Charlie’s Angels made this ‘do popular, but this is a longer version that we love for thin hair because the angel wings do so much thinner locks. Ask your stylist to feather the ends of layers then comb out and up with a round brush and a blow dryer to get the perfect style and texture.

#51: Formal but Free Layers

A greater variety of styles comes from having layered hair. For example, this look has soft, delicate layers perfect for a medium thickness and length. It’s mid-tone brown highlights dress it both up or down.

#52: Medium Rose Layers

You do not have to be boring or conservative with your shoulder length cut. You can take a traditional style and make it fresh with a bold color. A rose shade with hints of yellow is exciting and definitely fashionable.

#53: Layered A-Line with Razored Ends

This is a beautiful take on an A-line for bob lovers with medium hair. This one uses layers to a stunning effect, though not many bobs have layers. They fan out and flip up in the back where the hair is short and the angles in the front frame the face and balance out the back.

#54: Windswept Layers

Despite its look, this hairdo is not actually windswept. It is however the amazing look you’ll recieve if you have a quality blowout on a layered cut.

#55: Medium Length Cascade

This sweet and soft look doesn’t take much upkeep or styling. The two-tiered hairstyle comes from layers that begin at the chin level with some fun feathers at the bottom.

#56: Medium Angled Purple Bob

The combination of contrasting colors is the highlight of this haircut. It has a fun mix of both hard and soft hues. These color solution create a fresh take on medium length hairstyles for women.

#57: Ebony Waves

Women started wearing their hair down and shorter in the 1920’s and medium length hair has been popular ever since. These sweeping layers a curled just a bit and brushed back giving this layered bob a sleek and gorgeous look.

#58: Effortlessly Tousled

The bedhead look is easy to style and totally sexy. It also applies for many shoulder length layered styles. All you have to do is give it a quick brush, mist some texturizing spray and you’re done!

#59: Medium Middle Part Hairstyle

The boho chic trend is evident with middle parted medium layered cut. For a daily routine all you have to do is part the hair, add some texturizing product and you’re good to go.

#60: Marsala Color and Layers

Marsala or other vine hues make a bold look on a layered hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling. Just give it a quick blow dry after the shower.

#61: Burgundy Bob with Long Layers

Incorporate long layers to match your burgundy color. To still have the appearance of longer longs while rocking a bob, op for layers that are longer and sleek.

#62: Sensitivity

Though a collarbone bob cut doesn’t require a lot of layering, it will look better with some layering in the front tresses and bangs. However you can keep the back one length.

#63: Choppy Lob with Uneven Layers

A long a pretty lob screams fresh. Edgy and jagged layers make styling easy especially if you are creating texture with hot tools.

#64: Medium Haircut with Fiery Ombre Layers

If you love the popular ombre style, then complete it with a medium length layered cut. Focus the layers at the bottom where the color is bright.

#65: Long Angled Bob with Chopped Layers

Fun, choppy layers take an angled bob from severe to laid back. Angle the layers down towards the front and shorter in the back to refresh the angled bob look.

#66: Layered Haircut with Cropped Lock on the Crown

A classic layered cut is the base of this hairstyle. To boost volume on the crown, shortened lock are placed there. Fine locks and a round face will look great with this style. If you want to maintain the shape, just use some hair powder.

#67: Celebrities Love Layers

Cameron Diaz look absolutely adorable with her layered, tousled blonde locks which is why she stick to mid-length layered cuts. You need some lift at the roots and ends shaped with a curling iron to recreate her look. However, you can have a side-part like Cameron, or switch it up and have it center parted.

#68: Ash Blonde Bob with LIght Long Layers

Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed with fine, blonde hair. For movement that will still look natural, keep layers light and soft. If you’ve got a layered cut with bangs, don’t shy away from framing your face which will create a smooth transition.

#69: Brunette Messy Shag

One of the most preferred medium length layered cuts today is the shag. You don’t have to abandon your polished look, however. Opt for staggered layered for an awesome texture that doesn’t sacrifice length.

#70: Straight Layered tresses in A-line Hairstyles

Free falling straight tresses are a great alternative to curls. Ideally, a flat iron is the best tool to achieve the pin-straight look with natural shine. This ‘do is for everyday or evening.

Layered haircuts have become classics, which is a title much deserved because they have gained so many fans. You can do layering for any hair type which is why layered haircuts continue to amaze with their diversity. Additionally, they can compliment your face shape. The pictures we’ve looked at today show that layered haircuts flatter everyone and that bangs are perfect for these chic cuts. You can opt for straight and blunt or edgy and asymmetric. It is just about find your ideal one. Bring out your personality with a color solution and you’ll have a statement style perfect for you.