52 Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know

Think you know everything there is to know about Donald Trump? You thought wrong! These 52 facts about the entrepreneur-turned-president will surprise you.

President Trump’s politics and policies are polarizing at best. He’s considered one of the most outlandish presidents in all of American history. His boisterous rhetoric keeps news outlets on their toes and always guessing what he’ll say or tweet next. Even in today’s society, Trump continues to shock people. However, there are some things Trump wants to keep away from the media. Here are 52 Facts About Donald Trump He Doesn’t Want You to Know.


Although, Donald Trump enjoyed considerable popularity in America, his show, The Apprentice brought him into limelight.


At a time, Trump declared that he can always escape the consequences of not being completely honest because, in his words, “I have the goods. I have the best buildings. I have the best locations.”


All the Trump children had jobs they return to everyday from school despite their parents’ wealth.


Trump was almost expelled back in school where he was a second grader. This was because he punched his music teacher in the face claiming that he was talking nonsense.


Trump’s parents had him go to military school when he was a teenager, in an attempt to restore him.


In 2016, Donald Trump gave a speech which attacked the Muslims, prompting the British Parliament to deliberate his ban from visiting U.K.


In 2000, Trump competed to be elected as President under the Reform Party with Oprah Winfrey as his running mate.


“Every successful person has.” are words by Donald Trump as he acknowledges that he has a big ego.


Trump and his siblings were not permitted to own any companion animals when they were kids.



When trump was a child, his brother lent him his own blocks to build an extremely tall skyscraper. So that he would not have to return them, he glued the pieces together.



Trump attended kew forest, a private school when he was a child, then, he was a hooligan. He finished below average in his elementary-school class. According to his sister, at that time, “He [Donald] was a brat.”


In 2007, Trump, in an attempt to steal the show from Vince McMahon, gave the rafters of a WWE event a lot of money. Following this, Vince McMahon had his hair shaved after losing to Trump in “The battle of billionaires”.


When Trump finished college in 1968, his doctor diagnosed him with heel bone spurs. This made him receive a coveted 1-Y medical deferment during the Vietnam War.


Seeing his brother, Freddy contend with addiction, Trump neither smokes nor drinks.




Trump has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy six times, but he never did for personal bankruptcy.



An indictment was filed against Trump in 1973 by the U.S justice Department for putting the Africa Americans at a disadvantage. This case was however resolved before the court came to a final decision.



Trump once expressed dissatisfaction towards black accountant counting his money at the Trump plaza Hotel. He emphasized that only “short guys who wear yarmulkes everyday” should count his money.



Trump always had great respect for his parents. According to him, “my father was always the power and breadwinner, and my mother was the perfect housewife.”



Trump Tower was built illegitimately by about 200 polish workers in the U.S. Each group would work for 12 hours with a pay of $4-$5 per hour.


Trump’s honorary degree was taken away from him by a Scottish university as a consequence of calling for banning Muslims from entering the U.S.



Donald trump describes bald men as weak and is very scared of going bald. According to him, “the worst thing that can happen to a man is go bald”.


Trump became famous and successful in the Hollywood walk of Fame in 2007 for the part he played in NBC’s The apprentice.


When Obama presented his birth certificate in 2014 claiming that he was a Native American, some investigators were led by Trump to scrutinize this claim which he regarded as “so-called birth certificate,” or “whatever it was.”


In 2004, Trump stated that all the women from his show trifled with him during the course of his show The apprentice. He further added that “that’s to be expected.”


Donald Trump’s hair has become famous for its mysterious look which he achieves by blow drying it to the front and combing it to the back.


As of 2016, records show that Trump has been accused of sexual assault by at least 24 women within 30 years.



In a video released in 2005, Trump was seen boasting of how he could use his iconic status to do whatever he wants with attractive women.



Trump will be the oldest president-elect ever when he becomes 70 years old.



Trump was ranked by Forbes the 336th in the world and 156th in United States, wealthiest person in 2016. At this time, his net worth was $4.5billion.



Trump is the first president of United States that is a billionaire as well.



Trump claims that shaking hands is “one of the curses of American society” and calls himself a “clean hands freak”. He also believes that the ground floor elevator button contains many germs, for this reason, he tries to avoid pushing it.



Trump, the fourth of five children was born on June 14, 1946, in Jamaica, New York. He lost his brother, Fred Jr. to alcoholism in 1981.



Trump has two origins: Germany and Scotland, Germany being the paternal side and Scotland being the maternal side. His father, Frederick Christ Trump was one of the most successful among the real estate developers known in New York.


Trump’s family believe in the teachings of Luther, but his parents were members of the Reformed Church of America.




His present name “Trump” was derived from “Drumpf” or “Drumpft” in the 17th century during the Thirty Years’ war.



Trump once gave a facetious remark that “I do play with bankruptcy laws, they are very good for me”. He described them as a means by which he cuts debt.




Trump shows great enthusiasm for golf. He owns 18 golf courses. $382million was generated from Trump’s 18 golf courses in 2015.




Trump made brief appearances in 12 films and 14 TV series. In The little rascals, he played the role of a powerful business man in the oil industry. For this, he was nominated for two Emmy awards.




After Trump’s rise to success, Milton Bradley released a game he called “Trump: The Board Game” this unluckily did not yield the expected returns.



In 1988, Trump was nominated for the position of H. W. Bush’s running mate which was eventually taken by Dan Quayle.



Trump once took to twitter to post that massive shots of vaccines lead to disorders of social interaction otherwise called autism.




Trump purchased the world’s largest yacht as of 1987 for $29million and named it Trump princess. However, he claimed he has never had a full night on the yacht because “it makes him feel nervous”.


Trump, in 1987 purchased a world famous plaza hotel which was built in New York in 1907. This hotel has been used for movies such as Home alone 2, lost in New York and more. Also, in the setting of Kay Thompson’s famous Eloise children’s book series, this hotel was used.





Trump had an affair with actress Maria Maples outside his marriage to his first wife, Ivana. This cost him his marriage, however Trump remembered fondly that while he was with Maria, his “life was so great in so many ways. The business was so great. . . a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything. Life was just a bowl of cherries”.



Citizen Kane and Gone with the Wind are Trump’s two most preferred movies.





Trump claims that he only rests about 83 hours a week, with 4 hours every night usually between 1 AM to 5 AM.




Trump was named the greatest selling business author that ever lived by Random house. Accordingly, he has published many books on business advice, among them are Trump: How to get rich and why we want to be rich: Two men-one message.



In 2013, the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit again Trump University for reportedly swindling its students. This university was found in 2005 by trump without accreditation and with the aim of making profit.


Donald Trump is well known for his awareness of the size of his fingers.


Trump’s luxury travel search engine was put in operation by himself in 2006, but this did not last more than a year.



Trump was an altruist and one of the top brass in many charitable organizations such as the Police athletic league and the United Cerebral Palsy.



A steak company founded by trump called Trump steakhouse was shut down because they could not abide by the 51 health codes which includes serving five-month old duck.