Hacks Parents Swear By

Being a parent is probably the hardest job you will ever have. Raising a child, taking care of a child, and providing for a child isn’t easy. However, there are some shortcuts you can take to make being a parent a little easier. We talked to some parents about what hacks they use to raise their children. Some of them are just odd at first glance, but pure genius when you think about it.



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Babies love to crawl around and explore. Why not use their extra energy to help you dust the floor? Add dusters to the front of their onesie and have them pick up any loose dust or dirt as they crawl around.


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Stop fighting with your toddler to take medicine. Use a pacifier to give them their dose. Cut off the tip and put a medicine dropper through it. When they put the pacifier in their mouth, squirt the medicine in.


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Keep bath water out of your baby’s eyes with an umbrella band! The water will drip right off of it and stay out of your baby’s eyes.


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Bring a DIY pack and play to the beach. This will keep your toddler from wandering off into the water. Take a fitted sheet and prop up the corners with your bags and coolers to keep your toddler inside.


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Kids have extremely active imaginations. Sometimes they scare themselves into believing there are monsters under their bed or in the closet. Create your own “monster spray” to keep them away and your child at ease.


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Teach your child to be organized at an early age. If they have racecars or small toys, build a bin where they can place their toys in individually. This skill will go a long way for your child into adulthood.


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Long road trips with small children can be pretty stressful. Add dividers between the kids so they don’t argue or bother each other. Hopefully, they’ll all just go to sleep.


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Trick your kids into taking their medicine. This genius parent added a straw to the medicine their child had to take and disguised it as if he was drinking his favorite soda.


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Turn clean up time into a game. Put down tape and ask your toddler to sweep their mess into the square. They’ll think it’s fun without knowing they’re actually cleaning up.


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Children want their parents touching them when they fall asleep. You’re too busy to lay with your child every night before they fall asleep. Use one of your gloves and fill it with rice or dried beans and place it on your baby’s back. It will feel just like your hand and they will fall asleep faster.


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Color-code your clock to help kids know what time it is. Set their routine in different colors and match the colors on the clock to what time you’d like everything done.


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Organize your little one’s toys with a shoe organizer. Hang it on the back of a door or even use it in your car!


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Use a shower caddy to keep your on-the-go meals organized. This is great for long road trips and will lessen the chance of your toddler spilling their food everywhere.


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Keep your toddler’s toothbrushes clean with clothespins. Rather than sitting in a drawer or a cup collecting bacteria, this allows them to dry and stay away from any other toothbrushes.


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Help your child know left from right by placing a sticker in their shoes. Half of the sticker goes in one shoe, the other half goes in the other shoe. When the sticker is put together, they know they have their shoes on the right feet.


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Clean up glitter faster with a lint roller. All of the glitter will stick to it much better than if you were to sweep or vacuum.


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Muffle the sound of your child’s loudest toys by placing a piece of tape over the speaker. Your child will still hear the sound, but it won’t be as annoying as before.


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Children can get antsy on plane rides. Keep them busy with stickers for the window. They easily come off and can be arranged in various ways. This will keep your child busy for hours.


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Kids love eating popsicles, but they can get pretty messy. Contain the mess by placing a coffee lid underneath the popsicle to catch the melted parts.


20. Try vinegar for minor burns


Just soak a small face cloth or paper towel and apply vinegar to the burn till the skin feels cool. Apply it immediately after the burn and it will ease the pain and prevent a blister.



Keep the kids from locking themselves in the bathroom. Keep a door unlocked by using a rubber band. You can find more information on this trick here.


spray bottle

Keep a spray bottle in the car for hot days to avoid scorching seat belts buckles.


pool noodles

Use pool noodles to improve safety. Pool noodles offer protection for little hands and feet on the trampoline.


nail clipper

A little tape will catch toenail clippings before they make a mess for you.


msgfrom mom

Get your teenager to clean their room. You can get your son or daughter to clean their room by using your cleverness and humor like the mother below.


magnet cups

Prevent your kids from always using new cups and leaving the old ones lying around the house. Just give them their own cups with magnets and pin them to your fridge. Your kids will love it.




Use this no-mess painting parenting tricks. Add three dollops of different colored paint into a ziplock bag and voila! Your baby can create all kinds of designs without any mess.


soap hack

Limit Soap by twisting rubber bands around the pump nozzle.




shoes on the right feet

To get your kids to put their shoes on the correct feet, cut a sticker in half and place it on the insides of their shoes.



Keep apple slices from getting brown. Put the apple slices in a lunch bag, sprinkle salt over the pieces and give them a quick slosh with water. The salty taste is washed away but the brief exposure to salt keeps them looking fresh all day!



Make splinter removals less painful. Put a paste of baking soda and water on a splinter and leave for a few minutes, the baking soda will push the splinter out saving your child an unnecessarily painful splinter removal.



pizza box canvas

Use a pizza box as a giant sized canvas.



WD-40 is the perfect crayon remover.




Teach your child to hold a pencil the right way with this trick. With a wad of Kleenex behind their last two fingers this trick will help them keep the right form while writing.




sock grip

Use puffy fabric paint to paint a grip on your toddlers socks.


touch up shoes

Use crayons to cover up scratches on shoes.


permanent marker remover

Use toothpaste to clean permanent marker off wooden furniture.





Time to tidy up toys? Play race the clock with an egg timer.



Use the toy links from your baby’s gym to clip toys to your baby’s highchair or stroller. Save yourself the bending to pick up the toys which the baby throws every five seconds.





Dress your kids in matching outfits so when you go shopping others will identify which kids are “yours”.



Need to wean your baby off a pacifier? Cut away a small piece of the nipple each time your child uses it. Eventually the baby won’t like the feeling and soon there won’t be anything left to suck and she’ll throw it away herself. (Be sure to keep it extra clean during the process.)



table for kids

Cover a play table in oilcloth to create a water-resistant outdoor picnic table.



Keep pacifiers clean in your bag with sauce-to-go containers.


stay organised

Use bulletin boards to stay organized. Try a bulletin board for each kid where you can post reminders, chores for the day, or their schedule. A great place for this is the shoe area or your child’s bedroom.



parking pal

Allow no wandering in the parking lot with this Parking Pal sticker! Have your kid place their hand on the Parking Pal sticker so that they won’t get lost.



Try an Inflatable pool as a safe play area that’s large enough to keep your baby busy for hours.




Make a baby tent to keep out the mosquitoes and the sun.



Make a batch of baby food to last for a week. Freeze baby sized portions in an ice tray.


shoes in dishwasher

Clean shoes and toys in the dishwasher.



Create lawn art with a big sheet.




Make a water slide out of a plastic sheet (the kind that comes with new appliances or furniture) and a hose.



Hang a fort with a hoola-hoop and bed sheet.


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Keep your child focused on getting ready in the morning by taping pennies to the bottom of their shoes. The click clack sound will be so much fun that they’ll want to keep moving around.