40 Hairstyles For Long Thin Hair

Those chunky braids, voluminous loose locks, and bouncy ponytails can still be achieved with long, thin hair. It’s important to know how to present your fine hair in the best light to stay effortlessly gorgeous. Take a look at this list of 40 hairstyles and pick one for next time you want a new look!

These hairstyles are so classy and beautiful, you wouldn’t guess they were made with thin hair. Backcombing, highlights, curls, waves, and bouffants are used in the pictures below to show you what these little tricks can do.

#1: Shaggy Blonde Waves

long wavy blonde hairstyle for thin hair

Getting rid of harsh and heavy lines is possible with shaggy razor-cut layers. For a casually sexy style, natural beach waves are the way to go.

#2: Low Blonde Ponytail Updo

Messy waves are in this season with the effortless look it gives. Make it a little fancier with this ponytail updo. It’s low-key and great for a beach wedding, summer cocktail party or dinner on vacation.

#3: Braided Updo

This is a flattering way for women with thin hair to wear a ponytail. The front braid and the curl in the pony makes a cute look that won’t fall flat.

#4: Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate hue and soft lines is a great style for long, thin hair. Layers can still work on fine hair, just opt for a few longer layers that are softer. Long and flowing, your tresses will be mesmerizing.

#5: Long A-Line Style for Fine Hair

One-level haircuts with thick edges can be good for long, thin hair. Try to opt for face framing layers and long sweeping bangs to create a great base for updos and half-up half-down ‘dos.

#6: Perfect Ponytail

Styling is all about volume with thin hair, you just have to have creativity. Begin with texture, then create waves using a straightener or a braiding method. This creates a great base to give your style more oomph.

#7: Trendy Long Waves

Create the look of much thicker hair by having a center part to allow all your hair to gather forward on your chest. Texture your hair by creating beach waves overnight using braids or twists.

#8: Cute Long Platinum Bob

Modern, urban style revolves around the office-chic look. Thin hair is perfect for this length because it only requires some textured ends. This ‘do with compliment your busy, city life.

#9: Volumizing Updo for Thin Hair

Use a texturizing mist or sea salt spray before styling to create wispy hair. This is the secret to a beautiful updo that you don’t have to dose in hairspray.

#10: Wispy Bangs and Curls

It can be hard to find a free-flowing style with thin hair, but soft waves are great because they create texture and volume. Brust them through after using the straightner method and backcomb the ends for a perfect laid-back finish.

#11: Intricate Fishtail Braid Updo

Braids are always a great addition to fine hair. Make the braid appear fuller by curling your hair before braiding. If your hair is highlighted, this fishtail braid with a looped bun is beautiful.

#12: Pretty Blonde Waves

This is a style that can be created many different waves. One way is to braid your hair and let it set for a few hours or do the same with messy wrapped buns. Define the face-framing pieces with a curling wand.

#13: Side Part Hair with Natural Waves

Barely-there layering is a favorite for long thin hair. Skip the bangs and add a deep side part for a beautiful look.

#14: Gorgeous Mohawk

Mix braids with waves in this creative style. It keeps it off your face, while still showing off your length. Make a Dutch fishtail and then curl the ends lightly to blend into your other waves for this great look.

#15: Top Knot with Chic Bow

How is it possible that the bun looks like cotton candy? Texturizing spray of course! The best updos and buns have volume and height which can be created with the right products.

#16: Long Hairstyle with Sophisticated Ombre

For a flattering and versatile style, try choppy curls that are polished, but not overdone. Add a bit of edginess with some color. Pastel purple and light grey, anyone?

#17: Twisted Braided Updo

Twists are effective on thinner hair and make it adorable and visual. Mix up those twists, braids and strands for an updo that is interesting and fun!

#18: Updo with Pinned Waves

Prep your hair first to nail this look. Create big waves with a larger curling iron, then tease the roots. Loop the strands of hair and pin them to the crown for a great updo.

#19: Soft Classy Updo

Sponges designed as bun makers are perfect for thin hair. Create the perfect bun by wrapping your hair and creating wispy pieces. No one will know your secret.

#20: Flowy Curls for Fine Hair

Soft ombre color and an accent braid make these gorgeous curls come to life. Use a large barrel curling iron and make a loose crown braid to achieve this look. For added volume pull lightly on the hair in the crown you’ve made.

#21: Creative Half Up Braid

Extra long hair may seem like a pain, but there are easy and effortless hairstyles that can be created. Make a cute high ponytail, then pull some strands from the sides to the braid. After that, you can transition to a free hanging braid.

#22: Pretty Messy Top Knot

This is the number one hairstyle for thin hair. The sexy waves pairs well with the perky style of the top know. To soften the look, pull out a few strands around the hairline.

#23: Long Choppy Layers

Simple layers with choppy ends and no bangs is a style that is in right now. It also happens to be a style great for thin hair. Add twists and waves to lend softness with the layers that boost volume and texture.

#24: Simple Half Up Braid

Blunt ends, especially on straight hair, are a common feature of haircuts for thin hair. Add ombre or balayage to make your hair appear thick. A beautiful half braid doesn’t sacrifice thickness if you only pull a bit of hair from the sides instead of using the whole top half.

#25: Easy Messy Updo

Imperfection is perfection with this hairstyle. Tease your tresses before creating a loosely wrapped top knot to achieve the look. For the slightly messy style, pull some wispy hair in the front and bun.

#26: Wavy Brown Blonde Ombre Hair

Dimensional locks come from texture and color. Having dark roots generates depth with the soft ombre and the thickness around your face comes from beautiful waves. The perfect look for any occasion.

#27: Curly Side Hairstyle For Long Thin Hair

You can’t go wrong with these in shape curls for a classy hairdo. Rather than a bun or ponytail, which sometimes looks frail with thin hair, this side style doubles the volume of your tresses and frames your face.

#28: Grey Bombshell Waves for Round Faces

Round faces usually have full cheeks and around widest around that area. Start with an off-center part, and start curls low and brush them out to get this rockin’ look.

#29: Flowy Low Updo

When you look at intricate updos most of us can’t even begin to know how to start, but this one is easy. After you tease your hair, braid a low French plait, then finish it off with a messy. To create the looseness, pull on random wispy pieces.

#30: Long Hair Style with Jeweled Accessory

To give thin hair some volume, do a bouffant. Bouncy curls pinned to the side balances out the heavy top. Finishing it off with a jeweled barrette is the perfect touch.

#31: Long Angled Bob with Bangs

Thin hair is perfect for an inverted bob. The face isn’t overwhelmed by the fullness is the back created by angle. To draw attention to your eyes, opt for blunt bangs. Kick it up one more notch with chic icy gray.

#32: Large Braided Crown

For bad hair days or to switch it up, try a braided crown with thin hair. The loose, inverted braids give illusion of fullness. Such a regal style that is ready for a night on the town or a friend’s wedding.

#33: Loose Curly Ombre Hair

Loose curls are universally flattering and are quick way to inject life and volume into your locks. Try an ombre for less upkeep or damage to your hair.

#34: Long Hair Style with Retro Waves

Vintage glam or Old Hollywood movie loves, this look is for you. Try soft, brushed out ombre waves and channel a new Rita Hayworth.

#35: Technicolor Long Bob with Bangs

A long, sassy bob with blunt bangs and choppy layers complements a variety of hair colors. However, if you’re looking for an attention-grabbing look, try a neon hue with multi-color highlights. You’re sure to turn heads.

#36: Straight Hair With Reverse Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids add interest to a braided style, therefore they have become extremely popular. This hairstyle has loose pieces falling into the braid, while most have hair falling out the braid. A welcome twist that is sure to please.

#37: Curly Half-Updo with Bouffant

“Bigger is better” for women that have an ultra-glam lifestyle. This style feeds that craving. Tease the crown and pin a bouffant to achieve that sky high volume.

#38: Double Braid Long Hair Style

Big hair can sometimes overwhelm long faces that have less width across the cheek area. The solution? A side messy braid with piecey flyaways for a pretty look.

#39: Braided Half-Updo

Straight hair sometimes needs something a little extra. To make your hair appear fuller, a braid is a quick fix. It also dresses up your style.

#40: Choppy Lob with Layers

To provide volume without weighing you down, try a long bob with razored layers. It is a must have style for any fashionista because it’s the hairdo of the year.

Don’t forget to pamper your locks to restore their natural shine. Try new hairstyle for your long, thin hair to stay gorgeous.