70 Fine Hair Bob Cuts

A great low maintenance solution for fine hair is a bob cut. For hair that lacks body, chin-length, collarbone or cropped style are all equally great. Simple styling technique and products add needed volume, too. This is a list of some of the cutest bobs for fine hair. Even if you’ve had a bob for years, we’re sure you’ll find a fresh new ‘do.

To make your fine hair look thicker, you have to keep up with some tips and tricks. A bob cut is great for fine locks if you choose the right types of features. You will never have a bad hair day again if you make it messy or wavy, draw attention to edges and texture, and opt for some highlights. All of these tricks can be shown below.


1: One Length Bob with Long Bangs

Blonde Balayage Bob With Side Bangs


Consider your mane to be a blank canvas if you have been graced with straight hair. To create dimension in bob styles, use highlights to your advantage. For example, in this photo, she uses chunky brown and blonde pieces that help create depth and volume.

2: Blonde Bright Bob Cut


Strands that have no body are what is considered fine hair. However the usage of lowlights and highlights is one of the best tricks to make short bobs look fuller. Lowlights are typically two shades darker while highlights are two shades lighter than your base shade. The illusion of depth comes from the mix of colors.

3: Short Layered Hairstyle

To create volume in fine hair, layers are a great option. Shorter pieces work together with longer pieces to add bounce while retaining length as shown with this bob. Use a spray of dry shampoo at the roots of clean hair to create the textured look.

4: Short Wispy Bob

Bump the ends to achieve texture in short bob haircuts for straight hair. It results in wispy curves that give the flirty movement throughout the layers.

5: Short Stacked Haircut

It can be difficult to find time to style your hair if you’re an active person. That is why short hairstyles are perfect for athletes. It is short enough to quickly style with a headband but you’ve got to run.

6: Blonde Champagne Bob

Cool-toned blonde shades are edgy yet soft which makes them super on trend this year. They flatter everyone from pale to deep complexions. Add visual interest and volume to the light colors with dark roots and stacked layers in the back.

7: Babylights and Brown Bob

For women who don’t want a bunch of upkeep, bob haircuts are perfect to still have a polished appearance. Opt for an organic color and some face-framing layers if you work in a traditional environment.

8: Angled Cut for Thin Hair

Blunt cuts don’t provide much volume which makes them hair to pull off with thin hair. Instead, opt for an angled chin-length bob to create an illusion of thickness throughout the back but still be polished. You can also frame and soften your face by keeping your bob longer in the front.

9: Asymmetrical Wavy Long Bob

Side-swept bangs draw attention up and look great on round faces. For added elongation, blend your side swept fringe with the longer side of your cut. A sea salt spray with give your locks a beachy, thicker texture.

10: Face-Framing Lightening Bob Cut

If you have fine hair, going shorter is preferable which means bobs work really well. Choose a lighter shade for face-framing strands to draw attention to your face. The lighter shade makes them seem more lightweight and voluminous.

11: Layered Shoulder-Length Bob

For anyone with thin hair, a bob cut will create more volume. Easily styled straight and in waves, layered medium length cuts flatter nearly all face shapes.

12: Graduated Bob Cut

Razored Blonde Balayage Bob

Razors aren’t just for men. Opt for a chin length bob cut with a razor for an undone and uniquely frayed cut. To help amp up your fine hair, choose a graduated length.

13: Fine Hair Blonde Shaggy Bob

Choose stacked or graduated layers in a lob for an easy upkeep style if you love the messy look. Waves will get you the most out of the shaggy style without sucking up too much of your time.

14: Messy Sun Kissed Bob for Fine Hair

Surprisingly, you can have a sun kissed glow without long blonde waves. Short bobs for fine hair look just as fabulous with golden hues. For a built-in root boost, cut your hair at an angle.

15: Blonde Short Bob for Thin Hair

For thin hair, short bobs are very versatile. Even with super fine hair, you can switch to shorter locks no matter your texture. Get a more full-bodied effect, cut the hair to the chen, then go shorter towards the nape of the neck.

16: Straight Hair Lob with Gray Balayage

Just as refreshing as a new cut is a new color. Go for something more unique like silvery grey. To really spice it up and boost dimension, add some icy blue.

17: Chopped Long Bob

Try a choppy crop to revitalize your bob if you’re tired of having even ends. This cute long bob with lift up your fine hair. Add a balayage color for a delicate look.

18: Highlighted Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

An inverted bob is one of the best fine hairstyles for any woman wanting to change up their style. Experiment with bangs and honey highlights for an easy ‘do.

19: Thin Hair Fiery Balayage

Make sure to filter some highlights in the crown for brightness if you want to incorporate balayage or ombre into a bob haircut for thin hair.

20: Medium Textured Bob for Thin Hair

Texture is key when it comes to adding volume to thin hair. For those suffering from lifeless locks, the right layers can do wonders. Thin choppy layering mixed into a medium length bob is a good choice.

21: Blunt Ended Bob Cut

Especially with locks that are one length, short hairstyles can make you look polished and put together. Blunt ends with provide just the right amount of structure and density to your fine hair.

22: Short Fine Hair Graduated Bob

Creating the right shape for your natural texture is what professional haircuts are all about. For a nice even flow around the head, a short bob that has graduated layers is what works best for fine, straight hair.

23: Piece-y Layers with Blonde Balayage

When it comes to creating a trendy ‘do, don’t forget about how effective texture can be. The right cut can bring out the natural movement of your tresses. V-cut shaggy layers are sure to do the trick when styled with some sea salt spray.

24: Medium Tousled Bob

Finer stands can be pumped up with finely chopped layers and root faded blonde balayage. Thanks to wispy texture and bleached pieces against a dark base, her beachy tousled bob looks voluminous. Apply some mousse and then scrunch when styling your new cut.

25: Shaggy Bob with Side Bangs

Back in the ‘20’s bobbed hair was a bold hairdo. Nowadays we know longer hair isn’t always better for fine hair. Fine hair looks great with a short-to-medium length and disconnected ends. To achieve that look, shaggy, sharp layers are needed.

26: Highlighted Messy Waves

Bobs became all the rage during the 1920’s and they have a long history because they are flattering for different types of hair. To recreate this revolutionary style, we break away from defined curls to undone waves.

27: Bob with Layered Side Bangs

Layers and bangs lend themselves to bob hair cuts. To frame your face, amp up your chin length hair with feathery layers and side swept bangs. Choose a lighter shade for an even brighter hairdo.

28: Root Fade A-Line Lob

A classic A-line bob keeps things refined and clean. For a fuller appearance, blend in a lighter color in the lengths with stretched roots and peekaboo lowlights.

29: Painted On Highlighted Stacked Bob

For a just woke up vibe, combine stacked layers with seamless highlights. Fine, straight hair will look best with a blow out but air dried isn’t bad.

30: Blonde Highlighted Lob

It looks like a simple cut and color at first glance, but pay attention to the details. The ash blonde and chunky golden highlights provide dimension while the layers provide movement in the ends.

31: Short Concave Bob for Thin Hair

When it comes to bob hairstyles, there are so many different cut options. If the classic shape isn’t for you, try the concave shape. To elongate the style and create a contrast, opt for long side bangs and a shorter back.

32: Blonde Shaggy Bob with Root Fade

Your roots don’t have to match the rest of your strands. Contrast your ends with your part line to give the illusion of thickness. The bleached locks and dark roots make is seem like she has a ton of hair.

33: Fine Hair Box Bob Haircut

Structured, boxy hairstyles don’t always look static. Add in some highlights and lowlights for some movement.

34: Short to Long Angled Cut

Remember that layers are a no-fail option when deciding on a cut for thin hair. This bob has aggressive lines and a very sharp angle that is softened by color and layering.

35: Layered Mahogany Brown Bob

Though fine hair is nothing without the right color, you don’t have to go too drastic with color on thin hair cuts. Deepen your brown hair with warm mahogany tones to draw attention to your amazong bob cut.

36: Brown Textured Bob

You can’t go wrong with a short bob with finely chopped layers for your fine hair. Forget about bad hair days with a good texturizing spray.

37: Face-Framing Layered Chin Length Bob

When fine hair is short, it appears to have more volume. It’s free to bounce without the length weighing it down, giving the appearance of thicker locks. This bob is a perfect example. You’ll be able to style it big with a length that falls around the chin.

38: Brown Roots Gray Locks

Grandmas aren’t the only one that can rock gray. It looks great on young girls especially when the base is an angled bob. For more style points throw a root fade into the mix.

39: Straight Layered Bob for Thin Hair

When it comes to bob haircuts for fine hair, the collar length is a great choice. A small stack in the back gives it just the right amount of lift. Keeping the straight strands from falling flat, layers also maintain the polished and sleek look. Bring balance to the dark blonde base by pairing this hairdo with chunky light highlights.

40: Fine Hair Angled Bob

Layers and accurate edges are both possible in bob haircuts for fine hair. Thanks to the wispy layers, the geometric bottom of the bob isn’t too strict. Modern bobs can be quite contradictory, but that’s okay!

41: Shadow Root Blonde Bob

Bobbed hair is a great canvas for textures and colors. Give your hair some edge if you are blonde with shadow roots, wispy layers and loose waves. It is dripping with confident and sexy vibes.

42: Fine Hair Soft Curls

Make texture with a flat iron for a sure way to add bob to your bob style. Create loose waves and flip the ends out. If you have angular features and a longer face, these delicate curls are perfect.

43: Cool California Bob

This style is cute and flattering for every face which is why its one of the most universal styles seen on TV. While the loose curls have an undone touch, the angled cut is polished for a perfectly balanced look. To make your fine hair feel fuller and accentuate the shape of your hairdo, opt for some highlights.

44: Fine Hair Inverted Bob Cut

An inverted cut will add some interest to a straight bob. Its sharp angles will give your hair dynamics and volume. Create a feminine touch with a slight curl and bend at the end. This bob is showing that you don’t have to have long hair to be sexy.

45: Angled Choppy Bob

Opt for choppy ends for a cut way to freshen up thin hair. Style with some product for a tousled effect that has a messy look full of texture.

46: Icy Blonde Wavy Bob

Medium bobs look good with any face shape and are a classic. Switch it up with a platinum shade and waves mixed throughout to enhance the romantic charm. This bob proves that bright blonde hair is beautiful.

47: Side Swept Bangs and Bob

If you want to add some texture and movement to your hair, create choppy layers to prevent having to curl and tease your hair. Make styling your hair a pinch especially if you have straight hair, by just applying a bib of product and tousling a little bit.

48: Layered Jaw-Length Bob

When you tresses have been damaged by bleach, bob haircuts for thin hair are ideal. Platinum blonde may be gorgeous, but it is tough on your strands. However your hair is easier to manage when its cut short. To prevent breakage and promote luster, don’t forget to nourish your hair with oils and serums.

49: Layered Short Bob Cut

To deliver instant volume and sass, opt for a stacked short bob. They are sophisticated and universally flattering perfect for on the go, or a mature woman. The less hair, the less fuss, but to really make layers pop, add some highlights.

50: Razored Cut for Fine Hair

To add air and movement to a crop, the razor cutting technique works really well. To enjoy a crisp feel and flowiness, choose razored ends for an inverted bob. Fine hair is already to feathery and light on its own which makes it perfect for this kind of haircut.

51: Short Jagged Bob for Thin Hair

Thanks to its bold style, a chin-length bob always makes a statement. Spruce up your bob style with light layers and just a touch of beach waves. Texture give the crop beautiful body. The undone, messy cut is perfect for on the go.

52: Geometric Bob Cut for Thin Hair

Fine strands stay sleek and lay nicely. Depending on the look you’re going for, volume isn’t always desirable. The asymmetrical bob shows that less is more and allows the clean lines and sharp angles to take the lead.

53: Blonde Balayage Wavy Bob

When paired with beachy waves and blonde highlights, medium-length locks are divine. Radiate a laid-back vibe even if your land locked with this perfect trio. This style works great with fine locks because it contours it and gives it added dimension.

54: Blonde Highlighted Bob Cut

Brights thin short bobs with piecey highlights to break up a monotone base color and give it an angelic quality. This is especially true when ashen blonde is the background while platinum streaks run the foreground.

55: Straight Messy Bob for Thin Hair

For a serious dose of edge to a sophisticated one-length bob, add some razor-cut ends and some layers around the base. Sometimes the ease of a messy style works just as well for some as a tidy haircut does for others.

56: Angular Highlighted Bob

Add a boost of volume to your fine hair by drawing attention to the edges with a sharp angle of the front tresses. Long side bangs, a smooth finish and distinct highlights make more an even more dramatic look.

57: Soft Stacked bob

For fine hair, a stacked bob haircut is perfect volume. There won’t be any geometric shapes like with thick hair, but the stacked hair will have soft, charming lines. Give the roots a light tease to add even more volume.

58: Textured Wispy Bob

Angelic wispy styles are a huge plus of having fine hair and this bob is no example. Even cut blunt, it keeps its shape, texture and color beautifully.

59: Wispy Bangs with Angled Bob

Finely chopped and angled, this bob from Reese Witherspoon is beautiful. The loose waves soften the angles and a pair of elongated curls frame the face perfectly.

60: Thick Long Side Bangs with Razored Bob

Camilla Belle’s beautiful charm must come from her razored mid-length bob with fabulous flicks. Thick side bangs frame the face like shown here or can be parted in the middle for a symmetrical style.

61: Short Cropped Edgy Bob

For a class option for any occasion, try this ragged outline of a sassy look. It has long front tresses with fine layering in the back and to add just a little bit of spice, some subtle highlights. Perfect for any age.

62: Traditional Long Layered Bob

The lob is the must-have style because it looks great on everyone. Pair the choppy cut with some waves for some extra volume.

63: Polished, Sleek Collarbone Bob

A sleek A-line bob is elegant and versatile, but with fine hair, you have to raise the roots by using a blow dryer otherwise it will be limp. The polished finish and silky texture is eye-catching.

64: Layered Mid-Length Haircut

Color can be used to highlight even the best bobs. Some blended layering makes all the difference in a short hairstyle. Like in the image below, when you have nailed a great color, the cut can remain easy with just a few layers for movement.

65: Melted Blonde Bob Cut

Long bobs are perfect to experiment with color on. The “color melt”, a new popular trend, is when a hue lightens from roots to ends similar to an ombre. It’s fluidity between shades makes it softer and unique.

66: Fine Hair Shaggy Layers

You still need some texture on thin strands even if you want to wear your hair straight to prevent them from being limp. Shaggy layers create volume without weight.

67: Lob for Round Faces

If your face shape is round, it can be hard to find good cuts for fine hair because less hair tends to make the face look larger than it really is. In addition, texture and large curls can also widen the face. The solution is a sleek, sharp style that is slimming and adds the appearance of fullness.

68: Denim Blue Bob

Try a trendy denim blue if you’re looking to upgrade your hair color. The dark roots and misty gray background with some light blue highlights give the appearance of thickness which is great for styles for fine hair.

69: Textured Lob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and still want some length, a long bob is a great compromise. Style your lob with messy waves for even more fullness.

70: Bronde Soft Waves

Those with straight strands aren’t the only ones that can rock a short bob. Bobs work with many hair textures. This chin length hair is proof that curly tresses look great in a short ‘do too. The angled cut is readable and the texture is soft and feminine.

You should consider joining the bob club after viewing these pictures of inspiration. Whether its tousled, sleek, glossy or shattered a bob always looks original and fresh. Try one of these ideas next time you’re looking for something new.