30 Beautiful Braids for Long Hair

A woman’s hair can be her symbol of pride and identity. There’s enough evidence to support that women’s hair that has been her most prized asset from Biblical scriptures or ancient artifacts. For centuries, braids have been a favorite hairstyle. Even now, they are in every trendsetter’s diary for obvious reasons. Here are 30 beautiful braids for that long hair that you’ll fall for.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are multiple kinds of braids which create infinite patterns. Braids are a feminine, beautifiul and convenient way to style your long hair.

#1: Dramatic Triple Braid

Give this dramatic, easy triple braid a go if you’re running out of ways to style your long tresses. Rock this ‘do with pair of denim jeans and a simple tee for an effortlessly stylish look.

#2: Two-Way Dutch Braid

When you’re set out to have the best day, functionality is your need. This Dutch braid is functional two ways: as a side braid and a cute updo. If you have long, thick hair, this is an exceptionally good ‘do for you. This braid even transitions from day to night.


#3: Braided Bun for Thick Hair

Elegance and class pours out of this braided updo. It has modern edge with vintage char. From a girl’s day out, to a fancy dinner, this hairdo can go anywhere.

#4: Twisted Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

This already cute hairstyle gets a little twist that makes it extra fun. This fishtail braid will make you turn heads everywhere you go. Try this one out for an amazing Instagram shot!

#5: Woven Fishtail Braid

For those that appreciate little details, this one’s for you. This fishtail braid gives the illusion of thickness to your hair while still being glam.

#6: Messy Waves with Braids

If you don’t want to sacrifice your long hair, but you love the edgy look of an undercut, this style is perfect. They showcase your femininity while still mimicking the look of a side shave. 100% beauty with 0% commitment.

#7: Exaggerated Dragon Tail Braid

When you take advantage of your volume, braids work seamlessly. This dragon braid seems complicated, but is actually an easy DIY. Start with a reverse French braid, also known as a Dutch braid, then pull the outside of the plait to fan it out after the first cross-under. What a great look!

#8: Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are an excellent way to change up regular braids. Frame the braid with two twists on both sides and straighten the base to really showcase that fishtail. You don’t want your braids to get lost in the curls.

#9: Twisted Messy Bun

Simple doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. This angelic half up do is proof. Your long tresses fall underneath while loose twists tucked into a bun add polish to your ‘do.

#10: Woven Braid-on-Braid Crown

An unique alternative to a headband or flower crown is this braid within a braid. You can be creative and fun with braided hairstyles and this ‘do is a perfect example of a way to create cool art with your hair.

#11: Half Updo with a Six-Strand Braid

Try this six strand braid to achieve a jumbo size and beautiful style if you’re up for a challenge. Switch it up by topping the braid off with a loose overhand knot at the top since half-updos and ponytails get boring.

#12: Oversized Waterfall Braid for Ombre Hair

This ombre is simply gorgeous with its deep brown to ash blonde hues. The waterfall braid shows of bold colors while creating an angelic quality. The volume and movement comes from the loose ends that really tie up the look.

#13: Beautiful Bun and Braid

Encircle your top knot with a French braid to really take it up a notch. This makes your everyday look appropriate for special occasions or even work. These braided updos keep your hair tame and out of your face for your busiest days and are foolproof.

#14: Loose Braid with Rose Gold Highlights

This wavy hairstyle is a dream for free spirits with its boho-chic vibes. The highlights really make the loose French braids pop. It has ample personality and warmth with the rold gold hues. So pretty!

#15: Twists and Thick Braid

For a romantic updo, two side twists and a jumbo Dutch braid is the perfect combination. A heart shaped piece boosts the charming allure and ties the look together. Additionally, you could add fresh flowers or jewel-encrusted clips depending on the look you want to achieve.

#16: Grecian Braided Crown

This braid wraps around the crown like a halo and definitely takes cues from ancient greeks. For a true glow, add some blonde highlights. With a hairdo like this, how could you not feel like a goddess?

#17: Dutch Braids and Ponies

Leave your ends undone and use hair to secure instead of hair ties to modernize Dutch braids. Your balayage locks will flow with this new take on a half up-half down look.

#18: Regal Braided Updo

Use braids on both sides of your coif and tuck them into a bun to really dress up your braids. You can tease the top of your hair for extra volume, too. Instead of using hair gel to tame your sides, braids are prettier and more effective.

#19: Wispy Fishtail and Pony

Be effortlessly chic on the go with some cute braids. You don’t have to have a crazy cut or bold color to still have wow-factor. Braid a thick section of hair into a fishtail and tuck it into a low pony for an easy, stylish ‘do.

#20: Long and Simple Dutch Braid

With your long locks you won’t have to worry about hair extensions to get a braid this thick. This simple hairdo will get its luxurious feel from your naturally full tresses. Fake the volume by fanning out each piece to fake the look if you have naturally thinner locks.

#21: Side Dutch Braid with Messy Strands

This ‘do is accented with a messy braid flowing down the side of these locks. It is an easy way to liven up your mane and add texture at the same time.

#22: Messy Half Up French Braid

Long braids can be refined and sleek, but for the opposite effect, loosen up those French braids and create a laid-back look. When you’ve run out of ideas or are feeling lazy, messy braids are an easy option. People are always impressed by braids, no matter how little effort you put into them.

#23: Thick French Braid into Fishtail

The contrast in color brings dimension to this jumbo braid. If you want to add even more attitude, wear it to the side instead of down the middle.

#24: Double Dutch Braids

Start with two individual braids and bring them together at the nape to create subtle change that makes a big difference. It is sporty and stylish and lifts the simple pigtail look to the next level.

#25: Pompadour braid with Golden Accents

The volume of long hair can be used to your advantage. For extra drama and height, style your braids like a pompadour. You can really experiment with braids due to their endless options.

#26: Braided half Updo for Long Hair

This ‘do has a free-spirited vibe that will unleash your inner boho goddess. If you have long, wavy hair with shaggy edges, this hairstyle is definitely for you. To fake the look if you have straight hair, add some sea-salt spray into towel-dried hair and ruffle it around as it dries to get the effortless looking waves.

#27: Kate Middleton-Esque Bridal Braided Updo

If you’re a ravishing bride or her most stylish bridesmaid, this updo is for you. Kate Middleton is a trendsetter with her polished style. Make her envious of you with this detailed hairstyle.

#28: Side Waterfall Braid

If you want subtle romance with a touch of class, this look is for you. This waterfall braid is something you should try out- perfect for day or night!

#29: Irregular Chic Braid

Fashion takes inspiration from everywhere and this ‘do takes its inspiration from Indian Sadhus with its irregular look and unkempt feel. Would you rock this edgy style?

#30: Game of Thrones-Inspired Hairstyle

Game of Thrones offers some major fashion motivation in addition to a weekly dose of entertainment. Here’s an easy style if Daenerys Targaryen’s Grecian look inspires you.

These braids promise to give your long hair life and bring out your inner fashionista. Is there one that you would like to try? Let us know in the comments section below!