7 Interesting & Suprizing Uses of Lemon


Lemons have been in use for thousands of years. Their earliest use can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt and Greece. They grow in abundance and are therefore relatively cheap. From assisting digestion to the immune boost provided, lemons have extensive medicinal uses. Here are nine uses of lemons which show how you can use lemons to keep yourself healthy in the tastiest way around.


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1. Ease Asthma and Promote Healthy Breathing


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The vitamin C within lemons is a powerful immune booster making this fruit indispensible when suffering from a cold. Simply mix some lemon juice with warm water to give your immune system the kick that it needs. Another benefit of a strong immune system is the fact that it will fend off germs, bacteria and allergens. This is great news for asthma sufferers, supplement with lemons and you have a far lower risk of having an attack. The citric acid within lemons also cleanses and supports the lungs allowing you to breathe easier.


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2. High Blood Pressure Treatment


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Lemons are loaded with potassium meaning that they work great at fighting high blood pressure. Lemon water consumed on a daily basis will lower fruit retention in the body which drops your blood pressure. Vitamin C also safeguards nitric oxide levels which is a chemical which is responsible for the softness and flexibility of blood vessels. This in turn keeps blood flowing freely in your body. Lemon juice holds a close resemblance to ACE-inhibitors which are present in hypertension medications. This hormone is produced in the kidneys and when in a state of imbalance it raises blood pressure through constricting your blood vessels.


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3. Food Poisoning Fix – Try Lemon


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Food poisoning is a painful affliction which can be hard to remedy. Fortunately the anti-bacterial properties of lemons make them a great treatment. Suck on a lemon with a sprinkle of sugar or drink lemon water as a detox agent to flush the food poisoning causing bacteria from your body. When you consume lemons you not only remove the food poisoning but you are also helping to restore the natural PH level of your body.


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4. Combat Varicose Veins


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Varicose veins are those unsightly, purple colored veins which run down the rear of your legs. At times they can be extremely painful. When you apply lemon directly to your skin you will be tightening and strengthening your vein walls while also reducing inflammation. To take full advantage of the medicinal properties of lemon, mix two drops of lemon with two drops of lavender and three drops of cypress essential oils. Use this to massage your legs, always massaging towards your heart. Another great treatment is a rejuvenating bath for your veins and vessels. Just add four drops of cypress essential oil to one tablespoon of honey and mix into a hot bath. Soak for about 15 minutes and then pat, not rub, dry.


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5. Get Rid of Gallstones


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Gallstones are a build-up of cholesterol, calcium salts and bile which the liver and gallbladder cannot clear. They can range from as tiny as the smallest bead to as large as a quarter. Your stomach acid is supposed to clear these deposits from your body but if there is a shortage then gallstones can get stuck. The passing of gallstones is an extremely painful process. Lemons are packed with citric acid which mimics stomach acid when your levels are low. Drink lemon water regularly or add it to your diet in any other way that you can to allow your body to pass gallstones with little to no pain. The Vitamin C content also prevents gallbladder infections and other ailments that typically arise with gallstones.


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6. Fight Psoriasis


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Psoriasis is a condition whereby the skin develops rough, red and flaky patches of dry skin. This usually happens on the elbows, scalp and at times the knees. This embarrassing condition often forces sufferers to wear hats, long sleeved clothing or long pants to cover the condition. Lemon is one of the best remedies for psoriasis around. The citric acid within the lemon promotes the retainment of water by the skin. It will also help you exfoliate the dry, flaky area of skin. The chemical psoralens is also present in lemon juice which is very sensitive to UVA exposure. Put lemon juice all over your psoriasis to clear and smooth way afflicted areas of skin in no time.


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7. Motion Sickness Cure


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If you ever get hit by an expected bout of motion sickness then all you need to do is suck a lemon. No matter the source of your queasiness, lemon can provide quick relief. The citric acid within lemons helps quell nausea and motion sickness from anything from morning sickness to motion sickness.