40 Long Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie cuts don’t have to mean sacrificing all your hair. They can be sported in many lengths and hair colors, allowing for an infinity of hairstyle options. To prove this, here is our selection of the most gorgeous long pixie hairstyles:

Layered long pixie cut:

pixie bob with highlights

This is a great look If you have fine hair, as it will give you a lot of volume and thicker hair appearance.

Long pixie with tapered back:

Long Pixie with Tapered Back

If you can’t fully commit to chopping your hair off, you can keep longer pieces in the front. They will frame your face nicely.

Long tapered choppy pixie:

Long Tapered Choppy Pixie The choppy effect here gives this hairstyle structure and stamina. The layers help make the look lively and more feminine.

Black pixie with razored layers:

Black Pixie with Razored Layers

Who said a pixie cut had to be boring? Adding razored layers is a great idea to bring life and movement to any haircut, especially a short one.

Messy asymmetrical pixie cut:

asymmetrical long pixie with side undercut

If you can’t commit to fully chopping your hair off, you can also go for a shorter cut on one side and keep your locks long on the other.

Blonde vintage pixie:

Blonde Vintage Pixie

This is a classical and classy look which made even more timeless thanks to the blonde color.

High lavender cut:

Short White Blonde Hairstyle

What better way to make any haircut less conventional than to choose a very unconventional color? This high lavender color makes the look out of the ordinary, to say the least.

Extra long flowy bangs for pixie cut:

Extra Long Flowy Bangs for Pixie Cut

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be rigid and life-less, a great way to ensure it’s lively and full of life is to add extra long flowy bangs to it!

Asymmetrical pixie with long bangs:

long blonde pixie with side-swept bangs

Having long bangs with a short pixie cut is a great way to have a low maintenance hairstyle while ensuring the pieces in the front frame the face and emphasize the eyes.

Long silver pixie with nape undercut:

Long Silver Pixie with Nape Undercut

This long layered pixie looks lively and full of life. The overall hairstyle is made more mysterious thanks to the color choice as well as the endearing nape undercut.

Pixie with long side bangs:

Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Pixie with long side bangs is a good way to ensure your hairstyle is both low maintenance and well as lively and feminine.

Cool asymmetrical pixie:

Cool Asymmetrical Pixie

As if having an asymmetrical haircut wasn’t enough, you can choose a cool and edgy color such as silver to make your hairstyle even more original.

Almost bob pixie cut:

“Almost Bob” Pixie Cut

If you can’t decide between a pixie and a bob, you can have both with this almost bob pixie hair cut.

Asymmetrical pixie bob with side undercut:

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with Side Undercut

If you want a conventional and conservative look on weekdays but would like something original and edgy on the week-ends, this asymmetrical pixie bob with side undercuts is for you!

Long layered tousled and highlighted pixie:

Long Layered Tousled and Highlighted Pixie

Pixie cuts don’t have to be boring, you can add plenty of details such as highlights and tousled layers to make it original and bring it to life!

Airy feathered pixie cut:

Airy Feathered Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is given movement and femininity thanks to its side swept bangs. Additionally, the bangs are great for older women as they help cover any wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead.

Plum red pixie evolution:

long edgy pixie with side bangs

If you want to have a classical pixie cut, you can counteract the standard factor by choosing a rich and endearing color such as plum.

Messy Auburn pixie cut:

Layered Long Mahogany Pixie

This pixie cut looks gorgeous for two reasons: the lovely auburn colors and the messy layers which give it a nice feminine look.

Vintage long pixie:

Pixie Bob With Long Side Bangs

This vintage look is classy, perfect for working women. The blonde color adds to its charisma and structure.

Edgy finely chopped pixie bob:

Edgy Finely Chopped Pixie Bob

This look is made even edgier thanks to the special color choice and well as the finely chopped effect.

Wavy pixie with undercut:

Choppy Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

This beautiful color and the nice tousled layers are a great way to complement an already original haircut.

Wispy cut for poker straight hair:

Wispy Cut for Poker Straight Hair

If you have straight fine hair, you can choose this wispy cut pixie to give your hair more texture and make your hairstyle look fuller.

Chick platinum blonde pixie bob:

Chic Platinum Blonde Pixie Bob

The timeless platinum blonde pixie bob is made even more special here thanks to the side swept bang which brings a nice emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows.

Voluminous feathered pixie:

Voluminous Feathered Pixie

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be flat, this hairstyle is the proof. The layers on the top help add more volume to the crown, giving the hairstyle the illusion of fuller mane.

Feminine wavy choppy pixie cut:

Feminine Wavy Choppy Pixie Cut

This cool lavender color as well as the wavy and choppy layers give this hairstyle a feminine and romantic allure.

Long messy peek-a-boo pixie:

Long Messy Peek-a-Boo Pixie

Pixie cuts don’t have to be boring and structured. It can be as messy as any other hairstyle. To add to the original factor, choose a nice rich color.

Ash blonde asymmetrical bob:

Asymmetrical Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

To make this asymmetrical look even more original and edgy, choose a nice ash blonde color.

Cut layered inverted pixie bob:

Long Layered Pixie With Undercut

The layers on the crown give the illusion of a fuller mane, whereas the pieces framing the face make the cheeks look fuller and the person overall healthier.

Mermaid green long pixie:

Green Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Your pixie cut doesn’t’ have to be conventional, you can choose an unconventional long pixie cut paired with an equally original mermaid green color.

Long gothic pixie:

Gray Long Pixie With Pink Highlights

Who said you had to choose one color? In fact, you can even choose up to 3. Silver, lavender and light blue go well together.

Pink and orange haircut:

Half Shaved Pixie With Long Side Bangs

If you want to add a warm toned color to your hair but don’t like the conventional brown hues, you can choose pink and even orange!

Gorgeous long lilac inverted bob:

Purple Gray Side Parted Pixie Bob

To make an inverted bob all the more daring, what better way to do so than to choose a gorgeous lilac color?

Feminine blonde layered pixie:

Long Ash Blonde Pixie

This grey pixie looks feminine and full of life thanks to the long bangs framing the face in the front.

Short asymmetrical haircut:

Messy Long Brunette Pixie

A short uncolored haircut doesn’t have to be boring! This asymmetrical cut is simple but definitely look original and charismatic.

Classic pixie cut:

African American Long Curly Pixie

A classic pixie cut can be given a new life by adding nicely structured curls all around the hairline.

Undercut pixie with purple highlights:

Black Bob With Purple Balayage

To make a standard pixie cut edgy and rock’n’roll, consider adding an undercut along with some original highlights such as in purple.

Bright blue inverted pixie :

Long Layered Blue Pixie

If you’d like an edgy look and blue highlights are not enough for you, you can go for bright blue inverted pixie cut.

Wispy cut with bangs:

Choppy Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs

The layers at the crown give the hair a lot of volume, whereas the front pieces cover the forehead lines and give the look a more feminine appearance.

Short and sweet haircut:

Black Layered Pixie Bob

Who said a pixie haircut had to be boring or masculine? This sweet haircut looks feminine and romantic, proving all the haters wrong.

Layered pixie for curly hair:

African American Layered Pixie With Bangs

The layers at the top give the hair the appearance of being fuller, whereas this cut can go well with all types of hair textures.