Losing weight is hard. That’s why there’s such a market for weight loss tips and products, but many of them aren’t sustainable for long-term weight loss. Some dieters adhere to the Mediterranean diet while other people juice or cut out carbs. Some nations seem to be able to keep weight off more easily than others, so they must be doing something right. Check out our list of weight loss tips from around the world to discover how some countries stay lean!

1. South Africa



South Africa – https://upload.wikimedia.org

Many people claim that drinking tea is an important component of weight loss, and much of the weight loss advice floating around the internet mentions various types of tea.

In South Africa, you can find Rooibos tea, which is stronger than green tea. Exchanging your usual calorie-laden sugary coffee for a cup of Rooibos tea can help you cut calories. Don’t worry—you don’t need to go to South Africa to find it. Many coffee shops now offer Rooibos tea.

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