50 Current Blonde Hair Color Inspirations

Every brunette wonders about the blonde and some even try it at least once in the their lives. Thanks to modern color solutions, like ombre and balayage, blonde and brunette color palettes can come together. There is a whole new set of hair colors when they are expertly blended. Just make sure you choose your own to make you look spectacular.

Every time you take a look in the mirror, you’ll be inspired by your new bronde or blonde shade. Between darker, lighter softer, warmer, cooler or even dramatic, the gallery below will show you the way.

1: Buttery Blonde

honey blonde lob

Coming straight from the California sun, this is a buttery shade that is sure to turn some heads. It even looks dimensional!

2: Pearl Blonde Highlights

If you want to brighten up your dirty blonde hair, these pearl blonde highlights is a great solution. It isn’t too out there, but is still beautiful.

3: Bronde Balayage Lob

Even with basic cuts and styles, ideas are endless because of the crazy amount of color options. Whether your locks are long or medium, bronde hair is always impressive.

4: Bronde Layers

Be aware of your complexion when going blonde. If you have an olive tone, try a darker blonde with highlights of lighter blondes and brown. It will be easy to maintain when your roots grow out.

6: Blonde Caramel

Instead of strawberry blonde, try a caramel blonde if you have a light skin tone and eyes. Some redder streaks and blonde babylights add additional uniqueness for a beautiful look.

7: Caramel Blonde Bob

This color isn’t dark enough to be consider brown, but not light enough to be considered blonde. That makes it a caramel blonde that even popular celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Aniston love to rock because it’s a low maintenance color. Pair it with some loose curls for an effortless style.

8: Layered Sandy Blonde

Because of the beige hues, pale blonde is often flattering on cool-toned complexions. Don’t let yourself get washed out. Pair it with some beautiful lipstick and mascara.

9: Rosy Wavy Blonde

This color creates a gorgeous and amazing hue that we just can’t describe. Is it strawberry blonde? Is it the light?

10: Beige Balayage

You’ll look more like a blonde instead of a brunette with beige blonde highlights. Pair this color with an angled lob to have a sophisticated, pulled together look.

11: Lob with Roots

The razored ends paired with platinum highlights give this ‘do a light feel while the texture and dark roots add just a little grit. The glossy finish ties it all together for a perfectly fashionable look.

12: Shoulder-Grazing Ombre

Instead of going bronde, go for a high contrast look. Don’t forget to alternating some shades to give it definition and pull the colors together.

13: Wavy Icy Ombre

To avoid your stylist for weeks at a time (we promise it’s not personal), opt for a darker shade at the roots. As a bonus, it makes your hair appear thicker. Show off your highlights with a wavy texture and a moderate length.

14: Curly Blonde

Don’t forget you don’t have to choose just one shade. Blend honey blonde and brown for an anything but boring look. To add shape, opt for long layers. Reveal those inner layers by styling with loose curls.

15: Babylighted Lob

Stay on trend and youthful with thin wispy blonde highlights. Keep them barely there in the roots and vibrant in the edges.

16: Dirty Blonde Waves

Keep your color in the ash blonde range because most people have cool toned hues and it will give you a carefree vibe. Just as maintenance free is the beachy wave. Achieve those by twisting your hair into a loose bun and let those locks air dry.

17: Wheat Ombre

Emerging from dark roots, a gradient blonde will invoke a field of grain. To give it flow, opt for some soft layers. Nature provides a bounty of inspiration.

18: Gold Amber

With golden blonde hair, your skin will glow and your eyes will pop. It’ll make you feel beach ready without tanning. Add a bit of beige to cut out any brassy look.

19: Curly Tortoiseshell

Entwining and mingling in this blend are different shades of brown and blonde with a greater density of brown underneath and lighter colors on top for a look of depth. Style with elongated curls by winding strands vertically around a curling iron for a beautiful look.

20: Creamy Bob

This desert inspired color gives a brightness and fluffy texture that looks like a velvety mousse. It has sandy blonde scattered throughout platinum, even though at first it looks like one color.

21: Contrasted Highlights

Use blonde highlights to achieve dramatic results if you have naturally brown hair. Create brightness around the edges by applying pale colors in stripes towards the ends just the way strands respond to the sun.

22: Butterscotch Blondie

For first time blondes, opt for a sandy or caramel blonde since they flatter a variety of skin tones. Warm colors give the shiny finish whily the one-length cut provides a beautiful surface to shine.

23: Butter Highlights

Soft, golden highlights are woven through a sandy base which gives this look a fresh appeal and makes the hair appear thicker. HIghlights are a great option for thin hair that might be overwhelmed by a full light blonde.

24: Feathered Ash Blonde

Dark blonde with balayage and lowlights creates a peekaboo flirty look. Face framing layers and a round brush are essential for the flicked edges.

25: Soft Lob

Though one length cuts can sometimes feel bulky, they look polished. Use dirty blonde hair with platinum and beige streaks to break up that edge. Help your stylist out by bringing along a picture.

26: Bronde Maple

Maple blonde hair with light accents requires much less maintenance than fair hues. Let those hues mingle in a cascade that is gorgeous.

27: Dark and Silver Blonde

If you have naturally dark hair, but you dream of blonde, try some hand painted highlights for a blended high contrast look.

28: Beachy Bronde

Tapered strips of white blonde are sure to give you the sun-bleached effect. Go for a rounded cut for an organic ocean feel.

29: Bronde Ombre

A subtle ombre is just as good for blondes as it is for brunettes. It works especially well on long length. Opt for a look like this where fawn roots blend into oatmeal ends.

30: Blonde Balayage

Combine a fade from dark to light with soft waves and fine ribbons of blonde hair for a fashionable and feminine look. This look won’t take away from all your beauty.

31: Sandy Blonde

This style will look amazing with tanned skin. The blend of highlights with a darker base color creates a sunny hairstyle.

32: Blonde and Green?

Yes, green! For a fresh take on honey blonde, sprinkle in some pastel green highlights. It’s a unexpected look that keeps you on trend.

33: Honey Blonde

Golden blonde highlights keeps this warm shade still in the blonde palette. Combine sophisticated hues for an endless ideas.

34: Half Up Ash Blonde

Cool-toned blonde looks on their own look pretty flat but can be fixed by a color solution that has dark under layers and roots with light ends. Try a half up style like this look, or a bradied style.

35: Dirty Blonde

Brighten dull dark blonde with lighter ends for gorgeous locks. The smooth fade and tousled curls are the best look for this beautiful layered hair.

36: Golden Blonde Balayage

The sun and the ocean come together in this reddish golden blonde that is super flattering for a tan complexion. Combine this pretty color with layers and tousled strands.

37: Faded Creamy Blonde

Any woman can pull off blonde hair since it has so many facets. Fading from light brown to a creamy blonde makes style that is feminine and soft.

38: Chocolate and Vanilla

Wear delicious hues next to your face. This look is inspired by chocolate and vanilla flavors wo make you scrumptious.

39: Blonde Copper

Turn your strawberry blonde hair into light copper and scatter some blonde babylights for a bit more of an intense look. This look typically flatters green eyes and fair skin.

40: Brown Sugar

If muted colors suit you better than bold hues, experiment with soft brown blonde with light balayage highlights. The beautiful blend gives spice and a gorgeous look.

41: Peek-a-boo Bronde

The roots were kept darker while the length is mostly blonde for a great balance and easier upkeep. The light and dark creates a gorgeous dimensional look.

42: Chamomile Lob

Solid light blonde is rare to see today. If you have thick, textured hair a solid blonde can look great, but if you have fine hair, it can be another story. For the fine hair gals, opt for more dimension in color like the balayage above.

43: Classic and Casual

Virtually any color and texture will look good with loose curls and light highlights. Feel beautiful with this downdo.

44: Brown with Layered Blonde

Brunettes tend to compliment their dark strands with copper or caramel, but take it one step further with a sandy blonde for an edgier look. Prevent a harsh line when your style grows by keeping dark roots.

45: Straight Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is still very popular. This beautiful look comes from mixing shades of blonde over a light brown base. It looks full of depth and all natural.

46: Bodacious Blonde

These thick waves will have you flaunting your color. The light blonde hue pairs beautifully with the curls that will have you radiant.

47: Lowlighted Lob

Take your hair inspiration from anywhere like this bob which takes a hint from trees. The dark woody hues combine with lighter ones to make a ‘do that is great if you’re seeking another style.

48: Lavender Blonde Bob

To achieve a bombshell look, platinum blonde is a go to. Put a hipster twist on that bombshell with a lavender wash for instant modernization.

49: Ombre Curls

Incorporate blonde into an ombre style for an easy going look. Ombres don’t require much upkeep but the blonde gives a radiant appearance. Even grown out a few inches, it still looks the same.

50: Light Brown with Blonde

A light brown base with blonde highlights will prevent you from washing out. Only select your hues by what looks good on you, not someone else.

Both women and men find blonde hair very appealing. Just remember to find your own hue and style. Choose one that makes you feel fresh!