40 Of The Best Pixie Haircuts With Bangs

Who said that pixie cuts had to be short and not feminine ? there are plenty of ways to style pixies, one of which being sporting bangs.

Indeed, bangs can totally transform a standard pixie look, so this is our selection of the best pixie haircuts with bangs:

Tapered pixie with long bangs:

blonde pixie with extra long top


This tapered pixie with long bangs is edgy, low maintenance and looks feminine despite how short it is.

Layered pixie with nape undercut:

cute layered pixie haircut


This layered pixie with nape undercut is the perfect choice for summer as it will allow the cool air to brush on the neck.

Long pixie bob for thick hair:

short layered hairstyle

This long pixie bob is a good proof that even thick hair can benefit from short haircuts.

Silver pixie for long faces:

silver pixie-bob

If you have a long face, you can go for a slightly asymmetrical pixie with long pieces in the front. To make the hairstyle more special, try a silver color.

Auburn pixie with wavy fringe:

red messy pixie

Who said a pixie cut couldn’t have a wavy fringe? No one, and this hairstyle is proof.

Short well structured haircut:

cute pixie haircut with a fringe

A short well structured haircut can bring emphasis to the eyes and eyebrows, making the face seem healthier.

Classic feathered pixie cut:

feathered pixie with bangs

This classic feathered pixie cut is a proof that choppy layers can bring life to even the shortest of hairstyles.

Pixie cut with bangs for round faces:

pixie haircut with side bangs

If you want a pixie cut and you have a round face, make sure to add bangs as they will nicely compliment the shape of your face.

Messy pixie hairstyle with bangs:

shaggy pixie hairstyle

If you’d like an edgy or messy look, you can style your bangs and add texture to them instead of wearing them straight.

Four creative ways to style your pixie:

four different pixie hairstyles

Above are 4 creative ways to style your pixie, so that you have the most original hairstyle in the room.

A-line pixie bob:

Half Bob Half Pixie Haircut

An A-line pixie bob is the perfect solution if you’d like short hair but can’t sacrifice your long locks in the front.

Androgynous crop:

Short Layered Auburn Haircut

An androgynous crop with bangs is a good idea to have a very low maintenance hairstyle while keeping it fresh and feminine with the bangs.

Platinum tinker bell:

Long Blonde Pixie With Bangs

A platinum pixie looks great, especially in contrast with dark eyebrows.

Bold turquoise pixie:

Funky Brown And Turquoise Pixie

If cutting your hair in a pixie isn’t bold enough for you, you can add a nice color such as turquoise to make it even bolder.

High and tight pixie cut:

Choppy Pixie With Side Undershave

This pixie cut with the undercut is a nice choice for women who want an original and very edgy look.

Magnificent unicorn crop:

Gray Pixie Bob With Pastel Highlights

If you can’t choose between having blonde, blue or pink highlights, you can have them all and achieve this beautiful unicorn effect.

Pretty in Pink:

Pastel Pink Asymmetrical Pixie

If a bold pixie cut is not bold enough for you, a nice pink color will definitely get you what you want.

Fiery pixie cut:

Red Choppy Pixie

If you’d like a bold color but pinks, blues and unicorn palettes aren’t for you, why not choose a fiery red instead?

Crop with ombre bangs:

Brown Pixie With Blonde Bangs

If you’ like some color in your pixie but don’t want to touch up your roots often, ombre bangs are therefore a great idea.

Charming Gamine:

Extra Short Brunette Pixie

This pixie cut gives you the appearance of a girly French woman, it is great for warm weather months to keep you fresh.

Choppy with dramatic bangs:

Outgrown Choppy Pixie With Long Bangs

If a pixie cut is too basic for you, you can add dramatic bangs for an interesting result.

Undercut and dip dyed:

Pixie With Temple Undercut

Add and undercut and a dip dye to your pixie cut to make sure you always have the most stylish hairstyle in the room.

Silver skater pixie:

Curly Pixie With Undershave

If a silver skater pixie looks appealing to you, don’t hesitate to sport it!

Half shaved fushia hairstyle:

Half Shaved Pink Pixie

If a half-shaved look still looks basic to you, add a flashy fushia pink and voila!

Powder blue plume:

Asymmetrical Pastel Blue Pixie

Hairstyles are a form of self expression, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with this lovely powder blue plume!

Snowy pixie hawk:

Half Shaved Silver Haircut For Women

As if a pixie hawk is not original enough, adding a snowy white color to it makes you stand out from miles away.

Midnight blue bangs:

Black Pixie With Long Blue Bangs

If you’d like an original color in your hair, it doesn’t have to go all the way around. Just midnight blue bangs are enough!

Polished brunette pixie:

Classic Pixie Haircut With Bangs

This polished brunette pixie is such a contrast compared to the edgy and original hairstyles seen before.

Silver pixie with long layers:

Silver Pixie With Long Layers

If you’re happy with your grey hair, you can have a silver pixie with long layers. It is pretty, versatile and very low maintenance.

Afro American long pixie:

African American Long Pixie

A nice long pixie can complement all hair textures and skin tones, so don’t hesitate to sport one!

Jet black Asymmetrical cut:

long pixie haircut with bangs

This rich and deep black color is elevated by this asymmetrical cut, making this pixie unique and interesting.

Wavy pixie haircut with bangs:

long choppy pixie haircut

A wavy pixie haircut with bangs can be complimented with hairbands and hair pins, to make it look even more feminine.

Curly Pixie cut with bangs:

curly pixie hairstyle with side undercut

Who said that pixie cuts and bangs had to be worn straight? This hairstyle is a nice reminder that curly pixie cuts with curly bangs look just as nice.

Long top, shaved side style:

asymmetrical pixie with side undercut

If you’re fan of asymmetrical looks, this long top, shaved side style is perhaps the pixie for you.

Cute and edgy short blonde style:

extra short blonde hairstyle

Who said an edgy undercut blonde pixie couldn’t look cute as well? The proof is with this hairstyle:

Curly Pixie hairstyle:

blonde curly pixie

This is a good reminder that pixie cuts can look good on all hair textures, straight, wavy and curly locks alike!

Short chop for thinner hair:

short sleek hairstyle for black women

If you’d like a nice cut to help you deal with your fine hair, perhaps this short chop is your friend.

Extra short pixie:

short pixie haircut with bangs

If you’d like to really commit to having a short hairstyle and chopping your hair off, go the extra mile and choose an extra short pixie for a challenge.

Boyish haircut with bangs:

trendy pixie haircut with bangs

Bangs can make even the most boyish haircut look cute and feminine, the proof is with the picture of Miley Cyrus above.

Elongated Pixie with Shaggy layers:

long pixie haircut with bangs

If on the other hand you don’t want an extra short pixie, you can go for this elongated cut and add shaggy layers for a livelier and more romantic result.