40 Prominent Hairstyles for Women Over 35

40 Prominent Hairstyles for Women Over 35

If you have just turned 35, you don’t need to give up altogether on styling your hair! Some would call the forties the new thirties even. This is why we have compiled for you the 35 most natural looking, chic, bold, sophisticated and sexy hairstyles.

All you have to do is choose!

Full and flirty:

Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle

The dark roots and light upper layers contrast give your hair the illusion of fullness, while the layers and the end effect make it look flirtier and softer.

Blonde bob with flared layered ends:

Layered Bronde Bob Over 40

A blonde bob is a classic, but can be made even more chic with a subtle flick of the layered ends. This way you’ll have a nice soft hairstyle that also looks polished, almost effortlessly.

Warm toned root fade for ash blonde bob:

Ash Blonde Lob With Long Swoopy Bangs

If you want to try the ash blonde color but you’re worried your natural hair color is too dark for it, you can try this subtle warm toned root fade.

Medium tousled hairstyle for fine hair:

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Straight Hair

If you have fine hair, this medium hairstyle is a good idea. Not only is the shoulder length great for your hair texture, but the highlights help your hair look thicker and fuller.

Curly bob with blonde highlights:

Bronde Wavy Bob With Pastel Pink Highlights

Who said a bob had to be straight? These curls make the hairstyle look more romantic and feminine. This effect is complemented with the blonde highlights.

Voluminous dark blonde bob with bangs:

Blonde Bob Blowout With Bangs

Bangs help cover up forehead wrinkles, and this voluminizing effect helps make the hair appear fuller and the face more youthful.

Blunt rounded bob with blonde balayage:

Subtly Angled Bob For Straight Hair

If you’re a fan of structured polished looks, this is the hairstyle for you. The balayage even gives it more dimension and personality.

Medium to long style with curvy layers:

Medium Hairstyle With Flicked Layers

This is a classic hairstyle. The medium length is perfect for framing the face, while the curvy layers make the look flowy and full of life.

Collarbone layered hairstyle for fine hair:

Honey Blonde Cut With Gray Highlights

This collarbone hairstyle nicely frames the face, making the cheeks look fuller. The side swept bangs can give the illusion of higher arches while the layers make the fine hair look fuller and thicker.

Shoulder length beauty:

40+ medium layered haircut

Shoulder length hairstyles are feminine yet easy to manage. Layers swept back give the face the illusion of being more lifted.

Long razored pixie for fine hair:

Short Gray Hairstyle For Women Over 40

If you have fine hair, this pixie cut is a good idea to try! It is original and different from mainstream and regular pixie cuts, because it has the long razored pieces in the front.

Caramel blonde bob with dimensional layers:Honey Blonde Layered Bob Blowout

The dimensional layers give this hairstyle softness and dimension. This effect is further emphasized thanks to the caramel and blonde hues.

Messy chocolate bob with blonde highlights:

Wavy Brown And Caramel Bob

This messy bob is easy to style and effortlessly worn. The chocolate and blonde highlights are a great combination to add warmth to any face.

Bob with gorgeous texture and volume:

Short Curly Bob

If you want a different hairstyle but don’t want to cut or necessarily change color, you can play with the texture of the hair. Volume and texture can definitely change a hairstyle.

Sleek point cut brunette bob:

Layered Bob With Bangs For Straight Hair

If you have naturally straight hair and would like an effortless style to look polished everyday, look no more! This sleek point cut brunette bob is versatile, easy to style and an all time classic.

The best bob for ladies over 40:

40+ Short Bronde Bob

This bob is the perfect length. It helps elongate the neck, while the layers give it dimension and movement. The highlights help put the look together.

Straight longer hairstyle with face framing layers:

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Who said ladies over 40 had to cut their hair short? Look at this haircut, it’s long, has bangs to cover any forehead wrinkles and it looks amazing.

White blonde side parted bob:

Ash Blonde Layered Bob

Another idea to style your hair differently without necessarily having to color or cut it is to try a different part. A side parted bob is a classical look, it is both feminine and sophisticated.

Elegant textured pixie in silver:

Long Choppy Pixie Haircut

This is a great look if you value texture over color. It’s an original and beautiful looking hairstyle, that doesn’t require any root touch ups.

Short razor-ed honey blonde bob:

Short Textured Bob Haircut

This color is perfect for the warmer months and can make the color of the eyes pop. This brings emphasis over to the eyes and away from any wrinkles or fine lines.

Chocolate hairstyle with subtle caramel highlights:

Curled Bob With Bangs

Warm toned colors are perfect because they help brighten the skin tone and make it look healthier. The curls here add romance and femininity to the look.

Short layered caramel blonde hair:

Short Balayage Hairstyle Over 40

The contrast between the dark roots and the lighter ends here helps make the hair look fuller and thicker. The side swept bangs nicely frame the face, while the caramel and blonde colors brighten up the complexion.

Honey brown hair with smooth layers:

Golden Brown Layered Bob

Another great color to warm up the dullest of complexions. The layers here are smooth and make the hairstyle look more put together while at the same time being natural.

Trendy long bob for 40 year olds:

Long Blonde Bob Hairstyle

A bob haircut doesn’t have to be short, indeed a long bob looks just as stylish. Front layers can make it seem softer and give it more movement.

Messy bob hairstyle for curly hair:

Curly Bronde Bob

If you have curly hair, you don’t necessarily have to straighten your hair to wear a bob. Indeed, you can embrace your natural hair texture with this messy curly bob hairstyle.

Short stacked dark blonde bob:

Stacked Bob For Straight Fine Hair

This dark blonde bob is beautifully complemented by the blonde highlights which give it a voluminous effect. The short stacked effect helps elongate the neck.

Short hairstyle with bangs for ladies over 40:

40+ Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

Bangs have a variety of advantages. They soften otherwise flat looks, they bring life and movement to any hairstyle and they also help cover forehead lines while bringing the emphasis around the eyes.

Voluminous medium length cut:

Over Medium Layered Hairstyle

To make your ordinary medium length look more vibrant, you can add curls to it. Indeed this new wavy look will make your hair seem fuller and livelier, while the bangs and front pieces frame your face.

Cute messy bob:

Long Brown Bob With Bangs And Highlights

Many women refrain from wearing a bob hairstyle because they think it’s high maintenance and has to look flawless at all times. However, a long bob with messy waves looks just as beautiful.

Perfect short blonde haircut:

Layered Blonde Bob With Bangs And Highlights

Blonde hair can be complimented by this hairstyle. Not only do the layers make it more feminine and soft, but the highlights bring life and fullness to the overall look.

Stacked side bang:

Short Layered Hairstyle For Women Over 40

If you want short hair and yet long locks in the front, this is the hairstyle for you. The short pieces are low maintenance and easy to style, while the bangs and front pieces give you the feel of having longer hair.

Streaked and stacked:

Over Short Balayage Hairstyle

For an original hairstyle, you can experiment with different cuts, different colors, or both at the same time! This stacked bob is beautifully complimented by the streaks.

Ombre bang:

Short To Medium Layered Hairstyle

If you want to add color to your hairstyle but are hesitant, you can ombre your bangs only. This will add more details to your hairstyle while keeping it healthy because only a small portion is colored.

Cropped cutie:

layered collarbone bob for thick hair

This classical hairstyle can be made even more classy-looking by adding this subtle layering effect. The swept back front pieces make the face look softer and more youthful.

Long blonde bob:

Over Medium Side Parted Hairstyle

A shoulder length bob is great because it frames the whole face. The blonde color is rich and can warm up and brighten any complexion.

Beyond bedhead:

Short To Medium Tousled Hairstyle

If you are a fan of bedhead and not styling your hair, maybe this haircut is what you need. Add some texturizing spray and voila!

Wavy bob with bangs:

Short Bob With Wispy Bangs

A bob doesn’t have to be worn sleek and straight. Waves make it look softer and more feminine, while the bangs give it more detail and nicely emphasize the eyes.

Sassy side bang:

Dark Brown Hairstyle With Caramel Highlights

If you want to do something new to your hairstyle but you don’t want to commit to a new cut or color, what about a sassy side bang? It can instantly change up any hairstyle and looks amazing.

Bronde beauty:

Mature Medium Hairstyle With Long Side Bangs

Why choose between blonde and brunette when you can be both? The bronde trend can make you have the best of both worlds.

Curled and colored:

medium wavy hairstyle for thick hair

Curls make any look seem more feminine and soft. To further emphasize this effect, you can go for some warm toned highlights. Caramel colored streaks are a good idea, and they look gorgeous on dark hair.