17 Ways to Use a Sponge Other Than Washing Dishes

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When you look at a kitchen sponge, you probably only see it useful for one thing: washing dirty dishes. If you open your mind just a little bit and get creative, a sponge can be used for so many other things.

Here are 17 creative ways to use a sponge other than wash dirty dishes.

Make a homemade ice pack out of a sponge for those nasty bumps and bruises. Soak it in water and put it in the freezer.


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Plant fast growing plants such as radish or flax in a damp sponge. Place it under a glass bowl and place in sunlight.


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Remove stubborn wallpaper with a sponge soaked in hot water and fabric softener. Rub the sponge over the wallpaper to help loosen it from the wall.


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Keep your kids buys with crafts. Cut a sponge into different shapes and have your kids use them as stamps with paint.


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Help your plants stay healthy by putting a sponge in the bottom of the planter before pouring in the soil. This will always keep water in the reserve.


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Always keep your refrigerator fresh by putting a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda in the door. If you rinse the sponge and add baking soda daily, your fridge will never smell.


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Save your floors and walls from scuff marks by placing tiny bits of sponge on the bottom of vases, furniture, and on the back of picture frames.


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Clean off pet hair from your furniture and carpets with a damp sponge. Simply rub the sponge over the surface and it will collect the hair.


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Keep your fragile belongings from breaking during a move or while sitting in storage by placing sponges between them in their boxes.

Planning on sending a bunch of letters out? Save your tongue and use a wet sponge to seal the envelopes.


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Place a bar of soap on a sponge after using it so the sponge will absorb the water and make your soap last longer.


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Help your vegetables stay fresh by lining the drawer with sponges. The sponges will absorb excess moisture from the fruits and veggies and help them stay longer.

Keep your clothes looking brand new by removing pills from the fabric. Rub a rough sponge over the fabric to remove those pesky little pills.


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Put a sponge in the bottom of your umbrella holder to keep water from building up and creating mold.


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Remove your nail polish easily by soaking a sponge in nail polish remover, placing it in a jar and rubbing your fingers in it. The nail polish will come right off!


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Create building blocks for your child out of sponges. Cut them into long strips for your child to create the building of their dreams.


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Apply shoe polish to those fancy shoes with a sponge when you can’t find any old clothes to use. The polish will go on even and easy due to the sponge’s texture.