60 Flattering and Fun Medium Hairstyles

Medium can mean so many things which is why medium hairstyles are so versatile. It is also the most common length. However, they are anything but average. A willingness to experiment is necessary to take advantage of all the potential. Here’s some style inspiration for a new signature ‘do.

In the inspiration below you’ll find everything from popular hair and beauty blogs to some fresh new ideas you’ll love to try.

1: Caramel Balayage Bob

Angled Lob With Caramel Ombre Balayage

If you aren’t wanting to chop off a bunch of inches, an angled bob that falls on the side of medium is a great choice. Bobs are naturally flattering for women of any hair type, length or age.

2: Volume Bob with Highlights

Thanks to the layering, this is a variation on a traditional bob. It’s not tousled and messy like a shag, but rather softly rounded and smooth. It only needs one layer or layers that softly flow over the bottom.

3: Disconnected Lob with Highlights

Bob don’t have to be prim and proper. Embrace modern colors and choppy layers. Try some faded out highlights that are the new ombre. For the ultimate ‘do, cut choppy layers into a long bob like this inspiration.

4: Disheveled Center Parted Blonde Bob

You can easily part your hair in the center without worrying about it looking flat with medium hairstyles. For an effortlessly undone look, style with messy, uneven waves and opt for a blonde to brighten the look.

5: Disconnected Messy Wavy Lob

One of the best options in the mid-length hair world is the lob, or long bob. You can still enjoy the carefree vibe of the cut without the upkeep of a super short hair. To amp up the volume and texture opt for disconnected ends.

6: Thick Hair Two-Tiered Long Bob

With the right layers, you won’t have to worry about the tricky relationship between thick hair and shorter lengths. Layers provide a defense against unwanted volume and frizz. Shape the natural thickness of your hair by cutting two levels of layers.

7: Messy Voluminous Extra Long Bob

For amped up volume and lift, medium cuts lend themselves well. Try a lob if you’re not ready for a traditional bob. Then anytime you want to go shorter, you can. Create swooping, messy waves that last all day by using large hot rollers or a curling iron.

8: V-cut Layered Medium Blonde Style

If you want something a little smoother, an angled v-cut will look great when styled straight and is really low-maintenance. Liven up the ‘do with sandy blonde highlighters with a lighter shade on your top layers.

9: A-line Blonde Balayage Bob

You won’t have to spend too much styling with an A-line bob. You can even blow dry with a round brush the night before for extra time saving. It has minimal layers that are super sleek. Brighten it up with a blonde balayage with light brown through the roots.

10: Choppy Angled Lob

This shoulder length cut is perfect if you want a medium low-maintenance cut. You can style your lob in loose, carefree waves or even style it in a quick half updo.

11: Caramel Balayage Wavy Lob

The mid length lob is highly requested at salons everywhere. It becomes up to date with a balayage coloring in soft caramel that brightens any face.

12: Rounded A-line Lob

You can’t go wrong with a rounded long pop if you’re looking for polished hair cuts. For an angled, softened shape, keep the front sections longer. Those pieces will also frame your face for a gorgeous look.

13: Feathered Mid-Length Style for Straight Hair

Some people think that wearing their hair down makes it look flat and boring. If you fit into that category, a mid-length cut can be styled straight easily and could be the right ‘do for you. To add texture, cut feathered layers with some shorter ones around the crown.

14: Swoopy Layered Medium Hairstyle

To create a smooth flow, shoulder length hairstyles often need well-shaped layers. Opt for side bangs and swooping layers for a rounded shape that falls right at your shoulders. For some extra dimension, add in some highlights.

15: Caramel Balayage Shoulder-Skimming Lob

To add flavor any mane, chocolate and caramel balayage. The lighter streaks highlight mid length hair and bring freshness and dimension to the lob. For a face framing and luminous complexion, make sure to lighten strands that fall close to the cheeks.

16: Thick Hair Medium Shag Hairstyle

To create a structure and benefit dense locks, opt for some layers. A shag cut works well for medium length hair and suits women who work in a professional environment.

17: Provocative Blonde and Black Bob

Take a walk on the wild side when experimenting with shoulder length hair. Add some dark roots and ash or platinum blonde lengths. If you’re looking to capture attention, this midi style is for you.

18: Strawberry Blonde and Caramel Balayage

This is a great example of a beautiful balayage on medium length hair. The strawberry blonde and caramel create a gorgeous and unique combination.

19: Layered Blonde Balayage Tousled Lob

Created through layered cuts and blonde tousled locks, this is an edgier take on the lob. Your morning routine will be quick because imperfection is key.

20: Platinum and Golden Balayage Lob

The only question in deciding between all the different medium length styles is which cut an color combination is perfect for you. Golden and platinum is a stylish and fresh ‘do that is a safe bet.

21: Root Faded Ash Blonde Bob

A cute ash blonde color is doable for natural brunettes too. Just ask for a shade that allows your roots to come through. In order to avoid a huge contrast, opt for stretched roots that fade into the blonde.

22: Bangs and Caramel Highlights

Add dimension to your bown hair by highlighting your base. Top it off with bangs for a sweet look.

23: Highlighted Side-Parted Style for Thick Hair

You have to be careful about the length and cut when dealing with thick hair. Layers help manage the body without it looking too boxy or poofy. The face framing strands also tame down a thick style.

24: Face Framing Blonde A-Line Lob

For when who want to keep their hair at a shoulder length, bangs definitely work well. Cut side bangs that flow into your locks for a cute accent. Top off the hairdo with some blonde highlights and style with a curling iron or straightener.

25: Flipped Cute Medium Style

If you’re looking for a style that is a bit longer, opt for a length just past your shoulder with some long angled bangs. The textured ends can be flipped up or curled for a burst of depth and energy.

26: Messy Wispy Blonde Bob

Those thin-haired ladies should not be excluded from enjoying a medium length bob. Make the ends appear wispy and create texture by adding some tousled waves. Make your hair appear thicker by adding some platinum and golden blonde highlights.

27: Blonde Balayage Dimensional Bob

For women with graying hair, finding the right style can be daunting. Ease into the transition with some chunky ash blonde highlights that are coordinated with your layers for a two-toned look. For a sleek ‘do, style the hair straight.

28: Long Feathered Layered Medium Style

For anyone looking for a low maintenance cut, hairstyles with longer layers and bangs are great. Instead of opting for no layers at all, choose some long, feathered layers for some texture and movement that make your ‘do look great.

29: Layered Caramel Blonde Bob

Straight, medium hairstyles need some layers for visual interest. Layered bobs can be done on any hair type, but lend themselves well to naturally straight strands.

30: Backswept Layered Medium Hairstyle

Cut a shoulder-length ‘do with three different levels of layers for a really textured and volumized look. For a great wind-swept look, use a curling iron. Let your roots show through your highlighted or colored hair for extra depth.

31: Chocolate Hue with Caramel Highlighted Messy Lob

For busy women, medium length styles with messy curls or waves is a perfect go-to. You’ll never have a bad hair day since a lob doesn’t take long to style. For some pops of color, place caramel highlights throughout.

32: Tousled Lob with Root Fade

Medium haircuts for women lend themselves to root fades. These styles are not long, nor short, but still fashionable and modern. Tousle your lob for a great, casual look.

33: Ash Blonde Medium Shag with Bangs

Pairing a shag with an ashy tone takes the alternative cut to a new level. Heavy bangs and layers with razored ends lends itself to an edgier look.

34: Layered Medium Golden Blonde Style

In golden blonde hues, midi cuts are super sweet. Layered cuts offer diversity and variety as the entire look can be changed based on how the layers are styles. Use a flat iron or curling wand to curl the ends and create a bouncy ‘do.

35: Layered Wavy Dimensional Balayage

Take dimension to the next level with a shoulder length hairstyle that has irregular waves. It enhances the color and gives depth to highlighted hair.

36: Blonde Choppy Bob

Who says medium length hair hairstyles for women can’t be edgy. Though this choppy bob is shorter than medium, the jagged, uneven layers are the highlight of this style. If you’re look for a youthful, fun style, this one’s for you.

37: Straight Bronde Bob Blowout

Blown out medium cuts are just so sultry and sleek. It creates a sharper look than a longer style with the same treatment. Opt for a fresh color like highlights in bronde hair to update your favorite bob and bring it closer to perfection.

38: Bedhead Wavy Medium Style

All the texture and body is enviable in this purposefully messy ‘do. Styling is equally fast and gorgeous with long, subtle layers that add so much movement. And definitely steal these cinnamon highlights.

39: Face Framing Lob with Layers and Bangs

To make shoulder length hair less harsh and more feminine, add feathered edges to your cut. Long bangs that start further back are also a great addition.

40: Swoopy Layered Strawberry Blonde Bob

Whatever the style, medium cuts work for every age group. For example, this lob has fun, swoopy layers that are perfect for ladies who want an impactful, classy ‘do.

41: Choppy Layered Angled Lob

You don’t want to make your layers too short with a lob, otherwise, you’ll have a stacked shape. It’s best to think on the longer side for ladies with wavy texture when it comes to cutting layers of levels into your hair. For a more structured look, opt for an angled cut.

42: Soft Blunt Blowout

With the help of this cute shoulder length cut, your blowout is sure to last longer. Mix warm and cool shades for a great way to put highlights in. It creates a truly dimensional look.

43: Subtly Highlighted Messy Angled Lob

There are so many details that go into a medium haircut that make it a statement do. One of those is to cut your ends at an angle to give a subtle shape change. Additionally, you could add caramel highlights to the ends to brighten the color.

44: Textured Messy Style with Side Bangs

You are definitely not choosing the right cut for your hair texture if you’re dealing with lifeless, flat hair. The right cut can transform your hair with just some layers and bangs. Next time, opt for some stacked layers and choppy side bangs.

45: Honey Blonde Shaggy Lob

Let your loose waves hang with shaggy layers. Amp it up with honey blonde highlights and a messy wavy style.

46: Shaggy and Edgy Brunette Bob

You can really play around with different vibes when you opt for a medium length cut. If you want something edgier, choose a shorter bob with shaggy, jagged layers throughout.

47: Voluminous Messy Lob

Find a nice textured cut and a quality texturizing spray to unlock the key to waking up with fabulous, voluminous hair everyday. To get this effect, choose a long bob with irregular layers and style it with messy waves for even more lift.

48: Inverted Black Feathered Lob

You might like the style of an inverted lob if you want a cut that has an extremely angled look to it. This is a midi that has layers that slant steeply towards the faces and are much shorter in the back. It creates a dramatic feathered look.

49: Blonde Shag and Outgrown roots

With root growth that doesn’t appear sloppy, opt for a medium length haircut. Showing the roots is a new trend rather than a missed appointment with the right cut. To get this effect, choose shaggy layers and style it slightly tousled.

50: Long Straight Blonde Lob

For something a bit sleeker, try a boxed shape by by cutting a long bob with long bangs that just barely graze your eyes. For the perfect A-line bob effect, keep the look styled straight. This is a power cut for bold women.

51: Medium Layered Bob

The subtle angle and choppy layers is what this bobbed cut is all about. Even if it requires a blow dryer or curling iron, texture is important to pull off this cut. For a messy ‘do, keep the layers razor cut and tousled.

52: Medium Short Shag

This shaggy bob is both medium and short thanks to the layers and angles. There are many levels in this cut which give it movement, but keeps it lightweight. This is a sought after choice for older women and younger alike.

53: Layered Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Thanks to it’s effortless upkeep, this is a ‘do that is favored by ladies on the go. All it needs a blow dryer, a round brush, and a spritz of hairspray to style those feathered layers back.

54: Layered Face Framing Cut

If you’re looking for a timeless medium length style for women over 40, keep it on the longer side of mid-length and opt for layers that frame the face like these. This cut creates angles that flatter and sharpen the face. The soft side-swept layers double as long bangs which is an added feature.

55: Wispy Layered Bob Cut

Ombre and balayage pair beautifully with medium length haircuts. Swoopy layers around the coif elevate the glamor of this bob. For naturally straight locks, this is a low maintenance look.

56: Subtle Layered Long Bob

WIth a simple addition of light layers and color, medium haircuts for brunettes can be enlivened. The rainbow is not necessary, just a touch of honey highlights will add depth and do the trick just fine. Some subtle layers around the ends play it up even more.

57: Wavy Warm Toned Bronde Bob

Why choose one or two shades when you can have many. Bring intrigue and sophistication to your hairdo by compiling a bunch of hues together. It will amp up any simple cut.

58: Mid-Length Angled Cut

Even the longest bob is still a medium length hairstyle. It’s a perfect length to showcase an angular cut and can be pulled up into an updo or be worn loose. Opt for a platinum balayage to elevate a sleek appeal.

59: Caramel Blonde Softly Layered Lob

Go for a layered, structured lob if messy manes aren’t your cup of tea. Organized layers suit medium cuts very well to create a picture-perfect hairdo. The lob is softened however with wispy ends.

60: Messy Layered Caramel and Blonde Blend

Guarantee a fuller hairstyle with movement and dimension with unevenly cut strands and ribbons of color. An effortless vibe is obtainable when styled messy-chic.

A main characteristic of many medium hairstyles is versatility. That means, you can play around with layering, length, styling finishes and shape for endless creative ‘dos. Which one was your favorite?