20 Layered Bob Inspirations

The traditional bob is a go to in the beauty world and has been since the 1920’s. However there are many ways the classic bob has become more modern. One of these is the long layered bob that still has all the sassiness without having to commit to super short lengths. They have movement with the layers and is the perfect cut if your looking to switch things up or eventually trying to go from long to short.

A Layered Bob for Anyone

There a bunch of options when choosing an inspiration even though the name says the guidelines. To properly create a new hair look, it is key to prepare. Therefore, we have found 20 options for you to start with.

1: Inverted and Sophisticated Lob

Angled Layered Long Bob

An inverted lob is a slightly less dramatic variation of a stacked cut. You still get a great shape that shows off your face, with less weight in the back.

2: Layered Light Brown Lob

Keep it simple with your layers for a softer look. One shorter length of layers will provide enough dimension without adding enormous volume. For that shaggy, messy finish, use a large barrel curling iron and small loose pieces.

3: Work Sophistication

Go for a more polished look with a slightly angled cut and blended layers if these vamped up bobs just aren’t hitting the mark for you. Workday mornings are no problem with a quick run of the flat iron.

4: Fringed Bangs with Lob

Cut those bangs straight across with a classic bob cut on the lengths for a stunning look on the right face shape. But be careful as it can look rough on some. Shown here is a softer approach that has a fringe bang instead of a blunt edge.

5: Highlighted A-Line

For a more gradual change in length, opt for a regular A-line cut since it’s less dramatic than an inverted A-line. It is simple to style since you’ll have fewer, more blended layers.

6: Side Parted and Dramatic

A side part is your best friend if you’re looking for volume. Get this glam by using a root lifting spray and adding a light curl to the chunky layers that give the full shape around the whole look.

7: Caramel Balayage Lob

When it comes to styling layered bobs are almost as diverse as it gets. Softly curl your ends for a more girly look. Elongate the face and add some elegance with the wavy finish.

8: Messy Stacked Cut

Thick hair is both a pain and a blessing. You can easily achieve gorgeous volume, but the maintenance and styling can take quite a chunk out of your day. Keep the weight in the back and focus on your front with a layered stacked bob.

9: Medium Textured Cut

Add interest to your cut by adding bunches of layers at different lengths. Feathering the ends with a razor will allow you to to get a controlled messy look with a bit of texturizing cream.

10: Blonde Balayage Razored Lob

A blunt cut from scissors can be avoided by using a razor on the layers to create a softer look. Plus, the different lengths will create the bedhead vibe we would all love to rock. And as an added bonus for those with thick tresses, using the razor thins the hair making it manageable and cute at the same time.

11: Long Layered Angled Bob

The geometric look of angled shapes can be softened and less ridgid when paired with some waves. The eye is drawn downwards by the long layers which elongate the face.

12: Layered Center-Parted Lob

Create a great addition to a layered bob by making the layers choppy which will add to the visual interest. Finish with loose curls and a length no shorter than the shoulders to prevent it from looking flat or possibly dated.

13: Breezy Lob

If you want an easy, stunning cut for casual weekends, try this low maintenance cut that has long layers that can be both air dried or hot styled.

14: Root Faded Shaggy Lob

The fullness comes from the loose waves on this layered bob which is perfect for thin haired women. The ends won’t look frail either by keeping the length shorter.

#15: Platinum Tousled Look

The cheekbone level is perfect for shorter layers to sweep to the side and create a fake but still beautiful bang. The more volume you want, the more layers you want. This is another great cut for thin or fine hair.

16: Angled Cut with Gray

For anyone that’s looking to make a statement, try an inverted style. It doesn’t have to be the classic straightened bob. Toss in some curls and blunt bangs for a different and funkier style.

17: Wavy Subtle Layers

A loose and wavy style makes sure your casual and cool. Cover larger sections with your curling iron by opting for less layers. It is sure to save you precious styling time.

18: Curled Bob

This layered bob has some length and some serious curl which makes it quite arguably the most glamourous of them. The longer locks in the front are highlighted by the shorter layers in the front. Show off your natural texture and sheen with this cut.

19: Curly Layered Bob

With natural curls if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with them, a great look is a long bob with just a few layers so you don’t have overwhelming volume.

20: Deep Side Part and Long Cut

If you don’t want to go too short, but you want some drama, try a layered long bob with a deep side part that will show off your cheekbones and eyes.

Flattering for a lady of any age, a long layered bob is versatile and can be preppy, edgy and trendy depending on where you’re going or how you feel. We hope you got some great inspiration for your next trip to the salon.