Hollywood is extremely finicky when it comes to its celebs and the roles they play. Celebs usually worry about picking a role that might be too memorable to fans, since it would lead to typecasting in future roles. Fans would also remember them for a particular character, rather than their overall performance.

Weight loss can be a good thing for most people, but when it makes you unrecognizable to your fan base it may cause the star to lose roles they would normally get. Once example of this is Melissa McCarthy who made headlines after her dramatic weight loss. But this dramatic weight loss made some wonder if she would ever get the same roles or if she would be shunned from Hollywood.

The same can be said for celebs who went from small to to massive weight gain. Here’s our list of 30 celebs that fattened up since their peak in Hollywood. Start slideshow below to get started and see if it changes your perception of them. Warning: Some of These Are Truly Shocking!