30 Classy and Stunning Graduated Bob Haircuts

Graduated bob cuts are simple and stylish. Go for a fresh start with this ‘do that will work with any texture or color.

A gorgeous silhouette and volume comes from the gradation of length in classy bob cuts. Use these pictures as inspiration for your next salon trip.

1: Stacked Wispy Layers

short choppy messy bob

Get a volume boost with wispy layered hair. This style is angled just enough and requires no effort styling.

2: Dimensional Cut

A variety of hair types work with short haircuts. In this one, there’s thickness in the nape while it thins towards the chin.

3: Colored Short Cut

Add some color to make a short graduated bob even more lovely. Stand out from the blondes and brunettes with anything from teal to purple like this gal.

4: Layered Modern Bob

Sometimes hair can be stacked, shaggy or choppy since bobs don’t have to follow a pattern. But whichever you choose, opt for bangs. They can be straight or side swept. Both will add style and dimension.

5: Tall Graduated bob

You’ll achieve greater volume by keeping the layers short and high. If you like a bold, high look, this look is for you. It is very short and preppy with a perfect red.

6: Chestnut A-Line

There is nothing better in the workplace than a bob especially this chestnut lob. It is polished and clean with its long front and is just professional enough. The movement is kept by the layered wispy bangs.

7: Babylighted Brown Bob

This simple bob proves that bobs don’t have to be high maintenance, oddly chopped or super bold, to look great. The base is lightened by the babylights in the bangs while the angled front layers accentuate your features.

8: Layered Bouffant Chocolate Bob

Even if you have fine hair, one of the most slimming styles is a bouffant since it provides so much volume. Throw in some blonde highlights and layers for a seriously dimensional look. For extra lift, tease the crown and spritz with hairspray.

9: Swoopy Layered Thin Bob

Not all bobs require a bunch of upkeep and styling. This one with side swept layers will have you rolling out of bed and straight to work without sacrificing movement.

10 : Burgundy and Black Graduated Cut

You don’t have to be punk to rock wild colors. Bright colors can look classy in any setting when small pieces are mixed into a graduated bob.

11: Highlighted Beach Bob

You can rock a beach ‘do even if you live miles from the water. Balayage is the perfect way to blend multi-colored strands. To make your features stand out, opt for lighter colors in the front.

12: Red Rounded Bob

This sleek bob is just as trendy as a beachy medium bob. Try pairing it with a sophisticated color to be a bit more professional.

13: Accented Asymmetrical Cut

You will be making a statement with this graduated lob. It has some fiery colors and some asymmetry that will turn heads. Try a red or similar hues to use as an accent color near the face.

14: Stacked Yellow Bob

Get inspired by comic books and the ‘80’s punk rock scene with this saturated yellow hue. With a textured cut and a bit of confidence, this look is easy to pull off. For extra oopmh, opt for a “V” undercut at the nape and add some hair glitter like the princess you are.

15: Thick Choppy Bob

Get the best of both worlds with this bob that has long front layers. The short length adds volume and the front layers provide face framing shape. Apply highlights throughout and around the face to highlight your features.

16: Natural Inverted Bob

For women with naturally curly tresses, it can be a nightmare to cut it off. This graduated bob is anything but hard to control. Just make sure you see your stylist often to preserve the shape.

17: Choppy Electric Blue Bob

This bob is both beautiful and bold. The chin length bob and the electric blue are just the right balance of cute and edgy. Just opt for choppy layers and a slightly angled cut.

18: Black Angled Choppy Bob

Lobs and bobs are popular among celebrities like Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lawrence. Go for an A-line cut with a solid color and wispy layers to look just as fabulous as them. You could even go for a chic balayage.

19: Honey Highlighted Angled Cut

For minimal upkeep, try this chin length bob. Just straighten or scrunch for two equally beautiful looks. If you have naturally straight and thin hair, this graduated bob is perfect.

20: Honey Brown

Angled cuts with side parts are a effortlessly sexy especially in a chestnut brown that is honey-dipped with blonde balayage.

21: Thick Layered Bob

Pair a dark underlayer with blonde for a look that never goes out of season. If you’re naturally blessed with thick hair, this cut is suited for you, but if you’re not, just add some textured layers.

22. Stacked Bob

This short graduated bob is extraordinary thanks to the bouncy curls, descending line and noticeable layers. Pair with a cute neck tattoo and chunky earring to really show off your style.

23: Layered Pink Bob

Pixie bob cuts are super cute and just get cuter when you add a light pink touch. Don’t be scared of a bob. After all, they are making major waves in fashion and on the runway.

24: Blunt Bangs and Amber Color

Your bob doesn’t have to have extreme graduated cuts to be edgy. Combining angular and round shapes actually create a dramatic geometric look. Consult with a trusted stylist and make a statement with a graduated bob with blunt bangs.

25: Highlighted Graduated Bob

The blunt bottom and graduated cut of this look is easy to maintain and totally channels old Hollywood actresses with it’s color. Use a serum to control any frizz for a sleek look.

26: Straight and Sleek

If you want a no fuss hairstyle, this straight and sleek cut is for you. If you have thin hair, this one is for you, too. It will lay flat with longer layers on one side and highlights will give it a sweet touch.

27: Stunning Back

Show off the back of your head with a bob cut. A graduated bob is unique doesn’t fall short with excitement. A shorter cut where you can sweep the hair forward is a beautiful style.

28: Graduated Choppy Bob

This bob is edgy, cute and youthful. Though you shouldn’t tackle this one if you have curly hair unless you want to flat iron every day. However the A-line and variable lengths make this one a straightened gem.

29: Long Layered and Graduated

Long soft layers make chocolate look decadent. Leave some long strand to frame the face and use a graduated cut to show off the nape and add body to the back. Even when messy, this textured style is lovely.

30: Choppy Almost Pixie

Bring uniqueness to your bob with extreme layers and choppy cuts instead of soft layers.

A graduated bob can be worn so many ways which is one of the best things about them. Don’t be afraid to try more than one, combine styles, or work with your stylist to create your own look.