20 Easy Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Overspending

Are you the type of person who loves a modern attractive kitchen, but doesn’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on renovations, then this article is for you. We’ve looked at thousands of homes and spoken to hundreds of contractors to compile a list of the 20 easiest ways to renovate your kitchen without overspending. Follow these 20 tips and your kitchen renovation will turn out amazing.

1. Outlet Covers

You would be surprised how much an outlet cover can fancy up a room. With the endless possibilities of colors and textures , you will always be able to find something that fits your taste. You can draw awesome designs or create shapes using painters tape. Get inspired by the rest of the room when picking out theses fixtures.

2. Faucet

Your kitchen sink is centerpiece of your kitchen, changing it entirely might cost a pretty penny but it always well worth it. If your trying to save some money and still spice up your kitchen try changing the hardware. Most people even do the install on their own. If you have a boring kitchen a super funky faucet can give it that “wow” factor. If you have an rustic style kitchen, there are plenty of old fashion style faucets online.

3. Contact paper

Have your cabinets seen better days? If so contact paper or shelving paper might be a great alternative to painting. You have to make sure to measure your cabinets just right,that way the paper doesn’t bunch up. If done correctly this can turn your kitchen into a beautiful,colorful expression of yourself.

4. Light Fixtures

One way to brighten up your kitchen, is to do just that! Adding light fixtures to the room will not only light the room but will also bring focus to specific points your kitchen.you would be shocked how a hanging centerpiece can bring a room together. Plus there’s nothing worse than not being able to see what your eating.

5. Ceilings

Don’t count out the power of the ceiling. What an interesting way to express yourself and keep money in your pocket. Most families spend more than half there home time in there kitchen, why not paint it a funky color. If you’re really ambitious, you can spring for a tin ceiling

6. Ceiling fan

There’s nothing cooler than a ceiling fan in your kitchen. Not only does it add flair to the room, it works also as a ventilation system, working better then some microwave fans. Plus who doesn’t love a nice breeze while cooking over a hot stove.Pick one that is the same wood as your cabinets.

7. Large Cutting Board

Placing a butcher block on your island is the hottest new trend. It serves a duel purpose of a cutting board and your countertop. Plus it looks fantastic in modern kitchens. Matching the wood to another stain you have in your kitchen will really make everything pop. you can get theses at your local lumber yards

8. Knobs and handles

After we figure out what to do with the face of your cabinets , weather you paint or use the contact paper you fell in love with. We will have to pick out the hardware. The selection of knobs and handles are endless, from brass to copper to even glass, there’s something for everyone’s taste. You can even be bold and go hardware-less , depending on your door style.

9. Shelves

There’s always dead space in kitchens were shelves can be placed. Theses shelves can be decorative or hold the family’s glass china for the holidays. Shelves are easily installed and most homeowners can do it themselves, which leaves room for creativity.

10. Hanging Cookware

Hanging pots and pans aren’t only for show. This can clear up a ton of cabinet space. Never have to worry about digging through cabinets to find that saucepan. Just make sure to hand clean and polish your dishware before hanging back up. You don’t want company to come into your home and see dirty dishes hanging above them.

11. Spice Shelves

With today’s market there are more than enough ways to bring color into the kitchen. Try adding a spice rack or shelves and using colorful canisters.

12. Remove cabinet doors

Removing cabinet doors will open up your kitchen and give you that free flow feel. It’s a very modern trick that can be reversed by simply hanging the doors back on.

13. Tiled Backsplash or Wall

Backsplashes can really draw your eyes when gazing at your kitchen. When picking out your tile backsplash don’t forget about matching your grout. Also make sure you get the title sealer. That way you don’t have cooking stains on your brand new backslash

14. Labels

Pretty bottles and colorful labels are a magnificent way to the basics at arms reach. You can even make your own labels online.

15. Fresh Countertops

Resurfacing your countertops is a great way to change up your kitchen. A place like Home Depot or Lowes have hundreds of different styles to pick from.

16. Add a bookshelf

Putting in a bookshelf can show your cultured side, plus its a great place to keep all those cookbooks you never get to use.

17. Floor cloths

Never heard of floor cloths? Its an old method of covering ugly floors. In 18th century England this is how most people jazzed up their kitchens.

18. Hanging out

Just like pots and pans , utensils showcased could give your kitchen that moden feel you’re looking for. Plus it’s always nice to have everything at arms reach for thoses hectic moments in the kitchen.

19. Chalk Talk

Having a chalkboard in the kitchen is ideal for those who need daily reminders. It also works well for leaving the spouse a little love notes.

20. Snap Tiles

If you want a quick fix to your ugly floor problem, snaps tiles are what you’re looking for. Theses tiles sit right over your existing floor and can really make a difference in your room.