40 Amazingly Simple and Cute Pixie Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

For a simple way to make your locks brighter and sharper, opt for a pixie cut. Think in advance what features you would like to accentuate with your new short cut since it will draw extra attention. If you have delicate features and bigger eyes, a super short pixie might be in order, whereas if you have a fuller face, go for elongated bangs and a tapered silhouette.

Pixie Cuts Perfect for Thick Hair

#1: Blonde Shorty

ash blonde pixie with dark roots

When dyed a light color, short hair will look wispier. Why not go with ash blonde and an edgy style like this? It is the perfect mix of retro and contemporary.

#2: Choppy Dark Chocolate Pixie

This chick is totally rockin’ this look. The naturally shaggy texture of her already dark hair makes for a super hip style. Pair with a biker jacket to complete the look.

#3: 50’s Curly Pixie

You’ll feel like a housewife and a pin up with this vintage look. The asymmetric fringe and naturally dense hair that’s curled to perfection make for a dramatic look.

#4: Growing Pains Pixie

For long faces, this one works well because it’s lightly colored, asymmetrical and layered. Look at all the angles to see just how great the elements work together.

#5: Side Parted Layered Pixie

It’s always nice to have a thick rich mane. In the case you cut your hair short, you can really experiment with length and texture. This model chose a bob with a short side, which makes it a pixie. The platinum fringe, messy look and color gradient make this a style we love. It might be good for round faces, too!

#6: Wavy Jet Black

Chop off that wild and wavy look. Go for a look that is inspired by Rihanna by leaving an extra long piece in the front but short in the back. This look is sultry and cool.

#7: Pixie Sunny Side Up

Those looking for a bold, fresh cut typically lean towards a pixie, but why not take it a step further with a bright pop of color. You don’t have to commit to the whole head, just add a neon yellow to the front piece like this cool gal.

#8: Curly Top

Even if you have super curly hair, a pixie is still an option. To keep them managed and maintained opt for a tapered style like this one. It’s a win-win.

#9: Blue Thick Hair

These two ways to give life your thick, straight hair are sure to please. First a Mia Farrow pixie cut will thin it out, then a vibrant blue and purple will make you a beautiful focal point in any room.

#10: Thick Choppy Hair

Pixie cuts for thick hair take out the bulk with choppy layers which makes it one of the basic recommendations. To make the layers look effortless, use a razor to thin them out. This short cut just won’t work with blunt layers.

#11: Plush Pink

Cotton candy hair is taking the beauty world by storm and is the perfect solution if you just can’t figure out how to style your pixie cut. Pink hair is a softer, more youthful vibe than its punk inspired, rebellious counterparts.

#12: Silver Fox

Silver hair doesn’t just belong to the elderly. It’s all the rage for all ages, so try it on a pixie cut. Keep the bottom matte black for a good contrast.

#13: Platinum Thick Cut

You can still rock a bleached cut even if you’re not a California girl because platinum pixies are super chic. Try longer spikes up top and close cut sides to create a play on a faux hawk. Style by using a wax and combing the layers forward with your fingers.

#14: Faded Pixie

Leave your locks wild with a clean undercut for a risky 80’s look that will pay off. Use a straightener or curling iron to keep those locks under control. For a naturally undone look, use texturizing powder to shape.

#15: Two Toned Pixie

Will color solutions, pixie become even more expressive. To distinguish texture and length, opt for a two tone color solution. Spice up the cut by trying feathery tips and tapered sides and nape.

#16: Thick Hair Razored Cut

WIth thick hair, pixie cuts should be a little risky and definitely interesting. ROunded edges and razored layers are a good start. Leave the top a bit longer and pair with a buzzed undercut. It’ll be totally low maintenance and easy to style.

#17: Faux Hawk

A pompadour bang can give your pixie some edge. To style, flip the long section to the side and upwards, holding it in place with a strong hold hairspray. You’ll have a fabulous look all day.

#18: Thick Ringlets

The full effect of your mane comes from the front not the back. Let those curls grow and let them run free on top while tapered sides will give definition. This is a look that you surely won’t forget.

#19: Shaggy Pixie

Instead of your thick hair working against you, make it work with you. Allow a pixie cut to show off your hair by using angled layers and longer front layers. If you have a larger forehead or a longer face, a fringe is a great option.

#20: Pixie Fringe

A fairy like pixie cut is only complete with wispy, feathery bangs. For them to look perfectly imperfect, cut the bangs jagged with a razor.

#21: Highlighted and Textured

Don’t feel restrained to long lengths with thick hair. A pixie shape is actually manageable and super cute. Curled, straightened thick textured hair is bold and full.

#22: Bombshell Pixie

Tinkerbell platinum is probably what you think of when you think pixie. But switch it up by going raven black, short and spiky. Everyone will be staring when you pair it with some lipstick and bomber jacket, in a good way of course.

#23: Multi-Toned Blonde Pixie

Go honey and platinum because more shades are always better. It’s also an awesome way to give life to short, cropped locks.

#24: Short, Sleek and Thick

Create a side parted, sleek pixie for a sophisticated and versatile look. You’ll be the definition of class.

#25: Jeweled Pixie

Pixies are your ticket to freedom. Flash beautiful jewel tones to show a wild side. These shades complement each other and create a work of art on your head.

#26: Blonde Nape Undercut

The back is where the magic happens with this one. With choppy layers and shaved sides and nape this style becomes effortless to maintain. It even grows out well.

#27: Pixie Feathers

The red undertone and the feathered texture are two styling elements that make this style work. The color draws out this girls complexion and her green eyes, while the feathered short locks give it life.

#28: Long Bangs and Streaks

When finding inspiration for long faces, the pictures are typically for medium or long hair. That’s not the case with this look. A medium-length pixie cut will keep your hair maintenance free and budget friendly. Opt for highlights, choppy layers, and asymmetrical bangs to cope with your thick hair and still rock a short look.

#29: Blonde & Super Short

Very short hairstyles don’t work for everyone, but if you have good features, go for it. This model went for bright blonde to compliment her skin tone. The sexy wet look is a great addition.

#30: Tapered Messy Pixie

It’s time to put your shaggy, wavy hair to work in this tousled wet look. It has high volume and black roots which is perfect for thick hair. What a beautiful, feminine style.

#31: Highlighted Asymmetrical Pixie

This Rihanna inspired pixie is great for heart shaped faces. The blonde streaks frame your face to bring light to your eyes and lips while the long bangs are tossed to one side for a sultry look.

#32: Edgy Fauxhawk

A faux hawk is a hot short style, for all seasons. Upsweep at the top an and undercut underneath with some holding spray and you’re good to go. Square face shapes can benefit from this style.

#33: Textured Pixie with Bangs

If you have little patience, but a lot of volume, get a textured pixie cut. Style your fringed, choppy cut by just washing, adding a bit of product, and forming your strands how you’d like.

#34: Braided Blonde Pixie

This pixie cut definitely won’t work with thin hair because you need volume and texture to be able to braid short hair. Closely cut the sides and nape for extra pizazz.

#35: Platinum Pixie with Bangs

This ultra bright blonde has a punk inspiration that comes from shorter sides and swept bangs. For oval faces, this look is perfect due to the volume.

#36: Curly Pixie

You’ll be able to use your curls to your advantage with this Audrey Tautou cut. Though getting the length and thickness right is crucial, there’s also big pay off.

#37: Pixie with Sass

Emulate Jamie Lee Curtis with a stylish benchmark pixie. She tends to use the same length, texture, and silhouette because she’s found her look, and you will too.

#38: Point Cut Pixie

This is probably the most universal pixie variety and it is definitely in high demand this year. Opt for point cut bangs with wax like Sami Gayle for a cute everyday style.

#39: Angled Pixie

Kellie Pickler’s elongated pixie is quite different than Anne Hathaway’s. Pickler’s has point cut ends and angled sideburns which creates definition and a sense of edge.

#40: Angled, Tapered Pixie

Halle Berry looks breathtaking with her feathery pixie. It can be style in ridgid, defined locks or scrunched waves. She has definitely found her look.

You will be done styling in no time if you choose the right short cut for you. Just make sure you get it trimmed in a timely fashion to maintain the shape. If not, it’ll look very unappealing.