30 Amazing DIY Car Cleaning Hacks for a Clean Car

Does your car look and smell so dreadful that you are ashamed to have friends ride with you? Have you ever thought about taking it in for detailing? Chances are that like most of us you almost live in your car, which can become fairly grimy from all those fun road trips and trips to fast food places. Even those people who simply use their car to commute to work and back require a deep cleaning. The fantastic news is that you do not have to pay another person to clean your car. Follow these 30 instructions and not only will you save time cleaning your car, but you car will look and smell amazing.

1. Essential Oils


Don’t waste money on auto fresheners that smell bad and seem even worse. Attach the clothespin to a vent.

2. Iron


Did you purchase amazing candles which you left at the vehicle? Oooh, what a wreck! Or, when you have children odds are you will find crayon stains and melted wax in your car since … well, coloring. All you have to do in order to get out the waxy crayon would be to iron a sheet of paper over the upholstery and it is going to pick up it after it gets warm! The secret would be getting close enough to a electrical outlet in case you have smudged in crayons on the floor. But — if there is a will, there is a way!

3. Powder Cleaners

Regular old bleach powder will allow you to do your own detailing like a specialist. Now, work in that magical and keep adding more powder before your tires glow. You might have to wash a bit, however, your brakes will look amazing after!

4. Foam Brush 

The foam will readily cling to dirt and other contaminants, which makes it a fantastic tool to use when cleaning.

5. Dryer Sheets 

Nothing is worse after trying to clean dried up bugs after a long road trip. It is possible, however, to make this job simple by utilizing some moist drier sheets to remove those pesky buggers.

6. Olive Oil

This may come as a surprise for some, however, olive oil is really a fantastic tool for cleaning leather chairs. Bear in mind that overusing it’s going to make your chairs oily to touch, so use with care. You might choose to wash with soap first. Next, you need to get into the feel of your own leather utilizing the oil. Always wipe dry after.

7. Toothbrush 

If your dashboard is beginning to seem a bit filthy then it’s possible to use an old toothbrush to get quite deep in there and find every tiny bit of gunk out. When you are done, save your toothbrush so that you can use it again later on. You will be amazed by how much grime is embedded on your chairs.

8. Windows 

Most people will forget to clean the top of their windows, which leads to gunk that drip down, making your windows just as dirty. Roll your windows down a bit and work your way down. This will lead to bright and shiny windows free from streaks and gunk.

9. Little Cracks

Grab a flat finish screwdriver, cover it with a thin fabric and clean away. This will get into the ridges that are hard to reach with a regular wash cloth.

10. WD-40

Regret placing those bumper stickers in your new car? Do not worry, with the support of WD-40, you are able to remove even the most uncooperative of stickers. Simply spray some WD-40 right on the decal, and let it soak in, then pull off it. Only $4 on Amazon

11. Rubbing Alcohol

Slimy windshield wipers would be the worst. Fixing them constantly is far too expensive, so do you do whenever your wiper smears water throughout your windshield and leaves bad streaks? To cure this frequent issue, wipe down your wipers with ample levels of rubbing alcohol and let dry. You are going to have to replace them frequently still, however that may lengthen their shelf-life.

12. Clay Bar

Buy clay bars created particularly for automobiles. They’re available on several sites, such as Amazon. All these are reusable and economical: One bar can run you as little as $8! You will never believe how shiny your car will be by using just one to wipe down your car. Find them on Amazon here

13. Hair Conditioner

Another fantastic alternative to waxing your vehicle and obtaining a similar shine is using hair conditioner. As that gooey stuff can make your hair look shiny, it may do the exact same to your paint in an automobile. Just be certain that you opt for a brand which includes lanolin, that’s the magical ingredient which gives a waxy finish. $5 on Amazon

14. Gooey Cleaning Slime 

Feel like you are in kindergarten again once you wash your car using this tacky cleaning slime. You have two options for this, either purchase some online or create it yourself. Making it yourself is fairly simple and anybody can do it! This will get all the little crumbs and dust left behind. Only $3 on Amazon

15. Vents

If your vehicle smells awful and you do not understand what it is, it just may be that you have to replace the vents or at least wash them. Before cleaning, always check for mold since that can cause respiratory issues. If it is mold, then you need to replace them. More frequently than not, unsightly vents would be the reason behind a check engine light.

16. Vodka

Windshield wiper fluid isn’t the only thing that’s immune to frost. Here is a homemade recipe which will not freeze and will make your windshield sparkle like a diamond: A couple drops of Castile soap in old vodka! You do not need to buy the expensive stuff.

17. Kerosene

No, we are not attempting to blow your car up. Kerosene and water will make your car shine bright. When you douse your vehicle inside, simply wipe dry. Obviously, avoid smoking while shining up your vehicle. $5 on Amazon

18. Q-Tips

When you perform your own detailing, Q-tips are crucial tools in getting deep into crevices. They even come in handy when cleaning out cup holders, where a typical rag wont’ reach.

19. Diapers

There are a few haters out there debunking this tried-and-true technique of quickly picking up spills on upholstery. But really — what is more expensive compared to a diaper? If you are a mother, you nearly always have a diaper on hand. Try it on your own and see the results.

20. Wet Newspaper

If you live in an apartment or in a place with restricted parking you probably have a decal in your window. What happens when you leave that place and move elsewhere? That awful sticker just won’t come off. The simplest way to eliminate these unsightly stickers would be to take paper, crumple it up and moisten it and just keep rubbing until the decal loosens up. If this fails, attempt dousing the newspaper in nail polish remover and rub away the mess.

21. Nail Polish

Does that hairline crack only you can see completely freak you out? Well, it ought to, but at least there is a temporary fix that will prevent it from breaking further. Plain old transparent nail polish can give you some time until you replace that windshield or window. Use the polish liberally and allow it to take hold.

22. Magic Eraser

For all those tacky spots that have been hiding in plain sight, this tiny magical sponge wipes up quickly without leaving any blot whatsoever. You simply have to spray it using a little Lysol Cleaner and bend it into all of the crevices.

23. Vaseline

This gooey material can do more than make your lashes grow thicker. This inexpensive solution can be used to keep your inner dashboard healthy and crack free.

24. Brush & Vacuum

If you truly make the attempt to knock out all of the dirt and dust that settles on your car you’re going to be amazed by exactly how much there really is. Dust out using a paintbrush or cosmetics brush if that is all you have (and do not use it on your face after). However, be certain to have a vacuum handy so you can suck up any excess dust.

25. Club Soda

The toughest stains can not stand up to club soda, particularly if you’re in a position to utilize it right away. Pat dry the blot. Dampen a small cloth or towel with club soda and tap on the blot. If you are working with an old stain, then use the club pop more liberally and watch the blot lift. This material can lift off red wine and coffee.

26. Squeegee

Squeegees are not only for scratching ice. They are great for individuals that bring their furry friends on excursions. Simply spray a little water in your chairs and squeegee away all that dog hair! You might even use it to sweep your inside in case you don’t have enough time to vacuum.

27. Vinegar

Vinegar is the very best friend in several DIY cleaning alternatives. Mix a bit with dishwasher detergent and you have the very best window washing solution ever. Mix a bit into shampoo or laundry detergent and get rid of those unsightly stains.

28. Coke

Check out this unbelievable hack which may make you wonder exactly what it is that you are really putting in your body when you drink a glass of coke. This material is so powerful that you could use it to remove rust stains.

29. Charcoal

If you are that person who eats subs with extra onions in your car, your very best option is to find charcoal briquettes and set them beneath your seats. Charcoal absorbs all foul scents.

30. Dust With a Coffee Filter

Just use a single coffee filter and wipe your dash. You’ll be surprised by how much dust it actually picks up.