40 Wet Hairstyles So Gorgeous You’ll Never Use Your Hair Dryer Again

Our hairdressers scold us about putting direct heat on our hair because it causes some major damage. So, maybe it’s time to switch up your hairstyle so you don’t have to use your hair dryer or straightener anymore.

We’d like to introduce you to 40 gorgeous wet hairstyles. They’re sleek and sexy giving you a “just jumped out of the shower” look. We’re not saying that your hair will be wet all day it will just look wet. So get ready to use some serious hair product.

Damp and Tousled Bob

It’s time to stop straightening your natural curls and let them run wild and free. This classic bob cut embraces your curls and lets them air dry. It’s classy and edgy all at the same time.

Slicked Back Couture

If you’re looking for simple and chic, this is the go-to haircut. It’s most often seen on the fashion runway.

Messy Chic

This is the perfect look if you’re running late to school or work. Towel-dry your hair and don’t brush it. Put some product in your hair and tie it up in a nice low bun. Nobody will ever know you were in a rush!

Effortless Layers

Avoid having lifeless and flat hair with this tousled, laid back hairstyle. The layers give your hair some lift and volume.

Elegant Braided Bun

This elegant braided bun is perfect for when you just stepped out of the shower. Simply braid your hair and wrap it up in a bun. It’s also perfect for planning ahead because when you take it out the day after, you’ll have luscious waves.

The Wet Pixie

Give your pixie cut a new look with this wet style. Since your hair is short, you won’t need a ton of product to achieve this style.

Braided Faux-Hawk

Embrace your rebellious side with this braided faux hawk. Slick the rest of your hair back away from your face for the ultimate wet style.

Knotted Up

This unique hairstyle is super easy to do and looks great. Slick your wet hair back with some gel. Lastly, tie an actual knot into the bottom of your hair. You’ll look sleek and trendy.

Long and Slicked

The wet look works with long hair too. Brush your hair back and add some heavy-duty hair product to keep it shiny and slicked all day long. Tousle the ends and add some volume by teasing the top.

Wet Bob

Styling this bob with a wet look makes it look extra chic. I’s sophisticated and really shows off your facial features.

Accessorized Updo

You don’t need dry hair to achieve a gorgeous updo. This beautiful and intricate hairstyle adds some pearly accessories to grab major attention.

Gelled Braids

Keep your baby hairs in place with some heavy-duty gel. These slicked edges make the Dutch braids stand out. You can wear it to work or out for date night.

Golden Beauty

Embrace your inner Kardashian with this slicked back hairstyle. Kim wore a very similar style recently. It’s easy to achieve and looks absolutely incredible!

The Wet Undercut

If you’re rocking the undercut, you’ll want to give this wet hairstyle a try. It requires minimal styling and still looks great. It’s super easy for those women with short hair that falls just above the nape of the neck.

Sleek Bob Cut

This gelled back bob looks both sleek and chic. Wearing this wet style can add some more volume to your hair while conveying minimalism.

Long and Natural

You can still partake in wet hairstyles with naturally curly hair. Use some product to keep your hair from frizzing and to give it a glossy look.

The French Braid

This is perfect for women who don’t have time to do their hair in the morning. It’s classy and elegant. To give this classic braid an upgrade, pin up the bottom.

Wet Ponytail

Every girl with long hair knows the struggle and annoyance of having hair in her face all day. This hairstyle is sure to keep any hair away from your face. Simple pull your hair into a ponytail and gel it back.

Wet and Wild Bob

Give some edge to your appearance by adding some wet locks. Tousle your hair and add some product to give it the ultimate texture. Don’t be afraid to play around with some bold colors to really make the style pop!

Curly Mohawk

This curly Mohawk will have everyone asking about your hair. It combines short finger waves and the Mohawk look. It’s absolutely stunning!

Stacked Buns

What’s better than one bun? Two buns! Stack messy buns on top of each other to make your hair look unique and ready for any event. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it looks fabulous!

Messy High Bun

You can get super creative with this simple hairstyle. Simply pull your hair into a messy bun at the top of your head. Accessorize with pins, flowers, and headbands.

Slicked-Back Waves

You don’t need pin-straight hair to rock the wet slicked back look. Waves give your hair a lot of body and life. Give it a try!

Finger Waves

This vintage hairstyle is a classic. The sculpted waves are held by a generous amount of gel. It’s impossible to describe this hairstyle without using the word “elegant.”

Topsy Turvy

There’s a lot going on with this hairstyle. There are a total of three Dutch braids that come together into intricate buns. You can wear this style to the gym or out to the bar.

Intricate Micro Braids

This intricate design has many micro braids throughout. It’s absolutely beautiful and unique! Be prepared to spend a lot of time on it, though.

Short with a Side Part

This androgynous hairstyle is perfectly sleek and chic. Control any fly away hairs with some gel and keep it shiny with product.

Wet and Slicked

Look like you just stepped out of the pool with this simple look. Towel-dry your hair and pull it away from your face. Use gel to hold it in place all day. Let it air dry to show off your natural texture.

Tousled Shag

This effortless hairstyle looks great for any occasion. It’s fantastic if you have multiple layers in your hair because it adds plenty of texture and volume. It also keeps your hair from looking greasy.

The High Pony Braid

Play around with different braids for this wet hairstyle. Put your hair in a super high ponytail and braid away! The possibilities are endless.

Glamorous Pompadour

Take after Ruby Rose with this hairstyle. This style was meant to look wet! The volume, structure, and definition draw attention to your facial features nicely.

Modern Finger Waves

Embrace your 1920’s flapper with this vintage hairstyle. This retro look works best with shorter hair.

Long and Loose

This hairstyle needs literally no effort at all. Let your hair air dry after combing it through and style as needed.

Flowing Tresses

This simple hairstyle can be found on almost any runway. The slicked back look is chic and your long locks can sway in the wind.

The Wavy Downdo

Keep your hair down with this sculpted wet hairstyle. Slick back the front and create loose waves in the back.

Braided Crown

If you’re looking for a more intricate and complicated hairstyle, braids are the way to go. They add elegance and beauty to any hairstyle. Create a crown for yourself with these chain braids.

Tousled and Cropped

Tousle your pixie cut with a bit of mousse to give it undeniable texture and life while your hair is damp. It’s as easy as that to achieve this wet hairstyle!

Curly Ponytail

Give your hair some height with this curly high ponytail. This is perfect for African American women looking for an effortless hairstyle that will never go out of style.

Ultra Sophisticated

This simple hairstyle is absolutely flawless. It definitely helps if you have naturally straight hair. This requires minimal effort!

Wrapped Ponytail

Hide your bland and ugly hair tie with your hair! This ponytail, though simple, is sophisticated and beautiful. People wont’ be expecting it when they see the back of your head!

Say goodbye to your hairdryer and straightener. You’ll never want to put heat to your hair again once you try out some of these easy and effortless wet hairstyles!