30 Of The Most Scandalous Presidential Affairs In US History


1. John F. Kennedy And Marilyn Monroe

One of the most recognized actresses ever is Marilyn Monroe. Even though she’s been in over a dozen movies, her most infamous role occurred in Palm Springs when she supposedly became the mistress of JFK. The pair spent some time in the California home of Bing Crosby. After their first rendezvous, Marilyn supposedly called Kennedy’s wife and spilled the beans on the affair. Jackie wasn’t shocked by the news and even told her to marry him, so she could deal with the issues in the White House herself.

2. John F. Kennedy and Judith Campbell Exner

President JFK was known to associate himself with many celebrities, including members of the Rat Pack. During a stint in Las Vegas, Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra suposedly introduced JFK to Judith. The duo began a year long affair that Judith revealed to the press. She often described him as a “reckless man”.

3. Bill Clinton and Paula Jones

The year was 1991. In a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas Clinton had an affair with Paula Jones. Jones was a campaign manager who met with Clinton to talk about his campaign. However, during their meeting he made a pass at her. Jones was shocked by the event and decided to take him to court for sexual harassment. Bill eventually settled with her and paid $850K to drop the suit.

4. Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers

According to the former model and actress, Gennifer Flowers, prior to entering office Clinton had an affair with her. At the time she was working for a news station when she first met Clinton. During a deposition in court, she claimed her affair lasted 12 years with Bill. She published this in a book called Passion and Betrayal.

5. Bill Clinton and Markie Post

During the 80’s and 90’s, Markie was a well known actress who started on the show Night Court. In 93′, she produced a movie on Clinton’s inauguration. Markie and Clinton became friends and she was one of the first guests at the White House. The rumors soon started to fly that a relationship began to blossom between the two. They would supposedly have secret meetups whenever he visited California.

6. Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Gracen

Elizabeth Gracen was a young model in Arkansas in the 80’s who went on to win the Miss American pageant. She soon caught the eye of Clinton. Since Bill began his political journey in Arkansas, their paths eventually crossed. They kept in touch as she moved to New York, and eventually had a one night stand before he became president.

7. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

This was one of the most notorious affairs to hit Washington. At the time, Monica was just a 21 year old intern at the White House. In the beginning, Clinton denied the affair ever took place, but was forced to admit he lied as the evidence against him mounted.

8. George H. W. Bush and Jennifer Fitzgerald

Bush was considered the poster child on how a Republican president should act. However, he kept some secrets in the closet during his presidency. It’s rumored that during his time in office he had an affair with the Chief Deputy of Protocol. The affair was discovered by an aide, but never confirmed. However, most Washington insiders are well aware of what occurred.

9. Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed

Most people know Lincoln as Honest Abe. They consider him one of our greatest presidents. However, many historians forget to mention the rumors between Lincoln and his roommate, Joshua Speed. Abe lived with Joshua for 4 years. They were rumored to be a couple.

10. Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley

Actress Liz Hurley, was actively involved in politics during 1998. She would often be photographed with Clinton during her trips to the White House. Clinton even sent a private plane to pick her up. The affair began with an innocent tour of the White House and ended with a stay in the Lincoln bedroom.

11. Bill Clinton and Sally Perdue

During his time as Governor of Arkansas, Bill would often dance around and play his saxophone for former Miss Arkansas Sally Perdue. Rumors soon began to fly the two were more than just friends.

12. John F. Kennedy and Ellen Rometsch

JFK’s affairs were pretty typical with Washington co workers or Hollywood actresses. One of his most reckless relationships was with Ellen Rometsch. Rometsch was a German escort who who looked very much like Elizabeth Taylor. She was often seen at the White House and attended scandalous pool parties. The staff and JFK’s brother were not fond of her, and supposedly wanted to have her deported.

13. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Kay Summersby

During WW2, Kay Sumersby was a driver for President Eisenhower. The two men while Eisenhower was in Britain. Eventually a close relationship ensued and an affair began shortly after. She published this in her book Past Forgetting: My Love Affair With Dwight D. Eisenhower.

14. Bill Clinton and Eleanor Mondale

Former Vice President Walter Mondale had a daughter named Eleanor Mondale. She reportedly had an affair with Bill while he was with Hillary. Eleanor kept a diary detailing her risky affair with him.

15. John. F. Kennedy and Angie Dickinson

It’s no surprise that Marilyn wasn’t the only actress to have a relationship with JFK. Former actress, Angie Dickinson, had an affair with him during a visit to the White House. The affair was kept on the down low and never confirmed by Dickinson. However, many  people in Hollywood were aware of the affair and weren’t afraid to discuss it.

16. Woodrow Wilson and Mary Peck

After a death in the family, Woodrow and his wife were having issues. Wilson left their home and went on a trip to Bermuda where he met a women by the name of Mary Peck. Shortly after, they began their affair. With Ellen’s death, he reportedly felt so guilty that he broke things off with Mary and began a new relationship with Edith Galt.

17. George Washington and Venus

America’s 1st and most noble president wasn’t as noble as everyone liked to think. It was rumored that Washington had an affair with a slave named Venus. Out of their affair came a child named Wes Ford. Multiple historians have backed up his rumor.

18. John F. Kennedy and Mimi Alford

Nowadays JFK affair rumors are hardly considered rumors. His reputation as a play boy was rarely denied. This was especially the case with Mimi Alford. When JFK first took office he had an affair with the 19 year old Mimi. The affair lasted for 18 months until JFK broke things off.

19. Lyndon B. Johnson and Madeleine Brown

Known for his scandalous mind, President Johnson, was known as a womanizer who frequently disrespected women. President Johnson reportely had multiple affairs during his time in office. The most well known affair was with a women named Madeline Brown. Their affair eventually resulted in a love child named Steven.

20. Lyndon B. Johnson and Alice Glass

During Johnson’s campaign, his wife, Lady Bird, worked close with a women named Alice Glass. Even though he was seeing Madeline Brown, Johnson also began seeing Glass on the side. Eventually they were caught in the act by Lady Bird. Washington insiders reported that Lady Bird was furious and attacked her.

21. Lyndon B. Johnson and Helen G. Douglas

During Johnson’s time as a US congressman, he became involved with Helen G. Douglas, who was a congresswomen at the time.

22. Grover Cleveland and Maria Crofts Halpin

During the ’84 elections, Grover Cleveland had a lot to hide. At the time he was having an affair with Maria Crofts Halpin, which resulted in the birth of a son. Halpin was an escort and was typically seen at Grover’s low office. Of course due to her profession, Halpin wasn’t sure he was the father. James Blane, who was Cleveland’s opponent at the time revealed the full story.

23. James Buchanan and William Rufus King

After the death of his wife, Buchanan moved in with his future Vice President William Rufus King. The two were rumored to be a couple as they were often seen attending social functions. Andrew Jackson was even overheard calling them Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy.

24. Warren G. Harding and Nan Britton

Harding’s reputation was matched only by Bill Clinton and JFK. During his short 3 year stay in office he managed to have multiple affairs. The most notorious was with a women named Nan Britton. After his presidency it was announced that he fathered her child.

25. Warren G. Harding and Carrie Fulton Phillips

Even though Harding was married at the time, he developed an intimate relationship with Carrie during his travels to Europe. They were together for many years and eventually she told Harding’s wife about the affair. Florence, Warren’s wife, was not shocked by the news. She reportedly said it wasn’t his first affair.

26. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings

One of the more lgendary affairs to hit Washington was between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings. They were rumored to have 6 children together. However, only 4 of the kids survied slavery and were eventually set free.

27. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer

Considered one of the more honorable presidents, FDR helped the nation get through Pearl Harbor and WW2. However, during his presidency he had an affair with his secretary Lucy Mercer. Elenor, his wife, eventually found out about the affair after discovering a love letter he wrote to Lucy. Elenor was furious and wanted a divorce. However, they stayed together for the sake of his political career.

28. James Garfield and Lucia Calhoun

President Jame Garfield was a big fan of a young reporters work by the name of Lucia Calhoun. One day Garfield met her at the new room to compliment her on her work. The two eventually formed a relationship and shortly after began having an affair. His wife eventually discovered the affair and told him to pick either her or his mistress. In the end he chose his wife.

29. John Tyler

During his career Tyler was married twice. Out of all the Presidents, he holds the record for the most number of children. He fathered 16 legitimate children and 4 out of wedlock. The rumor was that he had multiple affairs with his staff of slaves.

30. Donald Trump and Marla Maples

Ivana and Trump were married from 1977 to 1992 and had 3 children together. She was a Czech born businesswoman and a former model. Eventually Donald claims she became too ambitious in business and was rarely home. He eventually strayed into the arms of Marla Maples, who was more of a house wife type.



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