30 Fabulous Stacked Hairstyles

You can easily and quickly change your whole look with the right haircut. One of the always stylish and best cuts to try is the stacked look. They can be of medium length or super short, but one thing is for sure- they are chic and fashionable.

Beautiful Stacked Cuts

A quality stacked cut comes from the most essential element which is to make sure the back is cut perfectly. The back view is the focal point of the stacked look so it is essential that it is done right. Think of a bob that is rounded in the back with layers and angled towards the front if you don’t know what a stacked style is.

The following list with pictures show a variety of stacked cuts that are cute and suit a wide array of hair types. If you need a little inspiration, these pictures should do the trick.


#1: Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Stacked Bob For Thin Hair

This A-line cut works so well with fine hair shown by the back view. You get a style that enhances your locks when you go for a layered and angled cut.

#2: Sleek Stack

The rounded silhouette looks flawless with straight hair and is the major benefit of a stacked bob. Complimented and angled to perfection, this cut looks amazing on anyone!

#3: Blonde Stack with Deep Side Bang

This one is top-notch in terms of long stacked cuts. It’s a sexy hairstyle you’ll love to rock with its perfectly angled lob, deeply parted bangs, and bright blonde color.

#4: Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

This stacked haircut is guaranteed to turn heads with the blonde color and red highlights. It is recommended for fine hair because of its layering and short length that creates an illusion of a thick mane.

#5: Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

Perfect for curly and thick hair, this wavy cut is pure sexiness. There’s a messy top layer, a shorter straight underlayer and the fullness of the shape is created by the choppy, uneven cut. To add spice, add a brown and burgundy hair color.

#6: Chocolate and Caramel Bob with Bangs

You don’t have to leave your emo days behind thanks to the power of the layered bob. The extra edge comes from the asymmetrical cut and firey highlights and deep parted side-swept bangs for a really punk-inspired vibe.

#7: Jet Black Stack with Layers

Let the stacked bob do all the talking with a solid base color. The color has an understated allure and give it boldness. You won’t have to resort to highlights for added dimension.

#8: Pastel Ombre Style

This long stacked cut is the perfect canvas for an ombre with a touch of edge. This ionic cut breathes new life with a new hue hiding under every dramatic angle.

#9: Two-Tone Angled Stack

This layered bob is like a grown-up strawberry shortcake. The fuchsia and platinum blonde are contrasted against each other that creates a color blocking look that is a risk worth the payoff.

#10: Platinum Blonde Bob

Even the thinnest strands have volume with stacked haircuts with a layered back that gives a little extra oomph. Make friends with a good texturizer and a fine-tooth comb to boost it even more. For even more drama, tease the roots of your hair.

#11: Grey Wispy Inverted Cut

Warm-toned highlights with a grey base looks totally cool. It’s just as chic with straight hair as it is with curly hair.

#12: Voluminous Medium-Length Bob

This hairstyle has volume on top and on the sides instead of just in the back. Try teasing the hair, adding dry shampoo or adding a cheesy bump it to really get some sky-high volume.

#13: Sharp Angled Stack

This stacked cut has a straight cut nape, angled front with dramatic layers in the back that is perfect for women who love the ease of a pixie cut but the look of a bob. You’ll never have to find a hair tie, just wash and go.

#14: Blonde Inverted Bob

This haircut will take you from your desk to the bar as it is one part sassy and one part sophisticated. A layered bob is low maintenance and versatile, but can still be spiced up with some natural-hued highlights.

#15: Short Blonde Stack

This face framing cut will look cut on blonde, brunette, curly or straight. It is easier to style with straight hair or a looser curl, but the same look can be achieved on anyone.

#16: Sleek Brunette Bob

Keep the ends curled under to tame short stacked haircuts. Curl only at the bottom to avoid the undesirable triangle shape. It will give you the right volume, too.

#17: Wavy Burgundy Lob

If you have any sort of curl, then avoid a blunt cut because you can’t be sure what your curls will do when you leave the salon. Instead, go for a medium length and wispy layers and add some fun color.

#18: Stacked Brunette with Caramel Balayage

This angled bob has tons of body coming from locks of stacked layers. However, for this kind of fullness you’ll need a strong hold hairspray. The piecey caramel highlights are also a winner because they create an almost reflective effect while boosting volume.

#19: Fiery Stacked Bob

Try a daring cut like this short stacked bob if you want to go electric with your color. The stacked bob is a good combination with vibrant hues, guaranteeing you’ll look great.

#20: Wispy Black Bob

The pitch black color gives this chic and casual ‘do a bold look. The movement comes from the piecey layers. But the best part about this style is how effortless it is.

#21: Inverted Blonde Style

This cut keeps it super short around the neck but frames the face well for an easy and chic ‘do that’s great for a woman on the go. It effortlessly looks good with just a quick brush in the morning. The dimension comes from the blonde highlights contrasted with the dark nape undercut.

#22: Dimensional Dirty-Blonde Stack

This cut features a chunky V-cut with layers which creates a more textured take on stacked bob cuts. Add some dimensional balayage highlights that will make it anything but boring.

#23: Inverted Platinum Blonde Bob

This platinum hue works with all skin tones as long as there’s a great cut and this bombshell is proof. African American short hairstyles are often the most impressive styles, though we’ve shown you many swoon-worthy stacked bobs. Don’t forget you can try out new looks with wigs if you don’t want to commit to bleaching your hair.

#24: Sexy Red Bob

This ‘do almost looks metallic with the shiny burgundy red. This edgy cut exudes sexiness that complements the beautiful color. You don’t need waist-length hair to show off your femininity.

#25: Curly Brunette Stack

Loose barrel curls are a popular choice when it comes to stacked hairstyle. Fun and flirty, they have a youthful vibe that is simultaneously sophisticated. It has an innocent feel with a deep brown hair, but it would look great with any color.

#26: Extreme Teased Stack

Some stacked cuts feature an extreme teasing finish and straight-cut edges, so they’re not all steeply angled and sleek. This ‘do is heavily backcombed at the crown with a blunt cut across the bottom but is still a great look.

#27: Medium Brown Stack

This look appears so polished because there’s not a lot of fuss or frills to this version of a stacked cut. The off center part, flipped in ends and the careful angle on each side makes this a super classy A-line haircut.

#28: Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

If you like a feathered finish and an overly teased crown, this half stacked bob, half pixie cut is for you. The nape is dark chocolate brown while the bulk of the hair is blonde giving great contrast.

#29: Wavy Gray and Lavender Stack

This style is all about the texture and color which makes it the perfect stacked option for thick hair. It is perfect for any-age but is also a way for salt and pepper hair to get a trendy makeover.

#30: Mid-Length Bob

Well placed layers throughout punctuates this angled medium length brown cut. The movement and depth come from those layers and makes it cute and easy to style.

Just as popular as they were years ago, short stacked and medium cuts for straight or curly hair remain on top. They look like a complicated style, but they are actually easy in terms of everyday styling. Keep searching stacked cuts if these pictures didn’t convince you because we are sure you’ll find one that is for you.