40 Homecoming Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Homecoming isn’t quite as fancy as prom, but you still want to look good. You can still achieve the look you’re going for with more simple styles, though they still need to match your dress and accessories. Every female has different hair types, length, and tastes, yet everyone wants to look gorgeous for a special night. Therefore, we have picked our favorite 40 versatile styles that include short hair, updos, downdos and all the current trends. Take a look and find some inspiration.

One of the most common problems is trying not to look too casual or too dressy. You still want to be effortlessly cute and chic rather than perfectly glamorous like at prom. Usually, your hairstyle can make or break that fine line.

Generally, good hairstyle for homecoming is just a variation on prom styles. To give you more of an idea of what we’re talking about, here are the details:

  1. Messy updos. These are done without a comb to create spontaneous and whimsical looks.
  2. Side ‘dos. These are great when paired with a one shoulder dress or any other asymmetric gown.
  3. Braids. Braids are running the red carpet and are not just for school girls. They can actually be fancy!
  4. Ponytails. A ponytail is a great base for many hair styles and is definitely the trend this year.

40 Homecoming Hairstyles That Are Trending Today

Take a look and see what fits you and your style.

#1: French Roll with Some Mess

french roll for thick hair

For a hassle free look, try a classic chignon or this French roll. It is perfect for lasting through the night and is both elegant and simple. More time to party!

#2: Fishtail Loose Updo

There are many pretty homecoming styles to choose from if you are blessed to have a medium hair texture. The one pictured here combines a few of the greats: twists, fishtail and wispy strands.

#3: Triple Crown

This one is adorable for homecoming. The triple braids on the crown paired with the low bun keep this style both elegant and youthful. Mix it up with different types of braids or different sizes to add an extra layer of fun.

#4: Tucked Below The Crown

To create this style, use an elastic headband to give the tucked in look without too much hassle. If your looking for a ‘do that is all your own, give this one a try. Your look doesn’t have to be flashy to still wow the crowd.

#5: Waterfall Braid

If you search for formal ‘do’s on Pinterest, you are sure to find waterfall braids everywhere. This slight variation is perfect for a special homecoming.

#6: Elegant Chignon

If your dress has special details on the back, this is the perfect style to consider. This loose chignon has just a little bit of teasing and is super simple to achieve. Just gather your hair into a bun at the nape and add some pretty accessories.

#7: Beachy Romantic Braid

If you are more of a hair down kind of woman, this homecoming style is perfect. It has both beach waves and a romantic crown braid. Use a big barrel curling iron or some sea salt spray to achieve that beautiful texture. Then just add your braid, fray out the sides of it and pull out some face framing pieces.

#8: Fishtail Braid with a Twist

Leave your hair down while still accenting your best features with this sweet style. Comb your hair back, add some twists on the side and add a fishtail to achieve this beautiful look.

#9: Romantic Updo with French Braid

This updo is such a great pick for homecoming. Just create a deep side part, add a French braid, and finish it off with a voluminous bun at the nape. To create the loops, just roll sections of hair and pin them with bobby pins. A cute headband is the perfect boho touch.

#10: Braided Headband and Chignon

A chignon is a classic choice for highlighted, straight hair. Add some flair with a some falling pieces and a thin braid that acts as a headband.

#11: Curly Waterfall

To keep it simple and still stunning, just create some big curls and add a waterfall braid that extends into the center of your length. Beautiful and easy!

#12: Twisted Half Updo

Ladies with medium length hair have plenty of options, but this is a great one to show off that lob. To achieve this look, create an inverted pony in the top section of your hair then add some thin twists from each side for cute accents. Finish it off with some loose curls and call it a day!

#13: Side Fishtail with Chignon

Incorporate a sleek bun with a fishtail braid for a great homecoming style. To achieve this beautiful look, start with a deep side part, add a fishtail, and finish it off with a chignon at the nape. If you happen to have a one shoulder dress, put your bun to the exposed shoulder side.

#14: Flower Power Half Updo

A braided flower is the perfect thing to crown your ‘do. Be the center of attention at homecoming by taking this picture to your stylist. What a beautiful, yet simple ‘do.

#15: Loose and Soft Updo

If you have a dress with a high neckline, this style will be perfect. It is great for both long and medium length hair and adds texture to a more understated dress.

#16: Side Braid and Bun

Long hair leads to endless choices, so try to pick one that matches the vibe of your dress. This option is feminine, easy, and works with all kinds of hair types.

#17: A Knotted Braid

Go with a knotted braid and skip out on the classics. Slightly wavy or straight hair is the perfect contrast to this half updo.

#18: Sleek and Elegant Chignon

The swirl detail in this elegant style would be extra defined with straight hair and a classic dress would be the perfect pairing for a put together, stunning homecoming look.

#19: Low Messy Bun

This is a ‘do that won’t let you down if you don’t have an idea. It’s a go-to choice because of its versatility to suit hall hair textures and face shapes.

#20: Formal Side Braid

Switch it up and opt for one giant braid with this regal homecoming style. Accentuate your braid with some baby’s breath to finish off this beautiful style.

#21: French Twist

For a sophisticated and timeless option, go for a French twist and skip the French braids.

#22: Braided Boho Bob

For a cute homecoming style perfect for short hair don’t be afraid of braids. Tousle or curl your hair and add a headband like braid to achieve this great look. Don’t forget to leave out some face framing pieces for the perfect finishing touch.

#23: Curly Bun with a Fishtail Crown

A textured bun is the perfect contrast to the neat fishtail wrapped around the crown of your head. This style is a great match for a more casual homecoming dress.

#24: Ringlets

This hairstyle works with curls whether they are natural, styled with heat or overnight heatless curls. Get this retro look by pinning your ringlets in a half updo. Gorgeous!

#25: Side Braided High Bun

Low updos will be jealous of this regal high bun that not only has sleek lines, but fine detail of braids, too. Don’t forget to pair it with some statement earrings.

#26: Twisted Half Updo

Combine a modern hair hue with your cascading ringlets for the perfect homecoming style. For anyone with hair past their shoulders, this is a fancy but not over the top ‘do.

#27: Half Up and Crossed Over

This may not be a great style for short hair, but ladies with long hair will be able to embrace the criss cross detail that makes this ‘do the center of attention. It may look complicated, but for gals with naturally curly hair it’s perfectly easy and beautiful.

#28: Side Ponytail with a Twist

If you love ponytails but are aiming for something just a bit fancier, this one is for you. It may look like the most complicated ‘do at homecoming, but it is actually an easy style that will make you the most glamourous instead. Just make sure you practice a bit and get plenty of bobby pins.

#29: Crown Braids

A braided crown is the perfect formal touch for homecoming. Your curls still cascade down your back but the top of your head still gets a boost of volume. This one is simple and sweet.

#30: Fancy Curls

This ‘do will look gorgeous no matter if your hair is curly or straight. You can really make this tyle intricate the longer your hair is, just play with different loops, buns and braids until you get the look your want.

#31: Undercut and Burgundy

Take on a memorable hair color for a memorable night. Try this deep burgundy that will look perfect with your formal dress. Though it’s not just the color that makes this ‘do so special- the undercut and texture is pretty great, too.

#32: Curly Mohawk

Ladies blessed with thick curly hair can actually achieve some styles that just aren’t possible with other hair types. This one is inspired by a classic mohawk, but it has a little modern twist. Just make sure you go to a professional- it tends not to work very well at home.

#33: Sweeping Braid

When it comes to styles for homecoming, long hair lends itself to creativity and versatility. Opt for this sweeping braid that cascades into lovely curls if you don’t know what ‘do to choose for your big night.

#34: Bow Crown

Secure your hair into a bow for a cute look for medium length hair. Don’t worry, it is actually easier than it looks, just don’t forget to secure it with plenty of bobby pins for a look that will go all night with you.

#35: Highlighted Long Hair

Some contrasting highlights are the perfect thing to bring personality to dark hair. Let it flow straight, curly or braided- it will all look gorgeous.

#36: Stacked Bows

This style is unique and is definitely not cliche. It works best with thick and multi-tonal hair since it brings out every color.

#37: Spiced Up and Natural

Slick back your natural hair into a beautiful braid to get in on the fancy homecoming styles. The natural curls really make this side hairstyle pop.

#38: Braided Side Pony

Your dress isn’t the only decision you have to make before homecoming! Your hairstyle is just as important, so don’t take it too lightly. Try this intricate side braid that allows your locks to flow freely below a gorgeous center knot.

#39: Curly Bun

Don’t forget about the classic looks. This curled bun has been popular forever and will likely continue that trend.

#40: Weaved Crown

A basket weave crown really shows off your highlights and is definitely not overused. It’s vintage and modern all at the same time.

There are so many homecoming style to choose from! Just don’t forget one tip: choose a ‘do that is flattering to you. And don’t be afraid to try something new!