60 Hairstyles That Any Women Can Rock

As we advance in age, our faces and hair texture change. Any mistake on our part by choosing the wrong hairstyles can make us look older. Science has been unable to look for the serum for being forever young and contrary to what everyone thinks, going under the needle or using things in a bottle isn’t the secret to looking younger.

We know how one can get stuck in the routine of having to look for the best hairstyle for their face so we have decided to list out some of the best hairstyles that can make you look younger by 10 years. The change doesn’t have to be startling but a little change can do much in transforming your appearance.

1. The classic bob:

This is a favorite and it never goes out of style. For people with fine hair, consider making the edges of your bob blunt while those with coarse hair should add layers. It looks flattering on a mature face because of the way it accentuates the cheekbones and makes the jaw line more pronounced. It might not look as amazing on people with fuller faces because it tends to make the face fuller. Avoid making short bobs that show your hairline especially if you have grey hairs.

2. Short Choppy layers:

With age comes loss of hair. The hair starts thinning and the volume reduces. A short and choppy layered style can make a thinning hair look thicker. It also adds width to the face especially around the eyes. This reduces that gaunt look that is present in older faces. Go for mid-neck length as too short might be outdated.

3. Graduated layers:

Most people advice that long hair should be avoided as you get older but sometimes there are exceptions. The longest length for an older person should be on the collarbone, which is the sexiest part of a woman’s body. A blunt cut will end up making you look severe and emphasizing every wrinkle and spots on your face. When you add layers, you modernize the style. For fine hair, the layers should not be shorter than the jaw and for thicker hair; it can start from the cheekbone. It emphasizes the structure of your bones.

4. Side bangs:

Everyone loves side bangs. They hide your forehead wrinkles and crows-feet. Soft side sweeping bangs makes your face wider and defines your cheekbones, this makes you look younger. Side bangs can stop between your eyebrows and your cheekbones. You can spice up any hairstyle by adding side bangs. Luckily for you, if you don’t like them, you can always pin them up away from your face and with time, it will grow back. If you want to change your look without being too dramatic, side bangs are your best bet.

5. Pixie cut:

Changing to this hairstyle when you have always been on long hair can be a huge change. You need courage to pull this style off. This style can make you look young and elegant. It requires less maintenance and is fast becoming a favorite for women both young and old. If you decide to go for pixie cut, make sure you wear it with enough confidence. Older women can spice up this cut by asking their stylist to add blended layers.

6. Romantic waves:

It’s normal that as we age, our faces begin to narrow which can make us look emaciated. The best way to fight this off is by making fuller hairstyles that make the face look wide. A romantic wave is one of those full styles. It makes your hair look fuller and gives you a youthful look. Find a way to add texture to your hair; it will always make you look much younger. Avoid crimped hair, it is so old fashioned.

6. The chignon:

The chignon is like twisting your hair into a knot. The word Chignon is gotten from the French word “chignon du cou” meaning nape of neck and this is where the chignon is normally won. This hairstyle makes the wearer look sleek and elegant. It shows off the neck, jaw and collar bone thereby making you look sexy. Traditionally, this hairstyle is mostly formal but you can make it casual by making it less sleek and structured and much looser. Adding a braid or two can revamp this hairstyle and soften your face.

7. Change your part:

Sporting a smoothed back look with no part doesn’t look amazing maybe except you are 18 then we could pardon you. Wearing a center part can give you a fresh look according to those who swear by it but wearing a center part can also thin your face and emphasize your facial symmetry. You need to be careful when wearing it. We are excited about the off center or side part. This type of part can remove some years off your face, gives you a fresh look and adds volume to your hair. You can play around with different styles and pick the one that best suits you.

8. Braided crown:

Most women notice as they get older, their hair becomes coarser. This is not such a bad thing as it makes it easier for the hair to stay put when wearing some hairstyles. The braided crown makes you look youthful by emphasizing your eyes and cheekbone which will in turn draw focus to them. The slight pull on your face from the braid will help lift your features.

9. High ponytail:

A high ponytail gives your face a subtle pull upwards acting as a mini face-lift which smoothens your forehead and the skin around your eyes. This style draws attention to your eyes and will add a few inches to your height if tied high enough. A high ponytail can be a sophisticated look if styled smoothly. To add a bit of class to the look, you can style it by wrapping a strand of hair around the tie. Wearing it a little bit rough, with flicked ends can also give you a girlish look. On days when you are having a bad hair day, this style can be your go-to.

10. Low ponytail:

Just like the high ponytail, the low ponytail can also be sophisticated. The low ponytail also causes a subtle pull and accentuates your cheekbone. You can wear your low ponytail either up or down. Add a side part to this style and make sure it’s smooth. For a different look, you can pull a few strands from the front and add volume to the crown by back combing.

11. Retro curls:

Defined waves minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Retro curls consist of sleek curls and defined waves. Wearing a retro look will make you look stunning and it also hides poor skin tone. A normal retro style has volume and so will give you a youthful appearance. Match your retro waves with a side part to look really youthful and striking.

12. Flipped out end

Straight hair can be attractive but if over styled it can look old-fashioned. A more modern look will involve you adding texture to make you long younger. Messy texture can be gotten by using hair products like salt sprays and mousse. YOu can also braid wet hair to get beach waves if you prefer. For those with naturally straight hair who have difficulty in adding texture, you can just flip or flick out the ends of your hair to get the same look.

13. Top knots:

For this hairstyle, the messier the better. On days when your hair doesn’t seem to cooperate, you just tip your hair downwards, add a little bit of dry shampoo and tie loosely on your head, leaving out a few strands. This style is not only stylish but easy to make. It draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones and gives you a fresh look. The slight pull on your face when you tie the knot up, smooths out your forehead and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

14. Lighter highlighted hair:

A little bit of natural highlight around the front of the hair or lightening the hair totally can change your appearance. Lighter hair can make your hair shine and brightens your complexion making you look more youthful. Avoid trying to lighten your hair yourself. A good colorist can advise you on the best shade and highlight techniques and placement to use to make the style look as natural as possible.

15. Shaggy hair:

The messy texture of this hair draws attention away from wrinkles and fine lines. Those with wavy hair can just add mousse and scrunch the hair for a fun look. You can also flick out the ends. This style is low maintenance. Remember to watch the length when cutting, avoid going longer than your collar bone and the layers shouldn’t be too short.

16. Bouncy curls:

Naturally curly hair gives off a youthful look. The voluminous nature of curly hair draws focus from the face and reduces the appearance of any blemish. The full style widens your face and hides saggy jaws. You can add mousse or serum to damp hair to make the curls more defined and natural. Running your hand through the curls will separate them and add more volume and texture to your hair.

17. Sleek straight hair:

Healthy hair is important when trying to achieve a youthful look. Use serum and shine sprays when styling for beautiful and shiny hair. Avoid heat on your hair, use heat protectants. Eat a healthy diet. Incorporate protein and iron in your diet. Omega 3 oil, vitamins A,B and C will leave your scalp hydrated and your hair soft and shiny. Some foods that contain these nutrients are egg, green leafy vegetables, oily fish and nuts and seed. Selenium and mineral zinc will also protect your hair from thinning.

18. Bed hair:

This style just present youthfulness, you know that messy-just getting out of bed look that makes it seem like you don’t have to pay much your appearance, yea. You can use texturizing hair products like gels and waxes on clean hair to add texture and volume. A holding spray or powder can be used to lift the roots to make it have volume and look messy. Adding smudged eyeliner to this look with bare lips just completes the I don’t care look.

 19. Messy bun:


20. Stacked Ash layers:

over long pixie hairstyle

Is it blonde? Is it grey? You can’t really tell because it’s a blended ash toned hue. If you are low maintenance and can’t bother with frequent touch ups, this is the hairstyle for you.

21. Blonde bob with flipped layers:

Textured Bob Hairstyle

Layers are a great idea to add youth and movement to any hairstyle. A cropped bob in this case is the perfect flirty, low maintenance, easy to manage hairstyle. For extra dimension, you can add some lighter highlights.

22. Choppy pixie for thick fine hair:

Outgrown Layered Pixie

This pixie cut is a good short hairstyle for women over 60, it looks great on both fine and thick hair. For a nicer and smoother finish, ask your stylist to cut choppy layers.

23. Short layered hairstyle with balayage:

Feathered Bronde Bob Over 60

If you’re tired of your dull usual hairdo, why don’t you consider getting a balayage? Tapered blended layers add volume, especially to short curly hair. The different layers give structure to the haircut, making it beautiful.

24. Inverted layered collarbone cut:

Bronde Layered Bob Over 60

A collarbone length inverted hairstyle is the perfect choice for women over 60 who want a stylish cut yet don’t want long locks. The delicate layers give it a boost of volume and the hairstyle holds nicely in general.

25. Ash blonde short layered hairstyle:

Over Short Hairstyle With Bangs

To give the illusion of thicker hair, a teased hairstyle with a lot of volume at the roots is the perfect solution. The flicked layers and bangs also help your hair look fuller, which can be greatly beneficial as women’s hair gets finer as they age.

26. White short cut with asymmetrical bangs:

Silver Pixie For Older Women

The best haircuts for women over 60 are those who work with the natural hair texture the women have while also helping them show their face. In this case, the graduate bangs draw attention to the eyes, whole the teasing at the crown helps give her the illusion of a face lift.

27. Blonde layered jaw length bob:

Over Blonde Bob With Bangs

This simple bob cut has stacked layers which make any look livelier. It is very versatile and easy to play with. To add more depth and structure to the hairstyle, you can go for dark colors at the roots and lighter colors at the top layers.

28. Ash blonde layered bob with bangs:

Chin-Length Layered Blonde Balayage Hair

The common bob hairstyle can be spruced up if you add a nice color to it. In this case, this haircut was made more special thanks to the ash blonde shade and the lighter highlights for the ends. To frame the face nicely, you can add side swept bangs to the hairstyle.

29. Soft blonde bob with bangs:

Blonde Bob Hairstyle For Older Women

Bobs are very easy to style, and there are numerous ways to make them more personalized. You can choose from bangs or no bangs, to sleek or wavy and of course the color can also greatly change the end result.

30. Sweet curly blonde bob:

Honey Blonde Curled Bob Over 60

Aside from having the benefits of a usual bob hairstyle, the added curls here make the overall look more feminine and soft. It is a great idea to spruce up a plain bob haircut, especially for special events such as weddings.

31. Silver and black tapered pixie:

Gray Stacked Pixie Bob

If you want a structured original hairstyle yet you don’t want to be bothered with frequent touch us, this is the style for you! The gray hairs melt beautifully into the overall look, giving you an edgy yet soft allure.

32. Shoulder length cut with subtle layers:

60+ Medium Layered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

If you don’t want to fully commit to a short bob, why don’t you choose a shoulder length one? It looks just as good, and the layers here give it more movement and an overall softer look.

33. Layered blonde curls:

Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle For Over 60

This hairstyle looks like it’s straight out of the 50’s, but it looks beautiful and feminine nonetheless.

34. Straight grey haircut :

Layered Bob For Thick Hair

If your hairstyle needs to look put together on the regular and yet you don’t want to put effort into it, this is a good style to go for. You don’t need to bother with grey hair, and this looks amazing especially if you have naturally straight hair.

35. Highlighted short hair for seniors :

Short Bob With Highlights For Elderly

Who said that hairstyles for seniors had to be boring? Look at this one, it’s short, flirty, looks amazing and is easy to manage. Indeed, the smile on her face says it all!

36. Medium cut with swoopy layers:

Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Layers

The ends here change the whole cut. Indeed, the swoopy layers make the overall look seem more feminine and romantic. The ends give the cut more movement, while also giving it the illusion of being fuller.

37. Classy and classic honey blonde bob:

Elegant Bronde Layered Bob

This one is a classic for a reason! The color choice is phenomenal, definitely the work of a pro hairstylist. The layers and the end effect give the overall hairstyle more movement and life.

38. Bob with delicate feathered layers:

Layered Ash Blonde Bob For Older Women

Who knew a simple bob could look this original and intricate? The feathered layers here give the overall look dimension and softness. When the bangs are swept back, they can also give the illusion of higher arches and a lifted face.

39. Shorter cut with feathered layers:

Short To Medium Layered Cut For Older Women

The layers here make all the magic of the cut. The color is a nice choice, the highlights help bring the look more to life while also giving the locks the illusion of being fuller and thicker.

40. Golden blonde bob with tousled layers:

Disheveled Bob Hairstyle

This vibrant color is a great addition to any hairstyle. The lovely blonde highlights definitely compliment the overall look, while the layers help make it seem softer and more natural.

41. Modern gray rounded bob:

A-Line Gray Bob For Women Over 60

A very polished and structured look which at the same time is surprisingly low maintenance. If you value a good hairstyle but also happen to be lazy, this is the one for you.

42. Pixie bob with swooped back layers:

Over Blonde Bob With Nape Undercut

A shorter style which helps elongate the neck, while the bangs help frame the face and make it look more youthful.

43. Voluminous layered side parted bob:

Rounded Brown Blonde Bob Over 60

If you have fine hair, this chop is for you. The teasing and the texturing creams and products will help create a lot of volume at the roots, making your hair seem thicker and fuller.

44. Nape length rounded bob:

Short Stacked Bob Over 60

This is another hairstyle that elongates the neck. The dark roots and lighter top layers contrast here make the hair look fuller.

45. Softly layered bob:

short hairstyle with bangs for women over 60

The layers and the bangs here give this bob a soft and feminine touch. This hairstyle frames the face nicely, and the layers give it more movement and the illusion of fullness.

46. Jane Fonda’s signature layered hairstyle:

Jane Fonda layered hairstyle

The layers around the face help frame it and make it look more youthful. When the bangs and the strands around the face are swept back, they give the illusion of higher arches and a lifted face.

47. Feathered pixie cut:

Short Layered Hairstyle For Older Ladies

If you’d like short hair but yet a lot of volume, this is a good hairstyle. It’s low maintenance, and the feathered layers effect help make your hair seem fuller and thicker.

48. Short bob cut with choppy crown :

Layered Pixie Bob With Highlights

The choppy crown here is the important detail of the look. It gives the illusion of more volume and gives fullness and thickness to the haircut.

49. Classy gray inverted bob:

Gray Balayage Bob For Older Women

An inverted bob is an original look on its own, when paired with this grey color it becomes more sensational. Who knew this was one of the most low maintenance hairstyles you can get?

50. Ethereal gray pixie cut:

Short Curly Stacked Gray Bob

If you want to sport a short hairstyle yet don’t want to give up on your long locks, this is the hairstyle for you. The locks are kept long and beautifully frame the face, while gradually getting shorter and giving your hair the illusion of thickness and fullness.

51. Curly gray shag over 60:

Medium Layered Gray Hairstyle

Over 60 hairstyles don’t have to be boring or predictable, and this particular hairstyle is the proof. The shoulder length and the curls make it softer and more feminine, while the color make is low maintenance.

52. Neat short feathered pixie:

Short Spiky Pixie Over 60

If you’re a fan of the go big or go home saying, this might be the short hairstyle for you. This feathered pixie cut is elegant, neat, yet very versatile and easy to style.

53. Rounded stacked bob with bangs:

Inverted Bob With Blonde Highlights

The hair in the front helps frame the face making the cheeks look fuller and more youthful, while the layers and the color contrast make the hair look thicker than it really is.

54. Short layered bob for straight hair:

60+ Short Layered Bob With Bangs

If you have naturally straight and fine hair, this hairstyle is a good one for you. It is easy to maintain and requires nearly no efforts, while the layers and the highlights make it seem nicer and softer.

55. Soft feminine curly bob:

Ash Blonde Wavy Bob Over 60

If you’re tired of your flat blonde bob, add curls to it! With just a curling wand, you can transform your hairstyle into a more feminine, softer and better looking one.

56. Long layered bob:

Caramel Blonde Bob With Layers

A classical bob can also be transformed just by putting long layers in it. In this case, the swept back effect rejuvenates the face while the highlights make the overall look more feminine.

57. Tapered salt and pepper cut with bangs:

Gray Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

This edgy polished look can be transformed into a softer more feminine one just by adding the bangs. Bangs help frame the face, they hide forehead wrinkles, and when swept back they make the arches look higher.

58. Two tone bob with feathered layers:

Gray Layered Bob Over 60

If you want to embrace your natural grey hair yet you want to incorporate color into it, try a two toned ombré effect just like pictured above. Not only will the hairstyle look livelier, but it will be just as low maintenance.

59. Piece-y highlighted pixie:

Feathered Blonde Pixie For Older Women

This is the perfect look for fine and flat hair. The highlights pop against the dark roots, and the layers help make the hair look fuller and thicker without requiring a lot of effort.