35 Cute and Messy Ponytails

Ponytails allow you to pull your hair up, secure it and walk out the door! That’s all it takes to achieve a cute messy ponytail which explains why they are oh so popular. They’re so easy! But, they are also very versatile.

Don’t forget that a messy ponytail can be used on all face shape, hair lengths and textures and for days at the office or formal affairs. There are endless ways to switch up your messy ponytail style, but here we picked 35 of our favorites! Take a look!

#1: Teased, Messy Pony

gray hair in messy ponytail

Easily create this sexy look by teasing your hair and then pull it into a high ponytail. Secure your strands with an elastic and pull out a few strands to complete the look.

#2: Side Bangs and Low Pony

The side bangs set this low pony apart. The base is a long layered haircut which allow the different lengths to frame the face. For extra volume in the back, the ponytail has be teased just a bit.

#3: Face Framing Poofy Pony

This simple idea is definitely super cute. The backcombing allows for volume, while the ponytail is set on the crown to assist in the bounce. It is also carefree and effortless with the loose locks at the front. Easy and beautiful!

#4: Messy Romantic Ponytail

Feel like the princess in the storybook with a feminine yet messy ‘do. Achieve this look by twisting the sides and gathering everything else into a loose pony at the base of the neck. Allow hair to drape over the tie or wrap it with a strand of hair to finish the look.

#5: Formal Pony

A fancy pony will wow the guests of any formal affair. To achieve this look, slick the sides upward, gather the curls at the crown and let them fall down the back. It will create a magical ponytail.

#6: Curly Side Swept Pony

Your ponytail doesn’t always have to be straight. Twist your hair at either side of the nape for a messy style that will give your ponytail some volume.

#7: Messy Pumped Pony

For natural body and bounce, opt to wear your ponytail high on the crown. To achieve this cute look, tease the front, gather hair into a high pony and then wrap the tie with a strand of hair. Finish the look with some curls and light teasing.

#8: Fancy Side Pony

Rock the red carpet with a side pony that is fit for a movie star. Start by parting your hair in two sections, then tease the top. After that twist the top to create some messy knots near your ear, then just pin the section under the knots which will gather all the hair to the side. Throw in a headband for a nice finishing touch.

#9: Messy Curled Pony

Every girl loves a classic curly pony. To achieve this look, backcomb your crown and curl the ends of your hair. For extra bounce you can even tease the pony and finish it off with hairspray for a style that packs a punch.

#10: Textured Pony

A bedhead ‘do is totally trendy. To enhance your natural texture, spritz with some sea salt spray before you style. It will give some grip and help you to achieve that effortless look.

#11: Braided Mohawk Pony

Go a little rock and roll without involving any razors. To create the mohawk, start with a Dutch or French braid in the center of your head while leaving hair loose on the sides. Once you reach just below the crown, stop braiding, secure with a tie and then take the rest of the hair and tie it all together into one super cute pony. Make the mohawk have more volume by pulling at the braid.

#12: Retro Pony

Dress up any look by creating a pompadour up front with a cascading pony in the back. It is equal parts funky and elegant!

#13: Low Face Framing Curled Pony

Low ponies are not only trendy but are also super easy. Start with a quick twist, a few pins and some hairspray to make sure your style lasts. So cute and simple!

#14: Dutch Braid with Messy Pony

French and Dutch braids don’t have to have all the attention. Amp up your look with a fishtail braid and pair it with a pony. This look will hide slightly greasy hair really well.

#15: Knotted and Braided Pony

Instead of stopping your braid at the base of the pony, why not mix it up and include a statement braid in the pony. To achieve this look, braid a section on the side all the way to the ends and then gather it into the rest of your hair to create the ponytail. Use some hair wax to keep it from unraveling for a cute look.

#16: Princess Pony

Side swept curly ponytails are fit for a princess. Roll loosely curled hair to the side for a lush look. Loosely braid the front for some added princess magic.

#17: Wrap Around Braid with Pony

You don’t have to have super long hair to enjoy the romantic note that braids bring to a style. Just take a section in the front and start loosely braiding it, working smaller strands into it as you go. Tie everything into a small wavy pony to finish off the look.

#18: Messy Side Pony

Super simple ponytails are cute, quick and effortless which is perfect for a woman on the go. Opt for long side swept bangs for an especially pretty look.

#19: Lovely Low Pony

A low tousled pony is sure to show off dimension and color. Any lighter shades are sure to stand out with a slightly teased, textured look.

#20: Wavy Mid-Length Messy Pony

You don’t have to choose between a low pony or a high pony for a messy ponytail look. This mid-length pony that is wrapped at the base is a great middle ground that is a fabulous way to keep thick hair under control. Wear it to the gym, work or school. This look is super versatile.

#21: Wrapped Pony

Add a fun twist to give your low pony a little upgrade. Just separate two sections from the front and wrap them around the tie of a low pony at the nape.

#22: Side Dutch Braid and Messy Pony

Give some rockstar edge to your ‘do with a braid added to your basic pony. Fluff up your hair and add some texturizing powder for extra volume.

#23: Tousled Twisted Pony

Ponytails don’t have to be perfect to be pretty. A French twisted knot that extends into a ponytail is the perfect way to mess things up a bit. For a more full and undone look, pull some strands here and there.

#24: Bangs with Messy Pony

Teasing the hair or wearing it freshly washed is a common trend among messy ponies. Though this cute pony requires heavy backcombing and blunt bangs that are in tip top shape.

#25: Curly Half Up ‘Do

A half up ‘do is exactly what it sounds like. This is a variant that has twisted tresses on each side and a naturally curly mane flowing down the back. This hippie style really showcases the ombre and balayage coloring.

#26: Bumped Low Pony

A messy ponytail is still elegant enough to wear to prom or other formal events. To achieve this look, style the lower half of your hair with a flat iron creating loose waves while leaving the upper half straight, then tease the from and spray with hairspray. Tie the rest of the hair back into a ponytail and wrap the tie with a section of hair. Beautiful!

#27: Ombre Twisted Low Pony

A twisted wrap, a small bump and straight messy strands are all the features that make this look cute. To create this ‘do, part your hair in the center, leave a large section out while gathering the rest of the hair into a low pony. Then secure it and twist the left out section around the base for a detail that looks great with ombre hair.

#28: Fancy Side Pony

A messy ponytail can be made classy by shifting it to the side and adding a braided detail. This style is gathered using a fishtail braid and is a great alternative to updos that might take too long or be too hard to achieve.

#29: Braided Messy Pony

This braid might require a tutorial if you are not already a braiding master, but if you have already learned how to achieve this braid, then just start at the hairline and go all the way down the length. Afterwards, pull the remaining hair and the braid into a ponytail for a look that is perfect for a lighter hue.

#30: Blonde Pony with Bouffant

An undercut or darker hair at the nape will be highlighted beautifully by this kind of look. Just part your bangs in the middle, and create a big bouffant by backcombing the crown. Finish it off by tying hair into a low pony and wrap the elastic with a small strand of hair to finish the look.

#31: Curly High Pony

This look is so versatile. It can work with tight spiraled hair, naturally curly textures, relaxed waves and even afro styles. For a boho chic vibe, just gather your hair loosely while leaving some small flyaways around the face. Then take a large section from the pony, twist it and then pin it just above the pony in order to hide the elastic.

#32: Cornrows and Braided Mohawk Pony

This complex pony takes inspiration from both punk rock and African American culture. Achieve this look with three tight cornrows on the side and a fauxhawk on top. A little tip: wrap the braids around the pony to hide the elastic. For the fauxhawk, tease the hair and then loosely braid it. Add extra funkiness with a fiery red color.

#33: Long Curly Pony

It really doesn’t matter if your length comes from extensions or years of not cutting your hair. What does matter is that it can be turned into a beautiful look by just pulling all the hair back minus two strands in the front. Twist those remaining strands around the base of the pony and you’re done!

#34: Braided Side Pony

You can get this style if you know how to fishtail braid. Braid it tightly and closely, then pull the rest of the hair together on one side and wrap a strand around the base to finish off the look.

#35: Woven Curly Pony

For a formal event, this is a great hairstyle. To achieve this look, take a twisted side strand and pull it to the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin. Alternate starting sides all the way down to the nape and then gather the rest of the hair into a low pony. If you don’t have enough thickness, don’t be afraid to use extensions.

There you have it! 35 cute and messy ponytails. Do you have any go to ponytails that we missed on our list? Let us know and don’t forget to try one of these!