30 Modern Hairstyles For Women Over 30 That Will Make You Look Younger and Feel Fabulous

As we get older, our needs, perspectives, and styles change. You’re not interested in being another person because you’re already who you’re suppose to be. You’re a women of sophistication, professionalism and class. Want to take a guess where this all started? With your hair of course! We’re not kidding either. The style of your hair can transform your look, boost your confidence and self esteem. Plus as an added bonus they will give you a more youthful fresh look. Sure there are other ways you can achieve a boost your confidence and get a youthful fresh look, i.e. plastic surgery, but why break the bank when you can visit your stylist for a third of the price.

Be sure to check out all 30 hairstyles here before your next visit to the stylist. We even have an app on the last slide where you can try different hairstyles on your phone and see what you’d look like.


1. Tapered Short Haircut

Creates luxurious fullness on top, a neatly cut nape and a wonderfully combed back. The layers on the top accentuate the texture and thickness.

2. Medium Wavy Bob

For the slightly curly hair, this medium length bob is a wonderful and easy cut. This cut will keep it’s shape with minimal effort. Combined with the layers, the waviness of the hair will create adorable wisps.

3. Medium Length With Layers

This haircut with its long-trimmed layers will lift around your face. In combination with the bangs, this look is youthful and elegant.

4. Shoulder Length With Trimmed Edges

Shoulder length hair is universally easy and flattering. With the shaggy finished ends, this haircut creates a mischievous yet clean look.

5. Chin Length Layered Bob

This chin length bob with layers is fantastic, but will take some work if your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly. Naturally, it will flip at the edges, but do not fear! If your hair is straight you can easily create these wisps with a blow dryer and comb.

6. Curly Bob

This super fun bob with an irregular curl pattern will surely bring out the energetic nature in anyone who wears it. Like the woman in the picture, you can keep your grey hair and wear it proudly.

7. Long Layered Bob

This bob is timeless and very classy. All it takes is layers and filling out contours. When blow drying they are flipped inward with a round comb.

8. Disconnected Bob

This bob creates beautiful shape, it is modern and trendy, and with the shattered ends it highlights the base.

9. Refreshing Pixie Cut

This short and fun pixie style creates fullness at the crown, soft edgy bangs, and frames the face while contouring it and brightening all your features.

10. Short Spiky Cut

Sculpting the cheekbones, softening the jawline, and rounding the nape, this shaggy haircut is mischievous and marvelous. Using mousse, you can easily create this do.

11. Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

Long layers instead of one length, this will create fullness and volume. Creating a bounciness it will surely wow your friends. Be sure to add highlights around the face and lowlights all over the head.

12. Dark Soft Curls

If you’ve got curly hair and are looking for versatility, this is the cut for you. Add softness to the do by pinning it back and sweeping your bangs. If you’d like to show off those awesome cheek bones, be sure to ask for a chin length cut.

13. Voluminous A Line

A-line haircuts are wonderful for anyone seeking volume. Making your hair appear to be thicker than it is, is liberating for some people. Pair with swept back bangs for a unique look.

14. Flicked Short Bob

This is a classic look for older women. It frames the face using its short layers and full bangs, all while adding depth.

15. Classy Shaggy Crop

This is a more hip haircut, using short pieces that are choppy and styled forward. It is sassy and probably the easiest do because of how messy you can make it, and it will look good.

16. Edgy Lavender Fohawk

If you have a fire inside you, this is the haircut you need. As you get older it is fun to experiment using bold do’s. Cut tight on the sides and long on the top, this is a very quick and easy style.

17. Medium Length With Full Bangs

This style is super sophisticated especially with the chocolate brown base and light highlights. Not to mention the awesome layers you can see with this blowout.

18. Punky Short Bangs

Rockabilly style haircuts are becoming more popular. This is a fresh and new take on a short haircut, using wispy hair that ends at the neck and super short bangs.

19. Pastel Layered Bob

This type of haircut is edgy but not over the top. Using a classy haircut, and a bold color, this style shows off it’s shaggy layers and side bangs. This is an easy style haircut for both you and your stylist.

20. Platinum Short Bob

Another classy bob here, showing off your more sophisticated side with the modern platinum. With a black outfit and bold lip color, you’ll make everyone proud to be around.

21. Easy Wear Crop

This is one of those super low maintenance haircuts that keep your morning simple. If your hair is straight, apply mousse to create the wisps.

22. Contemporary Modern Cut

This is a fresh and lovely do, that is clean and artsy. The only downside to this look is grown out ends stick out badly, so regular cuts are a must.

23. Chic Shag

This is a long bob. Somewhere stuck in the middle, not long and not short, and is an easy way to freshen up any look.

24. Boho Cut

Long hair with medium layers, this is perfect for anyone with healthy thick hair. You can choose whatever length you’d like, just add layers!

25. Fireball Haircut

Show off your crazy side with these cropped sides and long crown. Be sure to ask for side bangs to properly frame your face.

26. Medium Layered Hair

The long hair with the long bangs gives off a smart, fresh, and sexy look. Add some white blonde highlights to give a glitter effect.

27. Waves With Side Bangs

As long as there are waves, almost any haircut looks good. With the layers on the short hair, be sure to use a wide barrel curling iron for this do.

28. Over 50 Favorite

Volume is always a must. Using this style and it’s front and top highlights, you will wow people with your accentuated layers.

29. Long Blonde Locks

Long blonde hair looks gorgeous on any age, as long as you watch the tone. BE sure to not add layers and keep it smooth.

30. Caramel Crop

Another great layered haircut for an older woman. The best part is the caramel hue, it creates a nice natural shade that is super soft on the eyes.

Now It’s Time To Test Out Your New Hairstyle

Have you ever looked at a picture and said “that hairstyle would look great on me”? Only to go to get your haircut and say “that wasn’t what I was expecting”? We have the solution for you. This app allows you to scan your face and try out different styles before you commit.

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